Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics Review

I've been eyeing for this palette for almost a year and only recently I have got this cute awesome palette in hands after 20% off. I got this at the end of last year when Sephora did 20% off for all of white-card members and I'm glad that I finally grabbed this into my collection.

What can I summarized for this palette is, it has everything!  Everything I need for eye makeup in one palette. I can get liner, eye shadow, brow bone & inner corner highlighter as well as brow shadow. If you are curious how to use this palette with all I have mentioned earlier, just keep reading it. 


Urban Decay is known with it's buttery silky eyeshadow.My personal views on this palette, it glides smoothly on the eyelids and very pigmented. So far, the only color that I feel it's a little patchy is "crave" a black with dark brown hint to it. Others I have no complains with them.


The colors can last to 6 hours on me without primer. I normally apply this shadows using fingers for faster application especially when I am on rush.

*swatches without primer


Venus is a satin color which is pretty to be used on brow bone or tear duct (inner corner)
Foxy is a color that reminds me of MAC paint pot soft ochre (exists in Naked 2 palette). It is a beige color with yellow-undertoned to it. Can be used as base color to pop out the rest of the eyeshadow colors. 
W.O.S can be described as pale pink beige. 
Naked2 is my favorite color. I normally use is all over the lids and it looks very natural on the eyes. 
Faint is medium dark brown and it has been my daily favorite eyeshadow. Can be used on the crease or on lids as simple as that. 
Crave is black with dark brown color hint to it. It can be a little tricky to work with. 
can be used as eyeliner too or do smokey look with it.

For brow shadow color, you may mix "faint" and "crave" to get desire brow color. Sometimes, I only use faint for my brows.


For some reason, I like the packaging material. it is made from plastic but I don't really know what kind of plastic it is, it is kinda rubbery but I'm not too sure.. It has pretty large mirror comes together with "lock" packaging, so that you can throw it into your handbag and it would not get mess up. Travel-friendly with small size of packaging , sleek and it fits my small hand palm size. Have to say this too, the palette is pretty sturdy though it is made from plastic.

If you are fan of neutral almost naked color, you should get this palette. It has everything you need for natural eye makeup look and also smokey dark eye makeup if you know how to play with those color especially "crave". The palette is quite pricey yet if we looking at brighter side, it has very pigmented colors and nice texture, I think it is a win. 

My favorite colors are Naked 2, Faint and foxy for the brow bone highlighter. That is what I normally use on my eyes for daily basis.

Personal rating: 4 / 5. - There's no unique colors in this palette, suits with the name, BASICS. 

Available at Sephora | RM 98

Wiida Ribbon

All opinions are truly mine. Not everyone has the same opinions, maybe it would works on you  maybe not. Try this out at the counter before purchasing. Thank you. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

OLAY Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Review

Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system is a tool for better cleansing. It helps to clean face much deeper and cleaner than regular manual hand method. 
People keep saying that it is a dupe or shall I call it "substitute" product of  high end cleansing tool, Clarisonic Mia since both work similar to cleanse the face effectively and removing all the dirt on the face. 

The product claims it could cleanse the face up to 4 times better than normal hand method or with cleanser alone, gently exfoliates all the dead skin and enables better penetration of the actives contained in Micro-Sculpting Cream when used together. According to them, the benefits for using this tool is to get better, cleaner skin fresh feeling and improving the skin texture to be smoother and prevents breakout.

Personally I feel these are true. Whenever pimples appear and live happily on my face, I will immediately use this and after two days they start fading off leave my face alone. Thank God! Alhamdullilah! So far there's no negative effect after using this cleansing device. 

It comes with;
(1) cleansing tool & brush head
(1) Olay Skin renewal cleanser (20ml)
(1) AA Batteries 

This product has 2-speed control and it is water resistant, can be used in shower. It gives daily deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation.  Not only that, it is also works better on removing dirt, makeup and even at the oily area ; T zone area to ensure the skin stays fresh and clean. 

There's some difficulties in order to remove the battery cover. Maybe they should design it with a special lock system instead of this? You need to have pretty long nails to pull off this cover. But nonetheless, this is not a big problem for me anyway. Batteries need to change once it dies and until now, after a month plus using it, it is still functioning. 

The batteries come together in the box so for the first use,  batteries are free! 

There's two buttons
Upper button (bigger button) : SWITCH , ON AND OFF at the same button
Lower button (smaller button) : Speed controller (it has 2-speed: medium and fast)

The way how to use it is quite clear and direct. Just click the button and you would see the device works. If not, there's something wrong with your device or the batteries. Sometimes we might do some mistakes by putting the batteries in wrong position. So, just double check with the batteries ya?

