Monday 27 August 2012

Thanks sayang for MUA and Topshop Crayon Pencil

I got these two babies from my bff, Shaza because she went Europe last month.
 [   Im so jealous with her! nak pergi London too :(    ]
I believe MUA is a UK product and it is drugstore product. Tried it for few times and I really love it!!!
The blusher is really pigmented and only require one swipe to get a fantastic natural result! 
If you go there, I do recommend you guys to grab MUA products as their price is very reasonable,  below £4! No regret to try them on. :)
for more information, browse their website and MAKE YOUrself AMAZING. 

Thank Shaza. suke gile due2 ni. Dah pakai byk kali especially on Raya. thank you so much. I owe u and will buy something for u too next time. InsyaAllah. 

mwah mwah!

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Hello girls~ Happy  Eid-ul-Fitr. 

In Malaysia, it is already 3rd day of Eid-ul-Fitr/ 3rd Syawal. but in Brunei, I believe today is their 2nd day of Raya or 2nd Syawal(told by my friend from Brunei) . Well, I want to wish to all my brothers, sisters and all Muslims " Selamat Hari Raya" or " Happy Eid-ul-Fitr" :) 

Thursday 9 August 2012

Webcam pictures

Just for fun, will upload more with "better quality" pictures soon.  :) just enjoy these webcam pictures ya~  

Make up done by: MYSELF!
Honestly, I tried to do according to Frmheadtotoe's tutorial on my sister's face (Experiment, hehe, sound evil ya? Muahahahhaha!!). But, change a lil bit by using whatever makeup I got in my vanity case :) 

Left is my sister, Ain. and at the right side is ME. Yups!  That's me in red scarf.  Thank you.

Mega hugea kisses for u guys. MWAH MWAH!


Tuesday 7 August 2012

Sasa is having a great sale! Haul updates

Updates on Sasa make up haul.

Actually I was aiming on Rimmel London 1000 kisses lip tint in Endless Blossom color, but end up shopping in Sasa for almost an hour. Haha.

Venue: Sasa e@Curve Mutiara Damansara
Clearance sales on moving out.
Almost all of the cosmetics are on sales, 10% to 70% depends on brand.
"Canmake" eyeshadows are selling for RM 20 each; single, quad and trio. Really worth it if you have money. (wish to own their pink colors shade eyeshadow; reminds me of candies, super cute colors!!!)

Product Photo
I love the pink shade. It is called Eye Nuance in Sweet Rose.

Okay, move to the haul.
I only get these three products for RM 17.

Embedded image permalink
From left: Redearth eyeshadow, color combos Lip balm, and mini cupcake lipbalm by ocean

Mini lipbalm: original price was RM 4.90, has 15 to 20% off and I bought it for RM 3 something which is  I cant really remember the cents. Worth as the lipbalm got peach hint smell, not too strong, just nice. Mild smell. The packaging is SUPER CUTE and I make it as accessory on my table. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

Color Combos Lip Balm: In Aloe vera and the original price was RM 16.90. Bought at RM 4. why not give it a try as I had tried their lipstick and it is nice, smooth and moisture. My mom also love it. :)
The lipbalm has no color and no smell. Nice packaging with golden shining wrap up.

Embedded image permalink

Redearth eyeshadow
Name: Enchanting Dawn (yellowish gold and shimmer brown)
Eco formula contains up to 88% minerals
original price: RM 42 and I get this for RM 10 only!!
Only left this color in RM 10 section. Another 2 colors, grey shade and blue shade are RM 15 each. I should get them too!! hurgh! But I was short of money and wanted to try others make up too. :) Sometimes, I shouldn't be too greedy. Let others try them too.

Anyway, this morning I got my parcel from which she's having garage sale. I ordered 2 lipbalms from her :) wink wink wink!!

