Monday, 11 June 2012

First post

Here is my first post. I do this blog just because of my bestfriend, RIFGA ; she really want me to do a blog so that she can stalk me like FOREVER? not enough with facebook, twitter, tumblr, she asked me to write a blog. Okay, okay... here I am, write the first post for her. I love u rifga! The End.


  1. Hahaha I love you too!! LET THE STALKING BEGIN! *drumroll* *evil laugh* *chicken dance* *middle finger* *flying kiss* mmmmmwah!

  2. hi! nice to meet u... nice blog, wiida. keep it up yaw. if u don't mind, i want to see ur perfumes collections. hehehe.. :)

    1. Perfume collection? InsyaAllah as I'm not a hardcore fan of perfume but I got a few favourite perfumes. hehe. Perfumes are quite pricey and prefer to buy them if I go to airport/ Langkawi. Free duty kan?.. I think you ada bunch of perfumes kan? I want to see them!! do a post on your perfumes :)

    2. saya x kisah sikit atau banyak yg penting ada. I love to see perfumes collections. freak? that's me. haha... saya pun prefer beli kat airport. boleh dapat murah sikit. ok, i will post my perfumes collection soon... :)


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