Thursday, 27 September 2012

The look of the day!

I'm so excited today!
Guess what?
I woke up and got a morning call.
Someone called me to inform me that he needs send a parcel to me and wanted to double confirm whether I'm home or not.

I'm so lucky and thankful to Allah for giving me a chance to try out new makeup products from Silkygirl.
I can't believe that I got giveaway from them. You need to see these products cause they are totally amazing especially their eyeshadow and the new mascara. When I see the mascara applicator, I'm so so so gay. haha. In other meaning is Happy. (Smile until ears and my eyes were like this ^_^  )

Excited and straightly dress up beautifully. I know that I'm not pretty but I do think sometimes we are deserved to pretend being "pretty". :) haha. Only girls understand the feeling of "syok sendiri" /self-satisfaction. 

Will post a review on Saturday as I need to try and put on the makeup for tomorrow. Test out whether the mascara is really make my eyes look bigger or not, and need to know how its turn up after end of the day. Is it still there? or fading off? So, I will post up the review on Saturday. 

Meanwhile, we can have a look on these pictures. I did put some of the mascara but not fully applied- but still, it does make my lashes visible.  Just want to let you guys feel the excitement, happiness, satisfaction and quick intro that what I will be review on this Saturday. The full review will include picture of my lashes when they are in naked without any mascara on and after I apply the new mascara from Silkygirl. We will see~ 

If you have longer lash, you are such a lucky girl. We can exchange eyelashes if you don't mind :) ^_^ wink wink

See these three colors. Guess which one is from high end product, which one is from Silkygirl? 
If you want to know more, find out on this Saturday okay? 
Seriously, I was impressed with their eyeshadow colors. 

Thank you for reading.

See you on Saturday. 
Muah Muah!!



  1. hi, wiida. bestnya dpt produk silkygirl. aww, jeles! saya nak juga bg url blog kat silkygirl tp saya takde kamera nak snap klu buat review. hahaha.. tak sabar nak tgk full-review psl mascara tu.


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