In total, here are some pictures of my lip care collection so far. Just started collecting them because normally I would fully use a lip balm until it's finished and buy a new one. But not this time. :P haha. prefer collecting them and use them according to my right mood. :P

Embedded image permalink

Planning to get EOS lip balms but maybe next time, not now babes. Next year perhaps? hehe. have tonnes of things listed to buy next not only lipbalms... I guess I'm going broke and need more part time jobs. wof wof!

Thanks babes~
mwah mwah;

Saturday 4 August 2012

My Saturday short updates

Last night, I was blogwalking for couple of hours and saw an interesting blog to share with you girls. woohoo. I'm one of Marilyn Monroe fans and any vintage classic style that might pull my interests in following this era style. Ala, style ala-ala vintage classic/ madam 1940's gitu~~

This is the blog that I was talking about, Miss Amethyst. 

I admire her face, makeup and hair style. wooo and turned my mood to vintage world/ feel like I'm from that era. Because of HER, I do some changes on my hair style. Curl it with my own way babes! haha. before this, I'm tooooo lazy to heat up the curler/ iron to make any hair style. Normally I just blow naturally my hair and for me, its done when the hair is already dry. finish. That's all. BUT, Today, I got inspiration, a fantastic mood to do something on my hair and this girl makes me feel so" girlish",  "vintage", and "retro" at the same time.. Thank you. thank you.
She did some hair tutorials and share with all the readers. :) Lets go visit to her blog!!

See these two pictures taken from my webcam (blur, sorry).

Curled and toink toink hair! will go to saloon next time to get professional touch instead of my own. haha. (Cin cai cin cai)- Just realized that I have no talent in hair stylist. hahah

Girls, should I cut my front hair? make a bang or you prefer current hair style? Short or long?
Vintage(1940's) vs Gadis Melayu (Malay lady)
Dilemma babes~
Since I was 14, my front hair was in bang style, and it just recently (from last year), I never cut my front hair and try to keep it until same length as the back hair.

Wish to be like them...


They are gorgeous right?? huhhh..
Now, again,I'm in dilemma.

The eyebrows are not thick enough. Will touch up it next time, and put red lipsticks instead of orange.
Don't worry, I have time to do vintage style again next time :)

p/s: Miss Amethyst is damn hot, pretty , gorgeous and absolutely beautiful~ admire her face. Please expect that I'm jealous with her. That's the truth. :P She's pretty. :)

Miss Amethyst (pic taken from her blog)

Thank you. Please visit her blog and you'll agree with me. 
Mwah, Mwah ;

My week!

This week is my holiday week and I do nothing at home.  (Actually I got one month semester break before continue a tough Sem 5. Seriously! I'm gonna extremely busy incoming sem with live event project, dissertation, exams, economy and others tough subjects. For sure I need to study everyday and turn up nerd.)


Last Tuesday, 31st July was the best deal day from Baskin Robbin!
31% off for all ice cream in 3 different sizes; pint, quart and half gallon. 
My favourite icecream ever!!!
Because there's only lovely cotton candy taste in BASKIN ROBBIN NOT IN OTHER BRANDS.
yum yum.

3 quart with different flavours~~ Don't be jealous girls. ahaks!

There is a funny story behind it.

Friday 3 August 2012

Paint your things with your desire colours

Weekend activities.
Well, besides cleaning my rooms and study for exams, I have done a simple DIY to change a wooden dish holder to white color holder.
I bought this holder at Daiso for RM 5 and the reason why I bought it because want to put my palette. Planning to buy bigger palette next time. InsyaAllah (Targeting on Coastal Palette as I get a lot of positive reviews from my gilfriends).

Ya, it's easy to take the palette when you organize them properly.

So, the weekend begins with a white gloss spray, old newspaper, and sunglasses. haha. What for? ya la, u gonna spray the item in middle of afternoon and its gonna be damn hot and bright! you need a pair sunglasses!Trust me. at first I spray it without wearing sunglasses then when I entered home, I went blind. can't see anything!! Helpless..:(  -TOO BRIGHT ESPECIALLY IN MALAYSIA WEATHER.


Let's go! join the DIY adventure (just a simple DIY )  =P

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