Thursday, 13 September 2012

Makeup and Religious

As I mentioned in the title, it is about my passion, Beauty and Makeup versus religion. 

Ya, it is quite sensitive. but what I want to tell you guys is, I'm changing myself to a better person and better muslim. :) I'm not that pro in religion stuffs, but i do go for the tasqirah time by time to gain some knowledge in islam.

First, I know muslim women need to wear hijab/ scarf/ tudung, but I'm not. One day I will wear it. InsyaAllah :)

Second, eyebrow grooming. Alhamdullilah, so far my eyebrow is not that messy or thick. They're just nice. Naturally nice but still got few unoraganize hair at the back bone. I used to threading it up twice but now not anymore.

Third, hair dye issue.  Since form 2, I did dye my hair with local hair color dye (quite okay), but then, I realize, it is not good for the hair and in religion it is prohibit to do so.

Forth, makeup. Yes, muslim women cant get a heavy makeup that might attract guys' attention. But we do love makeup, and cant separate with it. its like my passion and hobby! in Islam, women only can makeup just to show to their husband. Just for husband not for public/ others' attention.

Fifth, outfits. No transparent, sexy clothes. I already get rid of my skirts, sexy tanks, and shorts. No more sexy clothes. but still, sometimes I do wear chiffon Baju kurung or blouse. I like the design, but need to wear inner inside. sweat, but to look pretty, I just ignore the "uncomfortable" part.:P

Basically that's the quick review about myself updates regarding to my religion. I'm not perfect, i'm trying to change starting by praying(5x in a day).

Please excuse me if I do eye makeup, and my eyebrow look messy, pls pls pls forgive me in this case.. I do not groom my eyebrow anymore, just leave it in natural shape. :)

Muah Muah;

Wiida Mignonne


  1. i love this post... good to hear that!
    yeap, i always try not to shave my brows... im actually on my way completing my self as a better muslim girl... :) let's together we pray for each other to be a better person so we can inspire other young girls! *virtual hugs*

    1. LOL. laughing very hard when I see "virtual hugs". Its funny. really. haha. ya, we could slowly change to a better person. All are in our hand. :) Amin.

  2. saya rasa, wiida tak perlu la nak cabut atau cukur kening klu kening da sedia t'bentuk dgn cantik. kening saya tebal dan tak t'atur lg. haha.. Insyaallah, kita akan berubah menjadi yg t'baik jg suatu hari nanti. AMIN. a-way, nice post! ^___^

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. haha. tu la, if too thick and gabung, boleh cabut sikit2 or else gonna b look masculine/ mcm laki. hehe. eyebrow wiida so far mcm kat header tu la, ada semak2 sikit kat belakang tu. huhu..

  3. Fantastic post. Definitely thought provoking. I need major brow help.


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