Monday 30 September 2013

Darlie White Expert Event- Malaysia

How to protect and get white teeth?
Just leave to the EXPERT.
Normally I will spend "money" on dental treatment by seeing the dentist at least once in 6 months for scaling and so on. 
So, instead of spending HUNDREDS Ringgit, how bout we just change our toothpaste to a new one?

Try this out, Darlie EXPERT WHITE. 

What makes this toothpaste so special?
At first, I don't really believe any kind of whitening toothpaste since I have been using most of whitening products in the market for past two years but there is no impressive result.

Let me talk in scientific terms about Darlie Expert White. Well, Prophylaxis Silica-Micro Particles (PS-mp) is a small particles or micro that allowed to clean or remove all the stains on teeth. PS-mp is normally been used by professional dentist to whiten your teeth and it gives same result like you do teeth treatment with dentist.
In short explanation, the main ingredients in the Darlie Expert White toothpaste are similar to the ones been used by the dentists.
So, now get rock, whiten your teeth at home by youself!
No need to see dentist and save up part of your MONEY.

Simple words for Darlie White Expert: Anti-stain, protect your teeth, whiten your teeth and affordable.

During the event, Sazzy Falak was invited as one of Darlie's Special guest.
She did a demo or experiment between Darlie Expert White and normal toothpaste. 

These are the ingredients for the experiment /demo.

1) HAP Tablets is a tablet that consists enamal basis same to our teeth. So, just imagine it is a tooth.
2) Black tea or black coffee is needed 
3) Toothpaste for the experiment between normal toothpaste and Darlie Expert White toothpaste.

How to do it?
1)  Squeeze an inch of toothpaste into a bowl. Do it to both toothpastes in different bowl.
2) Then, pour some water onto the bowl and stir them well. This action is similar to brushing our teeth.
3) Take HAP tablets and put each of them onto the two bowls.
4) Leave them for 3 minutes. 
Do you know that we need to brush our teeth in 3 minutes? Wow! I never do that. What I know, every time I brush my teeth, I just need a minute because I always in hurry (anti-alarm clock person)
5) After that, rinse the tablets and put into the black coffee or black tea for about 5 minutes.
6) Last but not least, take the tablets out from the coffee/tea and rinse them off. You can see the difference!

Look at that! The tablet that has been soaked into Darlie Expert White is protected and the colour maintain white. But the normal toothpaste could not protect our white teeth and that is the reason why our teeth getting yellowish. haha. Now I know why my teeth are not white enough. hahaha.  (National confession) LMAO
Before this I have used to complain to my dentist bout my teeth color and he said, 
"Your teeth color is normal, it's white. the color code is @#$%^%$# (I don't know what is the code but he said the colour is white, something medium white. But the fact is I don't know the color chart and I feel my teeth are yellow. I just want my teeth to be white like others)

Okay okay, I know this is sooooo gedik for posting a picture of myself holding the picture. but it is a must la. A typical Malaysian pose with product.  

We did the experiment together too! feeling like baking in the middle of the restaurant. haha.

From left:  Cikepal, myself and Sabrina Tajudin

To get the clearer version of demo/experiment steps,  lets watch this video. We did the same method and get the same result too! (I believe it and I think this toothpaste will be my all time favourite toothpaste. please don't judge me, I love to use selected toothpaste, I know I'm fussy but I really need to choose toothpaste before brushing my teeth/ The toothpaste must be a bit spicy and minty as well as fresh so that I won't puke early in the morning while brushing my teeth. You get what I mean? Some toothpaste is not mint enough or got weird spearmint smell or too sweet that could make me feel loya early in the morning. But this toothpaste is minty enough and I'm loving it. It doesn't make me feel "loya" anymore.

I got a full kit of Darlie Expert White to try with.
I have been using it for a week but I forgot to take photo before and current teeth for comparism purposed. 
Maybe next time I will do. 

and last, of course a picture with Sazzy Falak.
She's so pretty ,lovely and friendly. How could I for not adore her? 
She's sooo adorable.

Darlie White Expert Event is one of fun events I have attended.
Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however this post has been written in honest words. 

