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Bourjois Blusher Little round pot in Rose Frisson review

Bourjois is a UK makeup brand that have been around for 150 years. That's pretty crazy! Bourjois spread its wings , step into Malaysia market and finally setup the first store in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. This high street make up brand is pretty popular in United Kingdom for the high quality product at affordable price. I do not know whether this is a rumor or whatsoever but I heard that Bourjois brand is actually has some kind of relationship with Chanel brand. I am not pretty sure with this fact however, I could see the quality , packaging and product are almost similar with Chanel. If you know anything about Bourjois, you can tell me in the comment section below, I would like to know more about this brand because I am not too sure whether the rumors are right or in other way round because people keep saying Bourjois is the substitute / drugstore makeup for Chanel , they come from the same company and so on. Oh My God, IF  it's true, I am gonna scream like a psycho woman because I have already in love with Bourjois products mainly on their foundation and blusher. I am looking forward to try more products in the future. 

There's roughly 12 shades ; shimmer and semi-matte but mostly are shimmery because they're baked blushers. What makes baked blusher special is mainly because of "natural look" given when you swipe it on cheeks. It gives natural glow with 95% similar to skin natural blush. I got mine in Rose Frisson, this color is suitable for light medium to very fair complexion, it would not visible on medium or darker complexion. 

The shape of this powder blusher is in dome shape and when I take a sniff of this blush, I could smell a typical "old" powder product. Well, frankly speaking I would say "nanny" smell. haha. Yet, the smell doesn't bother me, still bearable.

It comes in half crescent shape brush and it has a curvy shape to fit  into the dome blush. Honestly, at first I don't really give attention into this brush because I thought I won't use this brush cause it is freaking small and defiantly in my mind thinking of throwing it away. However, I gave a try and my thought was wrong because this brush is absolutely my savior. The bristle is soft and it gives precise angle for my cheekbones. Not only that, I also use the brush to apply highlight on cheeks because it picks up product very well compare to other small complementary brushes.  So, it is a good product to carry around in your purse. 

 It has a magnetic button that able to close properly and tight. Besides that, it is made from plastic, compact, light, small and easy to bring for travelling as it includes brush and mirror in it.

The color for this blusher is kind of a mixture between coral and pink yet it looks more into pink tone. It has fine shimmer into it and blend naturally onto the skin. The color creates a healthy rosy cheeks look for fair complexion however for medium and darker skin tone, the color need to be build as it is quite sheer for the first two layers applied.The color is absolutely build-ale and pigmented. At first it gives very sheer color (depends on color of skin) yet it is build-able and control-able. (Meaning it is easy for me to control the color la. Sometimes I want merry plush pinky cheeks so I would apply 3 to 4 layers of it. Sometimes I want very mild blush cheeks and I would just swipe one layer , blend it well to give very natural rosy cheeks)

Overall, I would give this blusher 5/5 as it is one of my best blushers in my collection. In addition, it is selling at affordable price but works great same like my high end blushers. If you are a blusher person, this product is defiantly for you. ;)

Price: RM 39.90 ( I got mine during opening launch promotion @ RM 33.90)
Where to buy: Sunway Pyramid, LG Near to escalator- same level to FOS, Nichii 2nd floor.

Thank you for reading


Disclaimer: The item was purchased by my own money.
*Pictures were taken using Samsung NX Mini

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bunga Tanjung "Skrub Muka Herba Tradisional " Review

Hello, Salam Ramadhan!

Hope you guys are fasting today. :) hehehe. Today I am gonna be reviewing one of my favorite traditional beauty products which is Bunga Tanjung "Skrub Muka Herba Tradisional " (Herbal Facial scrub traditional).

First of all, let me share a story on the company's background. Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder has been in the market since year 1970's by a woman. In year 1980's, the powder formula has been improvised and commercialized by the son of the woman named Haji Mohd Che Man and now the company is managed by his daughter, Puan Ilyani. Basically this herbal powder is traditionally formulated using the family best kept secret formulation.  the main ingredients are based from natural ingredients such as rice powder , turmeric powder, skin of Rambai tree trunk (Rambai fruit tree) and other herbal ingredients. 
Basically I am so impressed with this family business because they keep the original traditional formula and using it until the third generation, commercialize it to the Malaysia beauty market.

