Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paris Here I come! Paris aku datang versi Wiida

Hello readers!

I'm going to a study trip for about 12 days, so, hope you don't mind waiting for my blog updates since I have few posts that I need to post up. I have tonne of things to do especially events that I've attended last week :) Seriously, beauty is my passion so is gonna be a great pleasure writing about it in nicer way. 

See you after my vacation!
Seriously there's a lot of things to shop listed in my mind.. shopping turbo ON! hehehe. 

Muwah muwah! jom menggedik di France and find handsome french guy. ehem ehem. 
Anyone wants one? I will try to find one for you guys. hahaha.:P

Merci Beaucoup! 


Monday, 27 May 2013

Havaianas! please come to me.

What is Havaianas?
Have you ever heard this brand?
Jeng jeng jeng...

It's a brand provides quality flipflops, sandals  and have variety of colourful designs and patterns! Even me couldn't makeup my mind to choose one-all are pretty. You could visit to their website / zalora and go through all the designs they have. 

Currently Havaianas on Zalora is doing a promotion for RM 150 of purchased would get a beach bag for free. It is limited to 100 customers in a single receipt. So, grab yours now, as soon as possible so that you won't missed the free beach bag. p/s: Havaianas sandals are really pretty with various of girlish designs, so,I guess its the time for us to buy new flip flops. ^_^

This pink blue colour is veryyyy Wiida. haha. 
For this design, I like the flower button in the middle there. Oh gosh! I saw one at the website got heart shape. so pretty!

Oh My God! Why you so pretty?!

I need a pair of Havaianas because I never tried their sandals before. 
Second because I fall in love with their designs and colours especially the pink, purple, white, nude brown, baby blue and yellow. 
At the moment I don't have any sandals since all of my sandals were worn out, not pretty as new ones, really old, dirty and the colours are not fun as Havaianas. This is coincident! 

Anyhow, if you wanted to join this giveaway and spa party, kindly visit to


I wish you Goodluck and Stay Pretty~


Sunday, 26 May 2013

A HOPE to join Spa Party with the girls - Exclusive post

Assalammualaikum and Heellow! 

Do you know The Butterfly Project Malaysia? It is a  community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers and for your information most of the events that I've attended are from them. Thank you very much for the invitations I really appreciated it!! Seriously, Tammy you did a great job by creating this group because as far I know before this I just know few people and rarely meet them in person, all are virtual. (Sound like I've blogging for a long time.. hahah )
However, since I attended few events, I really enjoyed blogging, meet with new friends and know more people around a.k.a new friends. Seriously, a huge step different world for me. Love my new blogger/ youtuber friends, it's really created a good bonding among us!

Why I wanted to join this Spa Party so badly?
There's actually thousand of reasons (hype, make it gempak sikit)  but since the requirement for this post is only required 3 reasons, so, I just mention 3 here. Couldn't tell the rest cause it would be a long post and you need to read it for more than 20 hours. So, to make it simple, I just give 3 reasons okay? hehe. (excuse)

First of course I wanted to make new friends with the other beauty bloggers/vloggers in Malaysia, so that I could know them personally  chit chat , have fun together talking about MAKEUPs, BEAUTY things with them, exchange knowledge or anything about makeup which could drives me crazy. It is a really fun activity to do especially with a group of girls. Seriously, girls if talk about makeup and stuffs they could not stop for the whole day! It's like delicious food for me. haha. It's me, would love to talk about makeup all the time. Techniques of makeup would never die.  :)

Second, I want to be like a princess. Being pampered and enjoy the spa time with friends. 
Since highschool, I really want to throw a sleepover party at my house (like in the western english movies) but I never have chance to attend or do a sleepover with my girlfriends since my house is quite far from  the other friends and my parents were not allowed me to sleep at friend's house + I couldn't drive on that time, haven't get license. So, when I see this Spa Party, I'm freaking excited as I could imagine that the party going to be like sleepover party but at day time. You know, pampered yourselves with manicure, gossiping and mask party on. What a wonderful moment!

And the last reason why I'm really excited to join is because... of the collaborating brands.
Who does not  feel enthusiastic to join this spa party when you see the brands that supporting this project?
Look at me!

That is all my 3 reasons for joinning this party. ^_^ Thank you to all collaborators and thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, thank you for everything, thank you for organizing this fantastic girlish event(I understand that the places are limited as only can do fit 50 people in a party) and thank you to YOU!