Tuesday 24 September 2013

OOTD for Darlie Expert White Event

Dress Code: Blue and White
Venue of the Event: Pressroom Bangsar Shopping Complex
Date: 22nd August 2013
Invited by: Nuffnang

Denim Blouse: Brands Outlet
Handbag: Charles and Keith
Heels: Kiss and Tell shoes
Palazzo : no brand bought from Sg Wang
Watch: Esprit

I've wore these outfits at different events by I style them in diff ways to avoid similarities and boring. 
Save up some money while you can and style it with your own creativity and ideas. 

Outfits were purchased by my own money, my part time salary money.
Thank you <3

Muah Muah!

Saturday 21 September 2013


Since I have quite a number of beauty stuffs in my room and has limited space to store them all, so I decided to let some of the items that I've never used or only used for once to three times in affordable price.I don't want to keep them until expired.
most of the item were manufactured in year 2012-2013.
All items are in fixed price and postage fee is not included yet.
All items are original.
Every purchase will get free sample beauty products. 

I will use poslaju 
The rate is
RM 8 (west Malaysia) and RM 10 (Sabah & Sarawak).

All items will be pack in bubble wrap. 
Items will be posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Thank you. 


Maybelline lipbalm
Baby lips (Mango Pie)
RM 5


(from google image)

MAC Madly creative (Frost)
RM 40

Benefit lipgloss in mini size 
Dallas & Hoola
RM 10 each
Used for swatches + review only. (1-2 times)

Essence cream shadow
Ballerina Backstage
shade: Pas des copper

RM 3
Used  2-3 times only.


Essence Ballerina Backstage
shade: Dance the swan lake
RM 3
Used 2-3 times

Matte light pink (right)
both are great for base eyeshadow. 

Essence cream shadow
Circus Circus
shade: Raise the curtain for...

RM 2
Used 3-4 times
great for base.
The swatches

HNM Lipgloss
Colour: Hot coral

RM 5

 Round lipgloss . 
shade: Strawberry

RM 5

NYX xtreme lipcream
shade: pinky nude


RM 5
used for swatches only

REVLON lipbutter
shade: sugar frosting
RM 10
color: sheer baby pink with shimmer 

ELF Golden Bronzer
RM 10

Can be used for highlighter (especially asian skin)
Used 2-3 times only

RM 10

Etude House Aloha Bronzer and makeup base cream
Shade: Golden

RM 20 for both

MUA PRO BASE palette
Light shade
RM 10
Used once. 
Sponge and brush are clean. 

YVES ROCHER foundation 
Maquille En Crema Confort

RM 10 (ori price RM 65)
shade: Rose 300, Teint Medium 
Used Once.

For dry skin
The texture is quite oily 
Not for oily skin.


Victoria's Secret EDP Gorgeous 50 ml
RM 80
Used 1-2 times only.

"Show stopping beauty. Effortless glamour. Made to be noticed. Gorgeous!"

Irresistible Strawberry. Sheer Jasmine. Sandalwood.

Bath & Body Works
Limited edition Paris Nights Shimmer
RM  30
Floral smell with Paris glitters in it.


This is the best makeup remover I had. It is for sensitive skin and can remove all the dirt and makeup on face gently. The texture is like water, feel no sticky and the best in removing foundation, dirt on face, lipstick, eye shadow and eyebrow color. But cannot remove waterproof eyeliner or waterproof mascara.
One big bottle can last up to one year. (depends on how frequent you use it)
Expiry date: 03/2016

BIODERMA Crealine H2O 
makeup remover (sensitive and dry skin)

RM 60 
2 bottles are available.
Price is actually calculated with international shipping weight and currency exchange. 

ANNA SUI in GOLD (800 cracked nail color) 

RM 10
PWP:  RM 5
I didn't wear nail color, accidentally bought it.

Just email me at if you're interested with any product here. 

Thank you. 

Love ya?! 

Thursday 12 September 2013

My First Experience with Zalora Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I know Zalora is one of online shopping stop that has been known by almost EVERYONE in Malaysia. But not ALL.. but still, even my mom that never shopping online also knows ZALORA. Guess how did she know? Well, Zalora used to be on Malaysia TV channel  :) Gotcha! My mom is quite cool right? She knows everything going on ,on TV. Only ON TV. Not on FB, Twitter, BLOG or not even on any websites. she's just a hardcore of TV channel. Okay, move on to

I still remember, years back, they used to face some difficulties where in their first year of celebrating and do promotion for Raya/ Aidilfitri/ Eid-Ul-Fitr , people turned crazy and do last minute shopping with them. With over-whelming response, Zalora couldn't handle the over load orders and ended up, some of the customers didn't get their parcel. Well, that was long time back,not now anymore. They already implement better and organized system for the customers to enjoy their secure online shopping experience with them. There's also variety of brands and items on their website.