The biggest trusted wholesaler for this product is Mydin Mohamed Holdings (MYDIN) . The powder is selling widely in Mydin stores nationwide as well as at herbal / jamu stores and kiosks all over Malaysia. So you can find the product at Mydin and at all herbal kiosks /counters in Malaysia. 

Initially, the main hot selling Bunga Tanjung product is the traditional herbal powder and it is the best selling product brand for the entire 40 years! Can you believe it? So that's mean, our grandmas using it to get natural pretty radiant look without using chemical products or going to facial treatment. Now,Bunga Tanjung has spreads it's brand into few new innovative products.

Bunga Tanjung industries has come out with a new product named "Skrub Muka Herba Traditional" (Facial Scrub) with the same ingredients however mainly focusing on the face scrub (can be also used a mask). The packaging has been developed into a "tube packaging" to make the job easier, no need to mix and straightly use from the tube aligned with modern lifestyle. Now, we can use traditional herbal scrub straightly from a tube, no need extra steps to get's so convenient!

"This sandy scrub is gentle to your skin. The blend of herbal ingredients washes away impurities without drying, irritating or causing redness. Virgin Coconut Oil, absorb easily into the skin and moisturizes. It is also rich in antioxidant, helps protect skin from free radical damage. 100% natural."

The reason why I enjoyed using this facial scrub is because of the formula. It has traditional natural ingredients that delicate and safe to use on face, therefore I never hesitate to use it more than once in a week just to exfoliate my face with this facial scrub. 

It has very fine bead particles that would not hurt skin.

1) Smooth-en the skin eliminate blemishes , pimples as well as light scars.
2) Wipes away other external skin disease such as panau, ringworm (kurap/ fungi)
3) The skin would look radiant after using it.

This is the original product,  traditional Bunga Tanjung powder. If you want to know my all the time favorite scrub and mask for my face and body, the answer would be this. This is my favorite body scrub and face mask since the day my mom introduced me to this BUNGA TANJUNG powder. She said: " I have been using Bunga Tanjung Rambai since before married and back then,  everyone was using it before the wedding day to get the bride's aura and glow".
Well, girls, I am telling you the truth.  No bluffing! I am using it on myself and I even willing to re-purchase the products I put my trust on traditional products.

This face and body scrub is mainly formulated using natural ingredients without any misture of chemical ingredients. For the continuing use, this Herbal powder could transform the skin into a softer skin and free from blemishes, blackheads, light scars as well as skin diseases. 
There is no exact proportion for this mixture however you can  roughly guess the amount of water drop needed until you get the right consistency and desire texture to scrub and leave it as mask. Make sure the consistency is not too watery so that it is able to stay on the skin without dripping. 

As you can see, the mixture doesn't drip and stays nicely on one place.

DIRECTION: Mix the powder with plain water. scrub on the face and body. Then rinse with luxe water.
It is also can be used as a mask. Apply on face, let it dry and leave it on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes . During the period, you can feel the mask tigthens your skin . If you can stand with the herbal scent, it works the best if you leave it on the face and rinse it on the next morning. It would gives you beautiful radiant and glow. I always do this to get glowing brighter face. For some reason, this method does works and it gives me amazing effect. Sometimes, back to traditional method is the best way to get a radiant glow without chemical ingredients. 

As you can see, this is the right consistency to scrub on your whole body and leave it overnight for getting radiant, glowing face and body. Sometimes, I would put extra water to get a mask texture and apply it on skin  as a mask (body and face) without scrubbing. Just leave it overnight.

Scent: It doesn't bother me even though it has herbal "bunga rambai" scent. It shows that there's no additional chemical fragrance into this product. It is definitely fragrance-free but the original scent of herbs are there.

Overall, I enjoyed using both of these products so do my mom. This herbal powder is so useful it can be used as mask  as well as scrub from head to toe. Meanwhile the Face Scrub ( Skrub Muka Herba) is so convenient and ten times easier than the traditional way without mixing the powder and water. Just use the scrub straightly from the tube. Easy to carry for travelling and keep it in the toilet whilst for the powder need to keep it in a small container for next uses. Both are great products,they work fairly the same.  I use the facial scrub for my weekly face scrub and the powder for my body scrub. Since I have the facial scrub (tube) it makes my day easier and I noticed that I have using it very frequent compared to the Bunga Rambai powder because I no need mix it of with water. The fine beads gently exfoliate dead cell very well and the natural ingredients in the products convincing me to use it frequently and confidently on my face and body.  The product doesn't irritates or drying my skin after using it. In fact, my skin feel twice better than before. Most importantly, we can get the products at very affordable price. It is not always about spending more money to be pretty, it is about YOU, how do you use the money wisely for your beauty. 