To join this spa party, please visit : Plusizekitten.com
Goodluck! :)
Wish me luck girls. ^_^

Thank you for reading my hope post .
Have a lovely weekend people!

Mwah Mwah kasih sayang from

Friday, 24 May 2013


Hello Readers!!!
Are you a fan of La Senza lingeries?

IF YES, I have a great news to share you girls. ^_^ but you need to read it at the end of this post. heheh. The best always save at the end.

Well, I was attended La Senza Body Kiss launching event on last Tuesday at Suria KLCC and what I can say is " I FALL IN LOVE WITH LA SENZA brand".

Honestly, I never wear or buy any items from La Senza before and this event gives me an opportunity to try out and know more about their products. Well,hmmmm what else can I say? before this I thought all bras are the same, but my assumptions were wrong. Different bras have their own technology designs, materials, shapes, quality and many more!!! Seriously, I never know this before and at La Senza, their bras have different level of push up.

What makes this BODY KISS line is so special?  

Bullet Graphics It is designs to give invisibly sexy smooth bra

Bullet Graphics Not only that, the bra has a cushioned underwire for an invisbly sexy fit :) - I tell you, very comfort babes.

Bullet Graphics Furthermore, it comes with 7 new fashion designs and vibrant colours that splash with the season of summer. - I love the white, blue turquoise and vibrant pink, actually I like all of them, rambang mata la.

Bullet Graphics The bra also comes with matches panties with smooth and lace options. Just pick whatever you're comfort with. - 

Bullet Graphics The level of push up is level 2 which is not too over and at the same time gives you firm shape.- I love this and for sure I need this too. haha

Bullet Graphics What I've noticed, the bra is very light and feel like wearing nothing. Ops! 

The bright vibrant neon colours could be wear under the knitted tops or white lace tops that would makes you look sexy and stunning at the same time. But if you're muslim, err, you just can showing off to your husband and for your own satisfaction , comfort and for your own happiness la + your husband happiness too.. hahahaha. You know underwear could influenced your mood and the day. Plus, the smooth texture of the bra doesn't shows any visible lines that probably would appear on your t-shirt or tops. Some bras give wrinkle textures/ lace patterns/ lines on your shirts and it's not nice to see, ok? Not cool at all, people would focus on that part(our precious part) and wondering what's that.

Pretty blue turquoise colour which is their best colour of this line. 


In conjunction of the Body Kiss launch line, La Senza is going to do a great marvelous fabulous offer to be share with you girls!! 

In order to spice up the summer feeling, La Senza will do a ONE DAY Shopping spree at all of La Senza boutiques, and there's a great discount up to 40% off and on top of that, the Prestige VIP could get additional of 10% discount!

Let me spell this for you, W.O.W... WOW! Fulamak syok habis!
Oh ya! Oh ya! ONE MORE THING!

Get A FREE panty with any BODY KISS bra purchased. 

Sound interesting right?
Discount and get a free panty. Well, if you want to more about the discount, please refer to this poster;

Besides that, there's a lot of interesting prizes, goodies that would be giving out at the selected stores.

Bullet Graphics Be the first customer buy a Body Kiss bra and get a RM 300 La Senza Gift Card *

Bullet Graphics Be the next 30 first customers buy the Body Kiss bra line and get a "goodie bag" worth up to RM 150*

Bullet Graphics Be the next 100 customers buy the Body Kiss bra line and get a "goodie bag" worth up to RM 50*

Bullet GraphicsThe *selected stores are at;Bullet Graphics
Suria KLCC
One Utama
Sunway Pyramid

Price Range: RM 149 onwards

Bullet Graphics DATE: 25th MAY 2013 Bullet Graphics
 Bullet Graphics DAY: SATURDAY Bullet Graphics

Divider GraphicsDivider GraphicsDivider Graphics


My picture during dinner organised by La Senza team.

BIG SMILE! I got my own bra too! p/s: I chose the leopard pattern. SO PRETTY ansd sedap to wear, becomes one of my favourites!

The staff taught us how to bra fitting ourselves and just refer to the card that they have in store. 

We did play an interesting game and Newrulefarah, youtuber won the -game. She brought home 7 bras and 6 panties. (Feel so jealous with her)

Of course I need to take picture with the lucky lady. :) 
picture taken from Reiko :) 

Thank you to The Butterfly Project for the invitation.
Thank you to all bloggers for making me happy on that day. Seriously, it was a fantastic event that made me still feel happy and keep smiling til today. :) 

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