Monday, 27 August 2012

Thanks sayang for MUA and Topshop Crayon Pencil

I got these two babies from my bff, Shaza because she went Europe last month.
 [   Im so jealous with her! nak pergi London too :(    ]
I believe MUA is a UK product and it is drugstore product. Tried it for few times and I really love it!!!
The blusher is really pigmented and only require one swipe to get a fantastic natural result! 
If you go there, I do recommend you guys to grab MUA products as their price is very reasonable,  below £4! No regret to try them on. :)
for more information, browse their website and MAKE YOUrself AMAZING. 

Thank Shaza. suke gile due2 ni. Dah pakai byk kali especially on Raya. thank you so much. I owe u and will buy something for u too next time. InsyaAllah. 

mwah mwah!


  1. saya baru nak try brand MUA. t'kejut dgn harga MUA lipstick cuma RM9 terus rembat tp 2 mggu baru sampai.

    1. serious? beli kat mana? ^_^

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. saya beli kat beauty blogger sis Adeel. ini link dia : . dia direct order dari website MUA. Blusher pun RM9. Hehe... brg sampai baru bayar tp bayar awal pun boleh. ^___-

  2. The blusher is such a pretty color! Also, cute banner image you have now!


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