Where to get these products?

Bunga Tanjung POWDER :
Mydin stores , other herbal/jamu stores and kiosk nationwide or you also can get the product through online. Shopping is so easy nowadays just order online.

Bunga Tanjung SKRUB MUKA HERBA :  (selling exclusively through online only)

Hotline : +6019- 9622 100

Stay Tuned for the new upcoming products ! 
Herbal Soap Bar and Body Scrub

Monday, 23 June 2014

My Lipstick Collection 2014

Hello girls, Today I am going to do a makeup collection post, to be exact, revealing my lipstick collection due to bunch of requests. I know I have over flow lipsticks collection but believe me, I am trying to use them all! remember, I am not trying brag about it but just wanted to share "how do I organise my lipsticks" and at the same time I believe that this could inspire you to do spring cleaning in organising your makeup collection because I do enjoyed reading and watching people do makeup collection post because it does motivates me to organise my makeup collection and go through all of my makeup. All these lipsticks are the ones that I decided to keep and trying to use off.
Warning! this post would be extremely long with plenty of pictures. 

Okay, first of all we would start with the Alex drawer from Ikea. My alex drawer is the 5-level design and most of my lipsticks are in this larger drawer (the third level).  If you are wondering where to get the acrylic lipstick organizer, you can contact me as my sister is selling it at very affordable price. 


I arranged and organized all of my lipsticks according to their shapes and brands (just to make them look more attractive and neat) .

I have three L'oreal Shine Caresse lip stains (3colors; Faye, Princess and Venus) , a fabulous product to own and it was in my favorite for couple of months. Yet not anymore because for some reason I feel my lips burned after applying it on and since then I stopped using it. However, it stays quite long on the lips with great pigmentation for a gloss-type of product. 
Etude House Blooming lipstick (3 colors; OR 204, OR 205 & BE 101) I must admit that these Etude House lipsticks are in matte finishes and dry out on lips , so I am not recommending this to you guys but if you are a collector, the packaging is an A ^_^ Etude House is good in making cute packaging.

NYX Matte lipsticks are my top favorite lipsticks. If you haven't read my review, just click this link. The formula, texture, color and price are awesome. Everything is in one shot! This product is absolutely MUST HAVE IN THE PURSE PRODUCT. :) 

Zoom in from the left is Shu uemura Lipstick (PK 339) , a product given by my best friend, Lily. Thanks babe! Rimmel London Kate Moss ( 103) -a beautiful medium pink, MUA fashionista (Atomic Tangerine) - a very creamy  lipstick & affordable too! , Etude House -an old version with no label on it .

Continue with the three twins of Wet and wild lipsticks ( Pinkerbell, Dollhouse pink, Stoplight Red)- very creamy, affordable and pigmented lipstick. It is highly recommended! .  Bioderma lipbalm- which is my favorite lipbalm as it gives me very soft , watery & moisturising lips.If you are going to France, make sure you grab this lip balm as many as you can because its the best lipbalm ever!  Lastly, NYX Round Lipsticks ( Louisiana and NYX) - I used to like this lipstick a lot however I think the scent has changed. I need to get rid of it soon. 


Two of the new Maybelline Sensational color  (POW 3 and POW4) - This Pink Alert range is sooooo amazing crazy pigmented! They are my favorite lipsticks too! Go get them once they are up on the shelves! Next products are my favorite Lip Polish (Signature Scarlet 020, Glam 6, Glam 1 and Glam 7)- Damn! I have so many favorite lip products until I didn't realised that I have too many lip products in my collection because I'm using them all.  Maybelline color whisper (orange attitude) - the texture is almost similar to lip butter from Revlon yet it is different in formula and less oily. That's all I can say, nothing much cause the product is not available in Malaysia though. Benefit Coralista is a lip gloss, it is not a lacquer or lipstick yet I love using it whenever I want to do light natural makeup. Applying some lip gloss on the lips creates a very subtle and pleasant look.
On the bottom row, I have the only MAC lip glass (Feelin' so good)  and NYX Butter gloss( Cream Cheese cake) . The rest of my collection is full with NYX Soft lip cream (Stockholm , Istanbul, Addis Ababa , San Paolo, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo) - you can the full review over here. 

