Monday, 10 September 2012

Quick updates

I spent my weekend with full of joy and fun!

Saturday: working in Sunway Pyramid and registered as a voter. yes, im officially 21 :)

Sunday: accompany my mom buying sofas set at Empire furniture.
Yeay! Finally after 13 years using the same timberland sofa and same arrangement in living room tht sometimes could make me feel " no life " at last change to something new.. Ya, im a person that easy to get bored of something. Example, after 5 years facing the same wall color in my room, i will do some makeover and change the atmosphere /environment. New look could make you feel more semangat, more excited! :) do u agree? Hehe. But it's other way round for my mom. She's prefer something expensive n high quality so that can last for ages ( its remind me of ghost story wheres a hunted house was left empty for years but the furnitures are still in great condition. My mom likes that kind of furnitures. Buy quality stuffs at higher price but WORTH. )

Thanks for reading. Just a short update on my weekend life. ( im working part time as promoter. Just telling u guys if u r wondering)

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Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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