One down side is the tool doesn't has brush cover to protect the brush from germs and keeping it in the shape. Clarisonic Mia has its own brush cover but not for this one. I guess that's why the refill / replacement brush is selling at low price. Anyway, it is not so important, because we need to change the brush frequently at least once in every 3 months to avoid any bacteria or germs especially when it comes to "face skin" thingy. 

This is the result after using the cleansing system, even I have removed the makeup earlier. There's still dirt and left over foundation on my face. It is so grimy, I just can't believe it! Now only I know why I have pimples on my face! Clogged pores and not completely cleaned. 

Look at the cotton pad, there's no residue after using this cleanser. I used cotton pad with toner to wipe off any residue and at the same time, to minimize the opened pores. Luckily, there's no residue for this review photo. Thank God! hahaha. 


At first I thought I won't need this cleansing system since I would normally cleanse my face using gel pad ( the one that selling in Daiso) or just cleanse normally like normal people do. However, one day, I was thinking to give a try on this device after seeing it at promotion price , so why not I just giving it a try and  after tried it, trust me, it is worth every penny you spent especially to those who doesn't afford to buy Clarisonic Mia.
Maybe I have no rights to compare this with Clarisonic Mia but comparing them in physically, I found that it is much smaller and compact than Clarisonic Mia. I have hold and tried clarisonic Mia in Sephora before and noticed that this is much lighter and convenient. Clarisonic is heavier and bulky yet it works very well with vibration oscillating motion instead of rotating. Nevertheless, there's a huge price difference between these two beauty tools.
Just want to spice up this product, I been loving this device and now I influenced my mom and sister , forced them to try this tool out! Planning to get the refill brush head so that we can share the same device but use our own brush head. What do you think? It's economical style, budget 2014. ^^ 

If you are still wondering, which one you should get it?

What can I say; if you have the money, go for Clarisonic Mia, but remember the refill / replacement head brush is selling at high price too, RM 90+. If not, Olay regenersit cleansing system is a great product too!

**Highly recommended for makeup users. If you wearing makeup in daily basis, buy one to avoid any breakout. A great cleansing tool for starting a good face skin care

  • it is travel friendly, light and compact
  • it is water resistant
  • selling at affordable price
  • there's brush head replacement selling at Watsons
  • the brush is soft and less dense compare to Clarisonic Mia

  • No brush cover
  • Very hard to open the battery cover
  • There's no timer for this device. I wish there's timer so that we can time ourself and it stops when it should stop. 

Where to get: Watsons |

Price: RM 100-RM 130
Brush Head replacement: RM 25 +  (2 in a box)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Review (Med 2.5)

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation has been in the Malaysia stores since November last year, 2013. It comes in a glass jar with simple light brown color plastic lid packaging. 

This foundation is ideal for Normal and Oily skin, where it would creates velvet-y matte perfection complexion. It has proven safe in dermatologist tested, allergy tested, non- comedogenic which the product won't clog the face pores and safe for sensitive skin. It is also fragrance-free and to me, there's no funny smell with this foundation. As I still remembered, when I was in secondary school, 6 to 8 years back,  I used to have one "mousse" foundation from Maybelline, but it was discontinued. It has been my favorite foundation for that particular period and also known as my first foundation. The main things I like about "mousse" type are , it feels light, absorbs oil (actually, because of the "velvet-y finish) , creates flawless complexion and smooth-en the skin. 

For some reason,  I feel the texture is more alike to silicon based texture which is similar to "primer" product with the ingredient of "Dimethicone Crosspolymer". If you noticed, in every face primer, there must be "dimethicone" ingredient which works well to cover the pores without clogging the skin pores. The product is blend-able, glides smoothly on skin and light

It gives almost medium to full coverage depending on the method used. If you use fingertips, it would creates high full coverage .In the other hand, by using tools, it would creates medium coverage, maybe because of blending method .

Medium 2.5 is also known as Natural beige, two color darker than my actual skin tone, but I have tried it on my own skin for review purposed. 

Maybelline Malaysia brought in 4 over 12 shades for this line; ivory, nude, and two mediums. Basically, ivory is light color with pink undertone (for pale fair skin complexion), nude is a light skin tone color with yellow undertone (for warm fair skin tone) , Medium 1 ( medium beige color with pink undertone, cool beige color) and medium 2.5 (medium beige color with yellow undertone, a warm color) 

How to use/ apply this foundation?
1) By using clean fingers, apply evenly and gently ,blend with your fingertips. 
2) By using wet sponge or stippling brush, it creates natural flawless complexion. 

My final words
After tried this foundation, I am quite amazed with the formulation and texture. It glides smoothly and gives air-soft feeling onto the skin. The foundation would lasts up to 4 hours without sweating, in air-conditional room.
I heard so many complains for this "mousse" foundation and honestly after I using it once on my face , I feel this is the best foundation ever, no breakout after using it and it looks matte with high coverage on face. It would looks cake-y on dry skin people but for normal to oily skin-type, this will be a great foundation for you!
Perfectly matte | match for OILY , COMBINATION and NORMAL SKIN -TYPE.

