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Review on the new Silkygirl Big Eye mascara

Here are some feedback from my own opinions and all these are honest from myself.
Whatever I feel, I think , I straight away state them here so that everyone can know the real review on this product.

Personally I like this mascara as I really need a mascara that can make my lashes visible. :) You all need to know one fact. I got short eyelashes and mascara is one of my "must have" makeup item. But some mascara doesn't work well and doesn't meet with my expectation. 
In this review, I will talk about the packaging, the brush wand and mascara formula opinions. Every products must have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Big Eye Mascara from Silkygirl
New product coming in officially on October!
Already available in certain stores. Check it out!

Enriched with collagen with forming, moisturizing, and protecting lashes while giving 15 times thicker lashes impact.Speed fuller Lash Brush enhances the volumes instantly for perfect intense, deep and dramatic lashes.

Okay, Let's see whether what the description mentioned are same as my opinions or not.


At first, when I see this mascara with its cute packaging I was so excited. Baby blue is one of my favorite color and for sure it is not too chubby and just nice to fit in my makeup bag. I can bring this mascara where ever I want to.  Slim and long so, it is easy to hold and apply on eyes.
Packaging rate: 8/10

Brush wand
I like this brush; easy to apply especially for the under lash
Some people doesn't like plastic brush but for me, it is not a big problem. I just enjoy it as long its make my lashes look different and I can brush them comfortably - no smudge , no pain.
Rate: 9/10 

Mascara Formula.

Is it waterproof?
Yes! It is "Not" waterproof BUT easy to cleaning it off. Some non-waterproof/waterproof mascara will leave some smudging excess under the eyes. I really don't like it because on the next day, I need to use cotton bud to clean the excess or else my eyes will look like panda. huhu. Luckily this mascara doesn't leave any smudge excess yet only few pieces that can be remove easily by fingers.
Rate: 9/10

It saying that the mascara is make the lashes 15 times thicker. Is it true?
Sorry, it doesn't make the lashes turn thicker  but....... LONGER. I love longer lashes rather than thicker because when I wear eyeliner, the mascara need to be outstanding, more obvious and longer so that they will be visible. Oh ya, when I apply this mascara I notice that my lashes are light and not heavy. :) I like it!! haha.. Yes, normally when we apply mascara, it will put our lash some weight and turn it hard;not soft. . I was impressed with the formula. Simple but could make my eyes look big.

Rate on thickness: 1/10
Rate on extendable length: 9/10

Here are some pictures to show you guys how does my eyelashes look like before and after applied it on.

My face with no makeup. See my eyelashes. Damn thin, and short! hurgh!
*Sorry, I'm being so honest until I forgot to edit this pic. 

See! even though I'm wearing eyeliner, the lashes still can be look/ visible. 
Haha. Suka Suka! Puas hati!
I like it! I like it! I'm satisfied!

Positive feedback on this product.
1) Make the lashes longer.
2) Easy to clean-If you need to wash your face 5 times in a day, you need this mascara in your makeup purse.
3) Waterproof  but it is easy easy easy and very easy to clean it off especially if you are muslim need to take wudhu'. just use  warm water to clean up and fingers.
4) Makes my eyes look big.Visible lashes.
5) lashes feel light and comfortable
6) 90% no fall off lash. Normally if the mascara is hard to take off, our lashes will fall off. :( But I have no problem with this mascara. maybe I just use it in these few days. Will update if there's any problem. Ya la, my lashes are damn thin, if they keep falling off, it's gonna be "botak" la. Clean, no lash. (Oh no!)
7) Slim and easy to keep it in makeup bag. Can carry it anywhere. Especially when you need mascara after pray/wash your face.
8) Easy to hold and apply on lashes especially the lower lashes.
9) It does separate the lashes well, clean and easy. Just comb the lash for two to three times and TADAA~ done! no messy, no smudge. Easy.

Negative feedback. 
1) Doesn't give thicker eyelashes impact and no dramatic look.
2) Wet but not too wet; compare to other mascara.Just notice this when I apply under eye lashes. Takes about 30seconds to dry. Still acceptable. If you apply upper lashes, there is no problem. but only occur on lower lash. need to wait bout 20 -30 seconds before blinking.
3)5% of clumping issue. -not that serious.

***(actually all these doesn't bother me as there's no perfect mascara and this mascara does perform its duty.Duty to make my lashes visible and being seen...This mascara is really worth to have.)

Will I repurchase this mascara?
Of course! because it is affordable and worth to have. I use this mascara everyday since I get it. Easy and fast application needed. only in couple of minutes.  Going to be my favorite mascara.
P/s: my sister also like it. I have some pictures of her wearing this mascara.

Upper lash

lower lashes

How much is this mascara?
It is around RM 20. Try one and share your experience with me. I really need to know your feedback too. :) Share share la. Maybe we can share our thoughts together and its kinda new knowledge for us. Different people have different opinions.

That's all my review on this product. Thank you for reading!
Will be review on amazing Silkygirl limited edition Eye Love Handbag Eyeshadow. :) Oh ya, simple tutorial will be included.

Thank you.

Mwah Mwah!!


  1. I need a good mascara like this one. Thanks for the review. Your pictures look awesome.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  2. You're so gorgeous. This is a great review and I definitely need to look into purchasing this mascara :)
    Great blog - now following you girl! Keep it up :)

    Ploy <3 x

  3. how exciting to actually find a mascara that works now :)

  4. Great review on the mascara! =) I never have a chance to review it but I might getting one soon! (awww... but I still have so many mascaras with me!) By the way, I'm Nicole and nice to meet you on SG launch event! =)

  5. wow really love the result.. i also prefer longer lashes to thicker lashes ^^
    thanx for commenting on my blog :*


  6. Hi Wiida...I really like how down to earth and totally honest you are in your review. Will definitely be checking out this mascara. <3

    P/S: Just "Like" and "Follow" you in FB. Hee~

  7. Thanks for your review. I need to purchase an easy-to-clean mascara. Your blog really helps.


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