Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kiki's Iphone Photos

Some pictures to share with you guys :) 
Sexy Poses in class after done with our "Business plan proposal on last Friday, 29 July"
Camera:  iphone
Time: 2.30 pm
Venue: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus classroom.

From left: Riph, me and Kiki

With the birthday girl, Paula. (The only one wearing Spectacles) 
p/s: I get jealous when Riph did that pose. She looks so CUTE!! I want too! That's why in the following pictures I did that pose too. hahaha.

I got mustache! yeay! 

Look at the right top picture. I did Riph's pose. Peace! 
Sorry Riph, no official copy right so I just follow and copy your pose. :P 
Right bottom photo: I do not have reasons why do I did that sarcastic face.. errr. Just for fun I guess. 

sayang, peluk, cium, love;

A Busy Week

A busy week. Start from 30th June until 6th July 2012.

This Monday I need to submit MARKETING SLIDES - summarize and discussion on a PR articles. ya, need to submit it before 1 pm and present it on Tuesday. Consider okay, just normal class presentation.

HOWEVER! I need to do FRENCH slides and present it on Tuesday! Hello~ I do not know how to talk in french especially passe compose(past tense) . HUrgh. wish me luck. 30% marks on the total course. If I do not grab this marks as much I can, I will fail in this subject and see me again in next term! French french. :( 

Next on Friday, need to prepare a slide on my BUSINESS PLAN and present it in front of 3 juries (external juries and they all from events industry. Might be my future boss. need to perform well la. If not my future boss, be my husband la. haha. p/s: if he is handsome XP
My part in business plan are operation plan and financial part. Ya Allah,I feel down. I do not how to manipulate and explain the financial. My budget was pop out there and here. I do not know how to do a proper financial budget. Just simply do it. hurgh!

Next is the biggest assignments and the hardest one!
hey, can i do dissertation proposal in a week? hahaha. I need miracle. Oui, I can do it. Wish me luck because I need to make sure I get  "pass" status in this subject. My last assignment , mid term, I was proudly Failed. 23 /50. haha. Lost  a lot of marks on reference as "we" (one class) never know how to write a proper reference list/ bibliography. k, I learnt from my mistake and need to work harder. I do not want to fail in this. Don't want to repeat. please.
Save 5 to 10 articles regarding to my topic, "Road Signage" and read them all. Highlights the important ideas.
Start do it. Start with introduction.. hmm. wait! i need to start with Literature reviews. Then after finish it up, now I know what is the objective, research questions and problem statement (Qualitative method).
Then on Monday meet up with tutor and ask her opinion. edit and update on the following day. Okay. my weekend will be fully spend for this assignment! Start do it Wiida!!! click button Start.  

Besides that, on that day I need to submit my PORTFOLIO based on my experience on this subject, dissertation. The rquirements on the portfolio/ the questions are f*cking HARD! Ya Allah, Tolong la hambamu ini. please help me Ya Allah. Give me "smart brain" so that I can do this smoothly and give me the best level of health so that I would not sick on this week. Thank you Ya Allah.

Kisses and hug;

Saturday, 23 June 2012

New Closet Member- Registered!

Dear my new closet member,

 Welcome to my room and you are going to be my buddy until the day I can't fit you anymore. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my new Olive Green jeans...

Sorry for dirty mirror. 

I bought this jeans yesterday at Uniqlo, Midvalley. I never buy and wear any products from Uniqlo before then I decided to try their special offer jeans. This is only cost me RM 50 (Affordable price for a pair of jeans). At first I was going to buy dark blue jeans however suddenly I feel like wanted to try the olive skinny jeans. After tried it , I immediately changed my mind and grab this jeans. "She" does make me melt. hurrhh.. Why do I say that? Lets have a look on it. My new Olive green jeans...

Fits me perfectly. That's why I was fall in love with it. No need to alter it.

Normal plain button and the zip functioned well,locked. 
Certain jeans zip doesn't locked well and sometimes it just open without you pulling it off.

I was surprised that my size is 22. 
I thought 24 or 23. 
I brought these two sizes to fitting room and was surprise non of them fit me well. 
So, I walked out from the fitting room to grab size 22. Ya, that's my size for this brand.

Now you know why I do love this jeans so much. 
Affordable price . Fits perfectly. Nice cutting. Zips works well

Overall, I love this jeans damn much and will re-purchase it if there's any promo. haha. Last week I went there and found few cute colors jeans that draw my attention to. The truth is, I went there yesterday to buy RM99 colors skinny jeans but it's already sold out. :( It's okay, I already found one and I could save my money. 

Thanks for reading.
Mwah nwah,
Wiida Ribbon

Friday, 22 June 2012

Photo-shoot with Bobby Fiego

Just want to share with you guys my photo shoot photo with Bobby. ^_^
Actually there are a lot of pictures taken by Bobby but he have not email me yet. Maybe he's busy with his job, photo-shoot for magazine. Ya August edition -Raya edition. 
Okay, okay, I won't disturb Bobby.
Will email him next time. :)
Anyways, Thank you to kak LINA KAMILA for the make up.
Love it so much!! 
Find her here. 
Thank you Bobby for your "time" . Love it so much! 

Mwah Mwah;

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Special Dinner :)

Alhamdullilah...Thankful to God Allah. 
I already done with two days "puasa" replacement or in english its called "fasting". Ya, I need to replace 6 days of puasa (InsyaAllah I can do it!). Well, I thought I wanted to blog about the food that I ate during the breakfast however because I was famished then I forgot to take pictures of them.
Let me just list down the menu;

First Day Breakfast at Seafood Restaurant Bangi
(These pictures/ illustrations are taken from Google image and not mine.As I mention earlier I forgot to take pictures on my food before eat cause I was too starving. Thank you.)

Kerang Bakar/ Grilled clam

Grilled Fish
Tom yam 
Ice cream! Mc Flurry Oreo Mcd

Second Day Breakfast at Steak House Serdang near by UPM
(These pictures/ illustrations are taken from Google image and not mine.As I mention earlier I forgot to take pictures on my food before eat cause I was too starving. Thank you.)

Sizzling Chicken
Chicken Chop

By the way, here are some pictures that taken at Steak House before breakfast which is few minutes before dishes arrived on the table. Want to pose also la. hehe. Side unpaid model while waiting for the food :) cheese~ I don't really know how to smile. Thus, If you think I do look "weird" just ignore it and pretending u see nothing. Blank page. errr...or just close your eyes .. haha. 
me reading Cleo Magazine July edition.
*pictures taken by Li wakaka. Thanks ya for the dinner and photos. ^_^

Mwah Mwah
Thank you for stop by and read my entry;

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