Saturday, 30 November 2013

Inglot Warehouse Sale & Shopping Haul

Since in The States people are busy with Black Friday, while in Malaysia, people are busy with
clearance sale. To join the crowd, Inglot also do a warehouse sale to let people enjoy Inglot products in sale price. The sale is going on at Sub International Beauty School in Times Square mall and believe it or not, most of the items are sale up to 70 %. It is only for today, Saturday 30 November until tomorrow, 1st  December, 10am until 9.30 pm.

If you want to join the sale, it's still not late. Lets see whats have I grabbed and some of the price list. I forgot to take picture on the products and the full price list. But I know the price range and wanna share you guys so that you will get the rouge idea on it.

Now time to see my haul!

I grabbed 4 refill lipstick pans in different and unique colors
The reason why I chose this exotic colors because I wanted to try different looks and playing with the shades. I don't normally buy this kind of colors and since they're having great sale, why not give a try? hehe.
Original price: RM 24 each
After: RM 7.20
70% off

 The color is red with hint of orangey color. 

Beautiful plum color with hint of gold shimmer. Im not good in describing color but this color is very unique and pretty. 

It is red with orange undertoned, but compared to shade 20, this one is more opaque, brighter and red.

Black is elegant, black is exotic, black is gothic. Whatever u want to say, but this color is the one that I excited the most. I really enjoyed playing with this color but creating ombre lips, very dark ghost lips and also as lining up my lips to create 3D cartoon effect. I just playing around with the color. haha
The texture is a bit different compared to other colors, just want to let you know.

Just simple real orange matte eyeshadow color.
Original price: RM 50
Sale price: RM 15
70% off

Eyeshadow Pigment! I purposely chose orange again because it is the most bold color among the range. 
Original Price: RM 62
Sale Price RM 37.20
Its only 40% off

Last but not list is a product that has been in my wishlist for couple of months. hahaha,
It's Duraline liquid. 
Okay, not many people know about this, let me tell you guys the magic of this stuff.

It is to transform any powder products into gel or liquid form.
For instance, pigments or pressed eyeshadow, we just need to mix a drop of it with the eyeshadow products and tadaaa apply it on your eyelids.
It helps you to apply the pigments nicely, without any fall out as well as can turn the color shadow into liquid or gel liner. Yes, it's versatile and very helpful. Sometimes, glittery or shimmer eyeshadows are quite annoying , fallout everywhere on cheeks. So with this special liquid, it would last your eyeshadow longer, stay on place for the whole day and pick up more products.
That's why I bought pigment so that I can try with it.

Original Price RM 40
Sale Price RM 32
20% off.

Other products on sale are:

Concealor refill pans : RM 7.20 
Eyebrow wax and powder refill pans: RM 7.20 
Freedom palette (5, rounds) RM 20 
Freedom palette (10 ,rounds) RM 27/37 (not too sure)
Shine/matte eyeshadow in casing RM 15-RM 20
Shine refill pan eyeshadow (round) RM 12
Matte gel eyeliner(colors) RM 27.50

*This is only some part of the products' price that I can recall. Others, I'm not sure, buts still they're in great deal! There's a lot of things to look at on; Lipsticks, concealor pencil, eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner pencils, foundations, liquid concealor, fake eyelashes &many more! seriously, too many. So, do drop by if you are going to KL tomorrow and join the sale. 


 Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it is useful.
thank you for reading.

Mwah Mwah

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Review and swatches #18

It has double ended brushes and 2 formula- lip cream and lip gloss at each sides. 
The product is supposedly water resistant, smudge proof, long wear lipcolor and it is formulated to lock color on lips for no transfer or fading result.  
Its intensely pigmented formula provides immediate opaque color with extreme shine when you apply the gloss on. 

The applicator for the lip cream color. 

If you noticed, upper swatch is lipgloss and under it is lip color. 

Applicator for clear lip  gloss, it is brush tip. 

The color I chose is No 18, which is a beautiful coral color and looks natural on me. It is Summer edition and I believe its already in permanent line. Do check it out because I bought the lipcream after Summer season, so, I believe it is still available here in Malaysia.

