Saturday, 23 June 2012

New Closet Member- Registered!

Dear my new closet member,

 Welcome to my room and you are going to be my buddy until the day I can't fit you anymore. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my new Olive Green jeans...

Sorry for dirty mirror. 

I bought this jeans yesterday at Uniqlo, Midvalley. I never buy and wear any products from Uniqlo before then I decided to try their special offer jeans. This is only cost me RM 50 (Affordable price for a pair of jeans). At first I was going to buy dark blue jeans however suddenly I feel like wanted to try the olive skinny jeans. After tried it , I immediately changed my mind and grab this jeans. "She" does make me melt. hurrhh.. Why do I say that? Lets have a look on it. My new Olive green jeans...

Fits me perfectly. That's why I was fall in love with it. No need to alter it.

Normal plain button and the zip functioned well,locked. 
Certain jeans zip doesn't locked well and sometimes it just open without you pulling it off.

I was surprised that my size is 22. 
I thought 24 or 23. 
I brought these two sizes to fitting room and was surprise non of them fit me well. 
So, I walked out from the fitting room to grab size 22. Ya, that's my size for this brand.

Now you know why I do love this jeans so much. 
Affordable price . Fits perfectly. Nice cutting. Zips works well

Overall, I love this jeans damn much and will re-purchase it if there's any promo. haha. Last week I went there and found few cute colors jeans that draw my attention to. The truth is, I went there yesterday to buy RM99 colors skinny jeans but it's already sold out. :( It's okay, I already found one and I could save my money. 

Thanks for reading.
Mwah nwah,
Wiida Ribbon

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  1. I wish I have a skinny leg so I can be more confident to wear pants/jeans..
    I have to work out more! hehee..
    but for now, I choose to wear skirt instead...heeee..


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