Sunday, 26 May 2013

A HOPE to join Spa Party with the girls - Exclusive post

Assalammualaikum and Heellow! 

Do you know The Butterfly Project Malaysia? It is a  community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers and for your information most of the events that I've attended are from them. Thank you very much for the invitations I really appreciated it!! Seriously, Tammy you did a great job by creating this group because as far I know before this I just know few people and rarely meet them in person, all are virtual. (Sound like I've blogging for a long time.. hahah )
However, since I attended few events, I really enjoyed blogging, meet with new friends and know more people around a.k.a new friends. Seriously, a huge step different world for me. Love my new blogger/ youtuber friends, it's really created a good bonding among us!

Why I wanted to join this Spa Party so badly?
There's actually thousand of reasons (hype, make it gempak sikit)  but since the requirement for this post is only required 3 reasons, so, I just mention 3 here. Couldn't tell the rest cause it would be a long post and you need to read it for more than 20 hours. So, to make it simple, I just give 3 reasons okay? hehe. (excuse)

First of course I wanted to make new friends with the other beauty bloggers/vloggers in Malaysia, so that I could know them personally  chit chat , have fun together talking about MAKEUPs, BEAUTY things with them, exchange knowledge or anything about makeup which could drives me crazy. It is a really fun activity to do especially with a group of girls. Seriously, girls if talk about makeup and stuffs they could not stop for the whole day! It's like delicious food for me. haha. It's me, would love to talk about makeup all the time. Techniques of makeup would never die.  :)

Second, I want to be like a princess. Being pampered and enjoy the spa time with friends. 
Since highschool, I really want to throw a sleepover party at my house (like in the western english movies) but I never have chance to attend or do a sleepover with my girlfriends since my house is quite far from  the other friends and my parents were not allowed me to sleep at friend's house + I couldn't drive on that time, haven't get license. So, when I see this Spa Party, I'm freaking excited as I could imagine that the party going to be like sleepover party but at day time. You know, pampered yourselves with manicure, gossiping and mask party on. What a wonderful moment!

And the last reason why I'm really excited to join is because... of the collaborating brands.
Who does not  feel enthusiastic to join this spa party when you see the brands that supporting this project?
Look at me!

That is all my 3 reasons for joinning this party. ^_^ Thank you to all collaborators and thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, thank you for everything, thank you for organizing this fantastic girlish event(I understand that the places are limited as only can do fit 50 people in a party) and thank you to YOU!

To join this spa party, please visit :
Goodluck! :)
Wish me luck girls. ^_^

Thank you for reading my hope post .
Have a lovely weekend people!

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  1. love your entry :))) I also have the dream of sleep overs!!! especially with new friends and play truth or dare omg....

    Wiida, thank you for the kind words about the community. My dream is to make loads new friends and be happy together enjoying something we all do together while helping brands and bloggers to connect.

    Sharing is caring <3 love u girls

  2. omg! lovely post u have there! and thanks to butterfly project i get to know your blog, and amazingly, we are both taylorians! :D

  3. Whether it's spa party or it's hen party. Girls are always crazy for it. One month ago some of my friends went at Revas Spa for hen party.


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