**Highly recommended to normal and oily skin , not for dry skin people.

Where to get this?
Watsons, Guardian, Caring & certain departmental stores (Maybelline counters)

Price: RM 30++

Have you tried this foundation? If yes, do you like it or hate it? Tell me why. Thank you!

Wiida Ribbon

Disclaimer: I received this product as a gift yet all opinions are 100% mine, doesn't affect my thoughts. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Essenseri Skin Care Review

Salam and Hi!

Today's post going to be a little bit different, which is a skincare set review. Have you ever heard about this brand before? It's Essenseri, a local brand that offers 4 products at this moment specially design for Asians skin type suit with Malaysia weather; high humidity and warm. Just to let you know that I have received this products while ago but only now I have the chance to do a complete review on these 4 items, a cleanser and 3 serum mist after using them for several months.

To those who know me well, I am a person that doesn't put much attention on skin care routine. I always skip my moisturizer and toner, only apply when I'm in mood or if the product comes in simple method such as spraying. So, before I received this serum, I normally would spray thermal water on my face as toner and moisturiser (2 in 1) right after cleansing. hahaha. Unless my face is too dry, I will apply some vitamin oils or moisturizer cream gel. Therefore, when I know about this product, I immediately say YES to try this out! hahaa. 

Just giving you a short opinions on the product packaging. Personally I feel the packaging is pretty exclusive and cute. It reminds me of Korean skin care design and the colors used are totally into feminine girlish side. However I found that the label is not stays in placed. It keeps moving out and the sticker is not strong enough to pull it back. Nonetheless, everything is fine, first impression was good , positive enough to attract buyers. 

Whitening Serum Mist

I have been using this serum since the day I received the product and I'm currently running out of it (only left 30%) .This serum has UV-Ray protection and the ingredients in this serum are work to brighten up and reducing fine lines on your face. 

Acne Reduction Serum Mist

This is specialist for acne skin in order to reduce the blemishes along with oil control. Besides that, it works to reduce redness and excessive oil. Great for oily skin-typed. 

Anti Defying Serum Mist
Age Defying serum is suitable for age 30's onward.  It helps to increase collagen production and elastin. It works to reduce lines, wrinkles, anti-aging and lift up the skin. I gave this serum to my mom and she's using it now. So far, there's no negative feedback from her. It works gently on my mother's skin. 

The formula of the mist is great, it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't feel oily or greasy. The texture of the serum mist is a combination of water and gel;  watery gel , I don't really know how to describe it but what I know, you would not feel oily or sticky.
I normally use this mist as my Toner + moisturiser + serum, so after cleanse my face I will usually straightly spray it onto the face. Easy for lazy bum like me!

One awesome thing about the packaging is the caps. It has double caps to secure the product from lacking. 

As you can see, the foam is not that much and it doesn't create any heavy bubbly foam. I normally use this cleanser with my "Olay Regenerist cleansing tool" which is complement very well! It works great as it doesn't irritate and drying out my thin dry skin.

Final words

Overall, I liked the concept of spraying instead of pouring onto the palm and that needs to be praised of (claps) since the "spraying" method is much easier, and convenient, I really like the product so much especially the serum mist! it has becomes my fixed skin care product! Even though I didn't see any changes on my face for the "whitening" side, but I love the fact that it protects my face from UV rays and  moisturizes my dry face skin. Would I re-purchase this product? YES! Absolutely yes. 

How about the scent? Well, to me, I do not now why I smell nothing. hahaha. Maybe I just do not know how to describe the scent ?  Ok, what can I describe the smell in one word is,  the mist has "pleasant" smell. Good enough? hehe.

Where to get this product?
You can buy online or call the stockists for help. I wish they are access-able since for now they are only can get through online and from stockists. 

Attention! This skincare may gives different results based on different skin types. Hence, please be careful, do some test before applying the product onto your face.

Disclaimer: These are sponsored items however it doesn't affect my thoughts.

OOTD taken from Instagram (6 photos)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 2 and 7 Review

Salam and Hi!
Today it's time for me to do a review on these two awesome babies from Maybelline. Lip Polish is a new product line from Maybelline, just reached in Malaysia about few weeks. Well, I entered Watsons for so many times and keep swatching them on back of my hand. Guess what?! For the entire day window shopping at the mall, the lipgloss stain was still there. Keep reading if you want to know further on my thoughts. ^^ 

Glam 7 is on left, Glam 2 is on right.

Maybelline Lip Polish is fall under the spell of elixir effect with hyper-saturated color and ultra cushion-y feel (as described in their official website), it creates the NEW HYPNOTIC LIP SENSATION.