Most of the lipsticks in this organiser are Mayelline and Revlon. I put them together because of the lipstick shape & size are in the same family. 

Top: Maybelline Color Sensational (Plumtastic, Hooked on Pink, Are-you-reddy , Coral Crush , Peachy scene, Mat 5 & Mat 7)- I have a lot of Maybelline Sensational lipsticks because I love their pigmentation and color. Matte lipsticks are absolutely my favorites because they are last longer and stay on place. Anyhow, I only have 2 bullets from their matte collection. 

Middle: Revlon Lip Butter ( Tutti Fruiti , Lollipop, Peach Parfait ) , Revlon Colorburst ( Fuchsia &Soft nude) , Revlon Super Lustrous ( Smoked Peach, pink in the Afternoon, Kissable Pink, Wine not & ravish me Red)

bottom: Stage Lipstick (Hallowed Heather & Paparazzi Pink)- some of the best lipstick brand and formula I ever have, yet it is already discontinued . Hopefully Stage could bring this line again as the pigmentation, color , texture  formula are completely amazing!.  Maybelline Watershine (P11) -this lipstick has its own sentimental value as it is my very first lipstick I ever owned, used and purchased by my own money. Last but not least is the only Silky girl lipstick I ever owned ( Sunny Rose)- a beautiful coral rosey shade.

if you are asking me , "what shade should I get from the  Maybelline Color sensational permanent line?" I would recommend you to grab: ARE-YOU-REDDY , MAT 7 and CORAL CRUSH.

ARE-YOU-REDDY : a bold red lipstick with blue under-toned to it that makes teeth look whiter.

MAT7: it is a warm nude matte lipstick with a hint of pink. It won't makes your face look pale , after all it is a perfect nude for all complexion. 

CORAL CRUSH: It is a gorgeous neon coral color that would swipes you with confidence. 

 This part is totally jumbo up products. 
Three random depot-ted lip colors. Pure Rose MAC, NYX Spellbound and Too cool for school orange lip pencil. I don't know about you but I have this diesease where I can't throw something that I loved and wanted to keep it forever eventhough if I am not using it for my entire life. weird though? Urghhh. One day I need to learn to let something go. ( Sing: Let it go) 

Incomplete Inglot lipcolors-  white and true purple lip colors. 

Another Inglot round pans lip colors that I got from the clearance sale.

A bunch of lip glosses and I keeping the ones that I am still using it.  Even though I am not a big fan of it, anyhow I still using it depending on my mood because they help to give illusion of fuller lips.

Lip tints, Mini Posie tint and cha cha tint from Benefit and Peri Pera tint (red). 

I always use them whenever I need a light makeup look or just to spice up my morning lips color. 

Now we are coming to my lip balm collection! who is up for this? woot woot! 

My Maybelline baby lips collection. My favorites are: Anti -Oxidant Berry, Dr Rescue, Pink Lolita and Methol.

Mixing brands Mylipsuff lipbalms, Burt's Bee, Maybelline and Lip Smacker.

Etude House Bee Happy Lip balm,- I got it in couple of years ago , doesn't sure whether the product is still available in the market or other way round. Anyhow, it is a great product except for the packaging wise. I found it is a bit difficult and slippery to open the tin. 
The Hershey lip balm- It does tastes like chocolate yet I have problem for not liking it. I am not sure why, but I have tried it for several times and my answer is still the same. I want to throw it away but  I love the packaging, it is so adorable. 

My Benefit lip glosses collection. - I have done a review on it, in a video form. If you haven't watch the video, click this link.



