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The best beauty products in 2013.

Salam and Hi!
Happy New Year to all of you.
Basically for my first post in this year, I would like to share my selected beauty favorites in 2013. 

First, begins with face products, Biore UV Aqua Rich has been my favourite sunscreen also used as face primer. The texture makes my face feel smoother and protected at the same time without giving me sticky feeling to it.
In year 2013, I have been using and tried so many branded foundations but nothing impressed me like Revlon Colorstay do.  I feel like Revlon Colorstay is one of the best foundations even some people say Revlon is a dupe for MAC Prolong foundation, but I think Revlon  is better  and it is way cheaper than other high end foundations. 
Next is the best setting powder and touch up compact powder goes to Chanel compressed powder. I must say, it is not fair to put this powder into the list, however, it is great, seriously, the consistency, texture and color everything just nice and matches my skin very well. Not only that, the powder is super fine and doesn't makes my face look cakey and set the foundation naturally. At first, the reason why I bought this powder because of the brand. Yes, honestly, I have nothing from Chanel before and I feel like having a compact powder would be great and nice to keep it in handbag. However, it turns to another round, I loved it because of the consistency not because of the brand anymore. The price is ridiculously expensive but worth it! 
Blushers, I can't choose one from all the blushes I owned in my collection but these two are my all time favorites. I keep repeating these two; MAC Peachykeen and NARS Taos . They have natural flush color that complement amazingly to my complexion. Great color pay off and stays on cheeks up to 8 hours (w/o sweating).

Eyes, the most disloyal part. We tend to change our eyes makeup daily .Yet, the items that I keep using repeatedly are listed in the picture above! For all these items, most probably I will repurchase them if they are running out.  Most of the time, I used MAC paint pot in Groundwork as my eye primer or natural eyeshadow cream. Groundwork is a limited edition paint pot and if I need repurchase something similar with it, I will buy MAC paint pot in Painterly. 
Redhead brow gel from MAC is a discontinued product, I wish this product will comeout again. Still searching something similar with it or a substitute product. This is my daily eyebrow color since the day I purchased it. Hope this brow gel could lasts me at least a year, before I can find any replacement.
Stila Kitten eyeshadow is my most reached highlighter eyeshadow in 2013. It is always in my mind to be applied on inner corner of the eyes, lower lashes , cheek bones and sometimes on the nose for glow-y dimension highlight. 
The other cream shadow that I loved the most is Maybelline Color Tatoo in Taupe. Easy application, just apply using finger and gently blend it. Done, easy and only consume a minute time. 

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner, one of the affordable eyeliners in the market and it stays on place for the whole day,  non-smudge and very black. I have been wanting to try Maybelline gel liner but until today I have no idea why I didn't buy it. I have Bobbi Brown gel liner and use it frequently not because I like it but because I splurge on it, spent it hundred and need to use it til empty. -Do you know this feeling?  when we buy expensive item but we do not like it it's kinda waste and feel like return it back? But not in Malaysia, we can't return back the products. :( That's a shame.

Naked palettes (Naked & Naked2) , not because of the hype, but they are really my favorites, I always used these two palettes alternately. The colors in the palettes are highly pigmented, build-able , smooth and varies-look can be done with the palettes.

Not to forget, my favorite waterline eyeliner which is Nars Barrow Street, a unique pastel mint green color for under eyes waterline or underlashes. 

Oh man! Lipstick! I can't make up my mind to choose one from all! So I decided to pick up the most used lipsticks from my makeup bag. 

I'm such a weirdo. For the first half month, my lipstick mood is into Coral, orange and red. Surprisingly, the another half month, towards end of the month, my lipstick color changed to Pinky, wine red and nude tones. I know I'm such a weirdo, but this might because of my friends' influences and also youtubers. hahah. 
So, here are the best neon pink, red, and natural pink color for me in this year. 

Coral and orange are my colors. The ultimate favorite lipstick always with MAC Sounds like noise, a limited edition lipstick that I ordered from my friend back in Summer time in The States. Maybelline Coral crush is also one of my favorite lipsticks !( I have no idea what to write for this lipstick, I loved it, I did enjoy using it, so what else should I say?)

Well, these are mine, how about yours? I would love to know your favorites so that I could listed up my "gonna try" products in 2014.

I tried to limit myself and do new beauty resolutions in  this year. still thinking the amount of makeup that I could buy in this year. Maybe the number of lipsticks that I could let myself buy. I'm broke right now, so, I will try to use all of my current makeup until the limit! hahaha. Thank you for reading. Please forgive me for typos & etc as I typed this post within 20 min w/o double check/double read.

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Nice post, and I love it all :D

  2. Just blog in Malay. Your English sucks. Learn a proper grammar first. You made ridiculous grammatical errors in ALL your posts. Lots and lots of grammatical errors. Such an eyesore to read your blog. Tulis melayu kn sng.

    1. Ok noted. But i will keep bloggin in eng for my foreigner friends and readers :) thank you for yr support.

    2. Foreigner? What a joke! They must be cracking their heads trying to understand your posts. They must think Malaysia has a very low standard on English education. Please get someone to proof read your posts. You can go further. Maybe.

    3. Thank you for your recommendations! of course! Someday ^^

  3. Loved this post, very enjoyable to read! My favourite has to be the lip products you've chosen :)

    Rushna | xxx

  4. I just posted my 2013 favorites too! :) You can check it out at
    I narrowed it down to just 7 products!


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