Saturday, 30 November 2013

Inglot Warehouse Sale & Shopping Haul

Since in The States people are busy with Black Friday, while in Malaysia, people are busy with
clearance sale. To join the crowd, Inglot also do a warehouse sale to let people enjoy Inglot products in sale price. The sale is going on at Sub International Beauty School in Times Square mall and believe it or not, most of the items are sale up to 70 %. It is only for today, Saturday 30 November until tomorrow, 1st  December, 10am until 9.30 pm.

If you want to join the sale, it's still not late. Lets see whats have I grabbed and some of the price list. I forgot to take picture on the products and the full price list. But I know the price range and wanna share you guys so that you will get the rouge idea on it.

Now time to see my haul!

I grabbed 4 refill lipstick pans in different and unique colors
The reason why I chose this exotic colors because I wanted to try different looks and playing with the shades. I don't normally buy this kind of colors and since they're having great sale, why not give a try? hehe.
Original price: RM 24 each
After: RM 7.20
70% off

 The color is red with hint of orangey color. 

Beautiful plum color with hint of gold shimmer. Im not good in describing color but this color is very unique and pretty. 

It is red with orange undertoned, but compared to shade 20, this one is more opaque, brighter and red.

Black is elegant, black is exotic, black is gothic. Whatever u want to say, but this color is the one that I excited the most. I really enjoyed playing with this color but creating ombre lips, very dark ghost lips and also as lining up my lips to create 3D cartoon effect. I just playing around with the color. haha
The texture is a bit different compared to other colors, just want to let you know.

Just simple real orange matte eyeshadow color.
Original price: RM 50
Sale price: RM 15
70% off

Eyeshadow Pigment! I purposely chose orange again because it is the most bold color among the range. 
Original Price: RM 62
Sale Price RM 37.20
Its only 40% off

Last but not list is a product that has been in my wishlist for couple of months. hahaha,
It's Duraline liquid. 
Okay, not many people know about this, let me tell you guys the magic of this stuff.

It is to transform any powder products into gel or liquid form.
For instance, pigments or pressed eyeshadow, we just need to mix a drop of it with the eyeshadow products and tadaaa apply it on your eyelids.
It helps you to apply the pigments nicely, without any fall out as well as can turn the color shadow into liquid or gel liner. Yes, it's versatile and very helpful. Sometimes, glittery or shimmer eyeshadows are quite annoying , fallout everywhere on cheeks. So with this special liquid, it would last your eyeshadow longer, stay on place for the whole day and pick up more products.
That's why I bought pigment so that I can try with it.

Original Price RM 40
Sale Price RM 32
20% off.

Other products on sale are:

Concealor refill pans : RM 7.20 
Eyebrow wax and powder refill pans: RM 7.20 
Freedom palette (5, rounds) RM 20 
Freedom palette (10 ,rounds) RM 27/37 (not too sure)
Shine/matte eyeshadow in casing RM 15-RM 20
Shine refill pan eyeshadow (round) RM 12
Matte gel eyeliner(colors) RM 27.50

*This is only some part of the products' price that I can recall. Others, I'm not sure, buts still they're in great deal! There's a lot of things to look at on; Lipsticks, concealor pencil, eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner pencils, foundations, liquid concealor, fake eyelashes &many more! seriously, too many. So, do drop by if you are going to KL tomorrow and join the sale. 


 Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it is useful.
thank you for reading.

Mwah Mwah


  1. Hi babe.. great sharing here.. btw did u spot any o2m nail.polish?


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