What can I say is, the formula is quite drying, one downside for this lipcream and after you apply it, you will feel one layer of ink on your lips. To make the color even on lips, fingers application need to be applied where we need to dab and even out the color cream.

Lipgloss is a great complement for the lipcream since it could helps to cover up all the cracks and gives nice smooth texture on lips. Without lipgloss, the lips would look very dry.
Make sure your lips are smooth when you want to apply this lipcream.
Personally, I feel the texture of the lipgloss is quite sticky yet there's no minty flavour, so for sensitive lips, this product should be fine to use.

Overall, this lipcream is very a long lasting lipstick and only can be removed by makeup remover. It can last up to 8 hours including eating and drinking. The price for this product is really costly, around RM 90 and above in Sephora. I forgot the exact price but what can I say is, if you want a very long wearing lipstick, you may give this a try but, what can I recommend you is to take bold red or dark color so that the crack texture on lips would not be seen obviously.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review on MUFE Aqua Rouge lipcream.
Thank you.

Wiida Ribbon

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Antipodes Joyful hand &body cream

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!
Today's post is about hand & body cream, 2 in 1 from Antipodes, its called Joyful hand & body cream. The packaging that I have is in sample packaging, so if you want to buy the full size,  go to Skinlab branches and testing it out. I believe the packaging is different than this sample packaging.

I've received this cream lotion in Mivva November box, so if you haven't read about it, go read it! It's a must! heheh. 

By the way, the product claims as
"Glorious summer berry flirts with South Pacific hibiscus flower to enchant the trials of everyday life with moments of fragrant joy. Nutrient-rich avocado oil delivers an immediate boost of abundant skin nutrients to dry, tired and stressed skin. This captivating and velvety cream will leave your skin dewy and fragrant, and free from oily residue."

Main ingredients: Avocado oil * Wild blackcurrant berry * Hibiscus flower

PURE PLANT FRAGRANCE: Wild blackcurrant


What special about this cream is, the texture is very thick yet doesn't leaves any heavy sticky feeling. It hydrates skin very well and suitable to be used during night time or in cold weather / in dry air conditional room. So, what can I recommend you is, to use before going to bed or using in in the office since the air-conditional room is quite drying and could makes your skin looks dull. Store it in your office drawer and enjoy it while working. 

As you can see the thickness of the cream, damn thick! but don't worry, it looks heavy but when you apply it on skin, it really moisturize and doesn't gives greasy feeling. 


Bullet Graphics Non-greasy formula

Bullet Graphics Absorb Immediately onto skin and gives high hydration.

Bullet Graphics Totally enjoy using this hand and body cream especially during night time

Bullet Graphics Smells natural berries

Bullet Graphics Vegetarian friendly, approved by the vegetarian society,

Bullet Graphics Completely cruelty free and never tested on animals and certified organic 

Bullet Graphics Suit to most all skin types

You can find the items at all Skin Lab Malaysia Outlets:

Head Office:
32-3 Wisma Rapid, Jalan 30/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
 (Tel: 03-6205 8988)

Mid Valley Megamall: 
F080 (Tel: 03-2284 3881)

Fahrenheit 88: 
Lot 1-12, Level 1 (Tel: 03-2148 6682)

Hartamas Shopping Centre: 
G23C (Tel: 03-6201 6810)

The Curve Mutiara Damansara: 
K-F7-D, Level 1 (Tel: 03-7726 6098)

Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya: 
CF 29, Concourse Floor (Tel: 03-7886-8792)

AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang: 
G40 (Tel: 03-3326 2819)

Queensbay Mall, Penang: 
1F-65 (Tel: 04-646 1819)

Langkawi Parade, Langkawi: 
Lot 12, Level 2 (Tel: 04-966 8266)

Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh: 
G03 (Tel: 05-546 4778)

AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru: 
G46 (Tel: 07-351 1721)


Thank you for reading!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

October Bag Of Lice/Love Review

It's a surprise time! okay, I know I'm quite lame for posting this review late however, I just need to post this out! hehehe.

SP Shampoo and Mask
The size for both are perfectly fit into my travel toiletries bag

Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti Cellulite Concentrate
Like it's name, it is to reduce cellulite on certain part of your body.

Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF 50+
This full size CC cream makes me feel excited when I received this bag. I'm looking for more CC cream to try with since I need something light for my "lazy" makeup day :P hehe. At least only sunscreen protection wit hint of color for even skintone.

Definite Smudger Brush
Honestly, I'm brush lover. Investing on brushes would last you forever, no regret. Quality brushes could motivating you to play makeup more often.

Splassh Mini Glow in the dark nail polish
Again, full sized item, few layers of this nail polish and your nails can be seen in dark! Glow in the dark nail polish, how interesting is that?

To sum up, I really love October's bag!  3 out of 5 products are in full sized and what made me like for this bad is the brush and also the CC cream. Others are so so, not very impressive but still wearable. Thank God there's no skincare for this month's bag, at least that is a positive sign for this bag.Rate for my satisfaction is 3 over 5. How about you? What do you think? 

Sorry for the low quality photos. This was taken indoor room with limited of lights. 

Check out and subscribe for the upcoming bags. I heard every month they bringing in wonderful products for the subscribers. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this simple review!
See you tomorrow for more new blog posts. 
Thank you. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

MIVVA November 2013 Beauty Surprise!

Salam and Hi!

It's time for me to review the November box from Mivva and lets jump into the box with its fun theme!  

As a regular subscriber, you know, this is how the Mivva box looks like. 
Black with silver dots details on it and elegant as always. 

This month's theme is 
BFF Sleepover Kit

So based from it's theme, we should have an idea whats going to be inside there..

Whats in my mind were; 

Bullet Graphics Nail polish (manicure and pedicure with bffs is a must activity)
Bullet Graphics Nail buffer
Bullet Graphics Hair mask 
Bullet Graphics shampoo
Bullet Graphics Hair comb
Bullet Graphics Hair tool (roller and etc)
Bullet Graphics Mud mask
Bullet Graphics eye mask
Bullet Graphics Hair Towel
Bullet Graphics Body Butter/body lotion
Bullet Graphics Bubble bomb/ shower gel 

Blue Loofah
I got this blue loofah and I'm not sure whether it is really in the list
or it's an additional item to enjoy.
However, I'm glad that this loofah is included in the box since the theme of sleepover kit is looking forward to something pampering and fun to do with our bffs. 

Facial Essence Collagen Mask
A collagen mask with hyaluronic Acid and various Botanical extracts in  the mask functioning to ensure the skin keep moisturized for a long time and collagen is a key product for this product as it will makes skin elastic and healthy. 

Neula 2 in 1 Tea Tree Oil Control Cleanser
2 in 1 meaning fight pimples and oily skin and at the same time leave the skin feel fresh and clean!
The natural tea tree essence with Vitamin B3 will help to remove pimples effectively as well as moisturizing the skin in achieving oil control balance especially for teenagers. 
A full size for this cleanser. 

Antipodes Joyful hand & body cream
As I mentioned earlier, a sleepover night is not complete without body butter or lotion.
This hand and body cream will keep moisturized our skin and at the same time, the nutrient for avocado oil will provides an immediate boost of abundant skin nutrients to dry, stress and tired skin. This will leave your skin looks dewy, healthy and free from oily residue. 

RM 20 gift voucher is included in the box for the next purchase. 

ONL Dermost moistay cream and fresh gel cream
Cream: It is from spring water cream for a balanced adjustment of oil and water.
Gel: Pure hydration for skin with much sebum. Gel cream contains 100% spring water in its base.

I haven't tried both  but since my moisturizer is running out, I might giving these two pretties a try. :)

Of course the last product is the most exciting product!
Stage nail polish in color of "innocent" is the star product for this month's box. 
This complete the theme of the box perfectly. 
A full size given

Overall, I wish there will be more exciting products in the box such as full size girlish shower gel or any spa kit, a cute complete nail kit and also pink hair roller. However, loofah and nail polish successfully brighten the box with cheers. 
Hope next month's box will be full of exciting gifts :) 

Disclaimer: This box is a sponsored product, however all of my thoughts are owned by myself. 

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