Friday, 24 January 2014

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Review (Med 2.5)

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation has been in the Malaysia stores since November last year, 2013. It comes in a glass jar with simple light brown color plastic lid packaging. 

This foundation is ideal for Normal and Oily skin, where it would creates velvet-y matte perfection complexion. It has proven safe in dermatologist tested, allergy tested, non- comedogenic which the product won't clog the face pores and safe for sensitive skin. It is also fragrance-free and to me, there's no funny smell with this foundation. As I still remembered, when I was in secondary school, 6 to 8 years back,  I used to have one "mousse" foundation from Maybelline, but it was discontinued. It has been my favorite foundation for that particular period and also known as my first foundation. The main things I like about "mousse" type are , it feels light, absorbs oil (actually, because of the "velvet-y finish) , creates flawless complexion and smooth-en the skin. 

For some reason,  I feel the texture is more alike to silicon based texture which is similar to "primer" product with the ingredient of "Dimethicone Crosspolymer". If you noticed, in every face primer, there must be "dimethicone" ingredient which works well to cover the pores without clogging the skin pores. The product is blend-able, glides smoothly on skin and light

It gives almost medium to full coverage depending on the method used. If you use fingertips, it would creates high full coverage .In the other hand, by using tools, it would creates medium coverage, maybe because of blending method .

Medium 2.5 is also known as Natural beige, two color darker than my actual skin tone, but I have tried it on my own skin for review purposed. 

Maybelline Malaysia brought in 4 over 12 shades for this line; ivory, nude, and two mediums. Basically, ivory is light color with pink undertone (for pale fair skin complexion), nude is a light skin tone color with yellow undertone (for warm fair skin tone) , Medium 1 ( medium beige color with pink undertone, cool beige color) and medium 2.5 (medium beige color with yellow undertone, a warm color) 

How to use/ apply this foundation?
1) By using clean fingers, apply evenly and gently ,blend with your fingertips. 
2) By using wet sponge or stippling brush, it creates natural flawless complexion. 

My final words
After tried this foundation, I am quite amazed with the formulation and texture. It glides smoothly and gives air-soft feeling onto the skin. The foundation would lasts up to 4 hours without sweating, in air-conditional room.
I heard so many complains for this "mousse" foundation and honestly after I using it once on my face , I feel this is the best foundation ever, no breakout after using it and it looks matte with high coverage on face. It would looks cake-y on dry skin people but for normal to oily skin-type, this will be a great foundation for you!
Perfectly matte | match for OILY , COMBINATION and NORMAL SKIN -TYPE.

**Highly recommended to normal and oily skin , not for dry skin people.

Where to get this?
Watsons, Guardian, Caring & certain departmental stores (Maybelline counters)

Price: RM 30++

Have you tried this foundation? If yes, do you like it or hate it? Tell me why. Thank you!

Wiida Ribbon

Disclaimer: I received this product as a gift yet all opinions are 100% mine, doesn't affect my thoughts. 


  1. i have oily skin and mousse foundation like this works well to avoid my face looking oily after a short while ;) i now have 2 mousse foundation from Essence and Bourjois, maybe Maybelline will be next ^_^

    1. I love Essence foundation too! the packaging is exactly like this and Way cheaper! hahaha. :D

  2. Pernah cuba di Watsons tahun lalu. Swatch di tangan memang best la sebab teksturnya sangat ringan. Then, main tekan-tekan. Haha. Sampai sekarang belum ada kesempatan nak beli. Mungkin akan jadi birthday wishlist saya. :)

  3. rasa macam nak makan. nyum nyumm

  4. I am looking at buying this product. I used to have some awhile back that a friend had given me, and it matched me at the time. But I was fair-skinned. I recently started self-tanning, and I am looking for something for warm-medium tones, or even neutral-medium tones. What would be my best bet in choosing the color that I need from this line? Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

  5. Tp skg sudah takde lagi.. :'( semua counter watson and guardian kat malaysia ckp product tu dah discontinue..frust sgt2!! Sb dah 2 tahun pakai.. my life is overrr !!!

  6. Tp skg sudah takde lagi.. :'( semua counter watson and guardian kat malaysia ckp product tu dah discontinue..frust sgt2!! Sb dah 2 tahun pakai.. my life is overrr !!!


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