Friday, 7 September 2012

Swatches on NYX Round Lipsticks and Review

NYX is a brand from USA and it is hard to find in Malaysia. 
To buy it, you need to order from online certain online shops without testing/ swatch it. 
Hey, its quite popular in US. You can search it in youtube if you don't believe me. (haha. tu la kau suke sgt kenakan orang, tipu org, mcm ni la jadi nye.. haha :P )

There are a lot of positive reviews on the product, somehow I do think every products has their own benefits and weaknesses & everyone has different opinions. 
So, I decided to try them myself some of Nyx round lipsticks and here are my honest opinions on the products. It is actually depends on you. If you love makeups and lipsticks so much, better you try them. And It is  only cost you about RM 10 to RM 15 which is very affordable for a lipstick. Even Malaysia brand lipstick do cost more than that. 
(for your info I bought these lipsticks by using my own part time salary money)

Lets have a look on the swatches first. I bought 6 colors from this range; orange soda (nude orangy color) , nyx (bright coral), indian pink (pinky nude), lousiana (fuchsia pink) , doll (brown hot pink) , spell bound (red hot pink). 

Girls, sorry for the bad pic quality. i need to edit it because the original pic is not that clear too/ look darker.

 ORANGE SODA : is a nude orangy color. This is my favourite color. haha. When I do dramatic eyes makeup, I will apply this lipstick on my lips. My sister love this too! The color turn out matte (not glossy)

NYX:  A bright coral color. At first, I thought it is orangy color which I was searching for AGES, but when I receive it, it was disappointing because it is actually bright red coral. I'm not a fan of red lipstick. I need wearable daily lipsticks not bright red.  
The color is quite glossy/ shimmer

INDIAN PINK: Nice nude pink and I'm using it for daily basis. haha. 
The color is quite glossy/ shimmer

Basically these three colors are almost the same. However, what can I describe from the real swatch view (not based on the pic);

LOUSIANA is a bright hot pink color.

DOLL has a hint of brown/darker hot pink version of lousiana. 

SPELLBOUND is really a bright pink and lil bit of red color. in this pic, spellbound looks solid compare to others because there's a lil bit of red color. You know, red color is a sharp color.
These three pink family are matte-especially doll.(no shimmer) 

Okay, move on into my honest opinions. 

  1. Nice color pay off
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Cute packaging, easy to manage/ organise according to colors. 
  4. Have a lot of colors to choose from nude, pink, red, orange and Plum colors.
  5. It's fun to collect lipsticks. 

  1. There's weird smell on the product. soap smell I guess.
  2. In Malaysia the weather is TOO HUMID (you know, too hot la)  and the lipstick gets melt easily. Sometimes I need to keep it in the fridge.p/s: So, if u order online, better choose Pos laju for the delivery.
  3. The colors are almost the same especially when I apply on lips.
  4. The lipstick makes my lips dry/ didn't stay long on my lips.(maybe I got lips problems. dry lips.)
  5. No retail shops selling this product in Malaysia/ can't swatch them before buy. 

Would I purchase NYX round lipstick again? 
Of course I will. but not now as I got others' brands and range of lipsticks in my mind to try with. :)

I think that's all about it. Will talk about blushers soon in the coming post. I love blusher so much and NYX blush product is one of my favorite product :) 

Any opinions please leave your comment below.  Pls do share your thoughts and knowledge. 
Thank you.

Mwah mwah;


  1. saya ada 2 lipstick NYX. Summer Love(SL) & Georgia. yg SL tu sekali pakai dah patah tp bkn kat tgh2. kat bwh sekali. saya x la ganas mana pun pakai lipstick tu pun blh patah. haha.. bg saya if bau wangi ok lg tp klu rasa tu mcm rasa fragrance mmg x best. tp nasib la xda rasa fragrance. lipstick NYX ni kena pakai primer baru nmpk warnanya. depends pd org jg. ^___^

    1. Tu la, maybe SL and Georgia sheer. mine Orange Soda lawa gile. my favourite!! haha. dah lembik dh pun. :( bg i ada bau cause i'm quite sensitive ngn bau, salah bau boleh pening kepala :(. however, lipstick ni x stay long on our lips kan? cpt hilang..

    2. orange soda nmpk nice la. jrg org guna warna orange kan? ok ke lipstick simpan dlm fridge? x prnh try just simpan kat dlm laci je asal gelap. kekeke.. a'ah mmg cepat hilang. wet n wild megalast lipstick best. tahan berjam-jam. u should try. RM15.00 only. ^___^

  2. i love your blog :) thanks for sharing
    now following you, i hope you follow back :)

    1. thank you dear and yes, I'm following you back as your blog is full of fun. beauty addicts!

  3. always wanted to pick these babies up but i resisted >.< the shades are beautiful though!!


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