Since I never experienced buying products from them, so, for the first time, I decided to buy one pair of Kiss & Tell heels from them to experience the service and ALSO to enjoy RM 20 off for subscribing their email. <3

I know I know, it's kind of forcing you to subscribe their email, but in a way of return, you got your RM 20 off ! hehe. So far, I haven't get any email updates from them (after 3 days subscribing their email )

What make these shoes are so special from other unbranded/ korea pre-order pump shoes?
Well, honestly speaking, I got a lot of Korea pump shoes (roughly more than 5 pairs)


pretty right my new babies :) heheh..
I love them so much! my first most comfortable heels ever!

"The packaging that I've received"

They sent out a green big box and the shoes are in the box.
Not to forget, there's also Kissandtell shoes box in the Zalora box packaging.
So basically you'll get two boxes, double secure. By this, the shoes are safe and won't spoil the shape of the shoes inside. :)

This is the box that I'd received.

Kiss and Tell shoes box is inside the big box!

Tadaaa~ My shoes were covered  with the special dusty shoes wrappers.

The slips that I've received together with the shoes are;
  • 2 sided paper; invoice/receipt together with return slip
  • Pos Laju Form with their printed account numer (free return)
  • Envelope with promotional instruction on it (how to get rebate) and Thank you wish.
  • And spare/extra heels base. 

"The Shoes"

Lets take a look on the shoes.

Sweet kan the colour combination? <3

The design is so pretty, high quality, unique and some more the workmanship is very neat.There's no defects or imperfection on the shoes. 
The price is really reasonable with the quality that we received. 
They look really customable and designed well to get women's satisfaction with heels.

I know people will say; 
"heels are killers".

But Kiss and Tell made the heels into....
a different world and different perception. 
"heels help you rose your confidence and it is a NEED"

Okay, back to my Pink Valerie. 
Oh... the name suits with the shoes' prettiness

Want to know my thoughts?


This pair of shoes is so comfortable to wear! 
Trust me!
 Most of my pump shoes and even other pump shoes that I've tested during photo shoot and sponsored shoes are not comfortable and there's nothing compared to this Pink Valerie!

 Like seriously, they are stable to wear, comfortable , soft material at the toes part and also soft material at the back of ankle part. They are very comfortable.

 Besides that, Kiss and Tell shoes designs are suit / ngam ngam with my feet. I don't know why. Most of pump shoes or high heels in the stores will be a bit loose or got a bit space when I put them on and sometimes when I walk few steps with the 5" heels, I would feel the shoes like taking off from my feet. BUT NOT with this pair. It fits perfectly with my feet. You should try these shoes! 

Very comfortable, Stable and  it Fly you away with the high. 

I will start collecting shoes from KISS AND TELL <3 haha. gedik nye. everything also want! shoes, makeup, handbags, iphone 5s, new clothes and macam2 la! 


I need to start saving up and find rich husband. haha.
(die la if my parents see this statement, kena membebel =,=" )

"The Services by Zalora"

Quite fast what I can say.... I did my order on Saturday and they sent out the item on Sunday and I received it on MONDAY! See! even during weekend they do their work and the delivery only takes about 2-3 days!
I definitely will  order with Zalora again especially on weekend online shopping. :)

If you are hesitate and feel insecure to order with Zalora, you also can do Payment upon delivery. Meaning, once the item arrive at your door-step, then you pay straightly to the delivery man. So, it's in win win situation. You get the item on the spot and pay cash to them without step out from house. Save your parking money, save your petrol money and time! 

Other information about Zalora
*free delivery for purchase of RM 75 and above.
*30 days free return
*Cash on Delivery (pay upon the delivery)
*There's almost 50 000 products/items on Zalora website
Read here to know more details on Zalora


Kiss and Tell wishlist:
Ashleigh pumps in Electric Blue
Abby Heels in Nude
Moschino pumps in Pastel Purple
Dior Lace Peep Toe

Now you've the rough idea what you should get for me for my birthday presentS. :)
Purposely put big S. anyone wants to give me hadiahS?

Thank you for reading!


Mwah Mwah;

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