 Sexy Smexy chubby and slim lip pencils.
From left: Revlon Matte balm (Standout & Showy) -It is a very pigmented product , Rimmel 1000 kisses tint (endless blossom & unstoppable red) , Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge (#18) - it is very pigmented and waterproof yet the product is like an ink, we would feel like a layer of ink on our lips. Too Faced (Bee Sting) - I don't like this product, planning to get rid of it but feel guilty cause I only used it once.  Too Cool for School (orange) , Etude House Neon Tint - a great lip tint for those doesn't like makeup. This tint gives you a very light color onto your lips and makes you look pretty like a korean girl. okbye! haha

Bottom: Nars (Lodhi)- A nice creamy lip color  but nay for the price. MUA (Justify) - this pencil is similar to revlon balm in a way of scent, texture , and moisturising finish, everything is the same. 

I have threw some of the lip pencils that already expired and just left the ones that I'm still using. NYX lip pencils (Rose, Orange, Hot Pink , Grape fruit & Nude) are my favorites because they're long-lasting, highly pigmented, affordable with wide of color selection. Essence lip liner (honey bun) is also not bad, the price is cheap yet the product is very creamy and pigmented! However, the color selection is very limited. MUA lip liner ( Red Drama)  is the best-seller color in their line and it never disappoint me.Jordana lip pencil (Baby Berry & Plush Plum) Oh My God, this stuff is really amazing, it is very pigmented, no funny smell and the price is a win. However, this brand is only can be found online at Colorcosmeticsmalaysia or any instagram online shops. I am gonna do a review on these lipliners. 


The second acrylic drawer is full of my high end lipsticks. I do owned many of MAC lipsticks because of the formulation and quality. I love my YSL lipstick but I think it is over-priced and too expensive for me to spend hundreds of ringgit for a tube of lipstick. Anyhow, the quality is amazing , pigmentation is fantastic and the attractive packaging is DA bomb dot com! Another high end lipstick brand that I have is a Dior Rouge lipstick. You can read the full review on the lipstick here.
If you are want to see my complete MAC collection with the swatches,  I would do a separate post for you. Just let me know in the comment section below. 

Hope you enjoyed and earn some inspirations from this post and ya I will try to use up to my best of ability. Thank you for reading and follow me if you want to see more of my makeup collection! Off!

Read my Drugstore Diva post if you are keen to know my favorite drugstore items.
Acrylic Lipstick Organiser: RM 25 for 24 slots. Contact: 017-2095058 (Ain)

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*Pictures were taken using samsung NX mini

Disclaimer: All items were purchase by my own money unless stated otherwise. 

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40 Thousand (40,000) visitors in total "attacked" Eh Eh Mega Bazaar today (The first day bazaar on 21 June) and that was an amazing start.

The event was launched by Timbalan Ketua Pengarah MARA (Usahawan) Puan Salmah Hayati and Timbalan Presiden Dewan Peniaga Melayu Malaysia, Datuk Ayaluddin Che Hassan. People were coming to the bazaar non stop from 10 am to 10 pm today (21 June) and total of 1058 booths were setup and sells variety of things from food, fashion and services.  

Celebrities that also joined and came supporting the bazaar were  Neelofa, Adi Putra, Anita Baharom, Arja Lee, Rosyam Nor and many more. So, tomorrow is your last chance to meet them and other local celebrities. Besides that , you can enjoy watching their performances and grab some food from some of the food booths because what I heard from my friends they said the food are awesome! 
Remember to join the bazaar; Shopping, enjoy and eat. That is what you should do to utilize your weekend. BE HAPPY AND ENJOY! Spend you quality rime with your loved ones; family and friends. 

Most of the visitors are happy and satisfied with the MAEPS facilities! From the trams, shutter bus as well as the wide alleys. Everyone was happy today! -Good job Eh Eh Bazaar organiser!
Don't missed the MEGA BAZAAR last day event because everything would be mark down into lowest price! Last day mah, discount kaw kaw! bagi harga baik punya! 
Thank you!


Friday, 20 June 2014


It's finally here! The event will starts tomorrow until Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm and you can do your raya Shopping Spree here! Oh yes! It is at Eh Eh Mega Bazaar! If you want to know thw full agenda of the event, you need to visit to the bazaar by yourself because everything is arranged by the organiser.  MAEPS Serdang- there would be 1000 booths including 60 celebrities' booths and the most importantly, everything is selling at the lowest price! 

Make sure you are able to come and join the lucky draw contest ! See you there.
For More information, like their facebook page and instagram.

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