The formula has three main highlights which contains Potent Color Extracts for high color pigments and deep intense lip color ( in Maybelline website, this product is not under "lipgloss", it is lip color ). Next highlight is Concentrated liquid lipbalm gives high hydration to the lips and allows cushion-y feel and comfort. Basically, it's moisturising. The third highlight will be the "Glossy Shine Serum" that makes lips look glossy, fuller, sexier and healthier lips. So basically, the concept for this product is combination between lipgloss and lip balm. 
Personally I feel the texture is a bit "heavy" nothing too light or not too heavy, just in moderate, in  between heavy and light yet it glides smoothly on the lips with silky buttery formula. No sticky feeling and it does smoothen my cracked lips (hide all the visible lines on lips ). Yes, for chapped lips, this would be a great "secret tool" to hide all the dead cells. It's like magic! 

It has decent sweet smell, still bearable. If you are allergic to fragrance, you are advised to try this out on your skin first (small area) and wait for few hours. This lip color leaves fade stain and only stays on lips for 3 to 4 hours. Need to re-apply and touch up after eaten. 

The applicator is designed slightly curve upward to allow easy application on lips. The size of the brush or do we call it sponge? (I don't really know the material of the applicator) yet the size is suits with women lips, not too big or no too small cause some of lipgloss' applicators are tend to give heavy messy smudge on lips but not for this buddy. The sharp edge brush allows precise application onto lips .

By looking at the tubes, Glam 2 is much brighter than Glam 7. At first I thought Glam 7 color will be more into nude-y side and Glam 2 is like coral-y red. However, when I opened both tubes, they are kind of the same. Wait! let me find the right word for you. They are not same, they are similar but different in finishes. ^^ .Why do I say that? Please refer to picture below, scroll down~

As you can see, there's small particles of gold shimmer in Glam 2 whilst Glam 7 the color is truly plain and opaque, no shimmer in it. If I would to describe the color differences between Glam 2 and 7, I would say Glam 7 has brown under-toned (warmer) compared to Glam 2. 

Packaging wise? I must say they are cute! The design is a bit tricky and unique. It looks like lipstick bullet but when we screw it out, it's actually a lipgloss! Same size with Maybelline color sensational lipsticks despite they're in liquid form. To keep the lipgloss safe, you are advised to make sure the cap is locked tightly to avoid any leaking. 

Where to get this product?
Watsons/ Guardian

Price: Around RM 30 ++ 

Wiida Ribbon

  Gifts from MaybellineMalaysia.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Good Morning folks! It has been a week I received this Xmas gift from Mivva and Kao (a collaboration gift) to Mivva bloggers. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I can't express the happiness through words only God knows the feeling how happy am I receiving this gift and I really appreciate it. I was really surprised when I received the big box because what I know, I didn't order anything online .
The box contains 4 full-sized products and all are worth up to RM 150.

Liese Bubble Hair color is one of their popular products. The color is quite bright  based on the color chart and whats special about this hair color is, it can be used by shampoo-ing method instead of applying using manual traditional salon method. I don't dye my hair anymore unless by using henna in purpose of covering my grey-hair (hehehe) . So who wants this? hands up! hands in the air please! oh yeah (song plays in my mind) 

The second product is my favorite cleansing wipes. I still have the old one, haven't finish using it and Alhamdullilah I got another one as backup so that I can save up some money there (yeayyy!!!) .Yet, I  wondering if the new Biore cleansing wipes packaging does affect its cotton wipes texture and size or it's still remain the same like the older version but only the packaging changed?  I will open it up soon and do review, InsyaAllah. 

Third product is Biore waterproof makeup remover with water based formula. I never know that Biore has this makeup remover formula. I have the oil-based make up remover but seldom use it since I have cotton wipes, they're much easier and save a lot of time. However, liquid makeup remover is needed to remove lower lashes makeup residue/ eyeliner residue and stubborn leftover mascara on lashes. I will certainly do a review on this makeup remover since I've been searching for a great liquid remover that won't hurt my eyes. 

Next is Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail Serum/ Oil Serum . Oh dear, this is the most exciting product of all. I have been eyeing this product since last two years. For some reasons, I keep skipped buying this product. I fell in love when I tried it for the first time at Watsons (the sample). During that time, I just finished my Diploma and working part time as a promoter at Watsons. It was only 2-day promoter job and I tried it during "working hour" Ops! hahaha. I still remember the product works great on me, smooth en my hair, less frizzy stubborn electrode hair and most importantly it smells amazing. I'm glad that I finally got this in hands as it reminds me my old days. Thank you for all these. 

They might look nothing to you but for me, they are meaningful, my first biggest present ever and this would be my sweetest moment in this year, 2014. What a great start to the year. 

Thank you for reading ^^
-Catch you later 

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