Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fun Glam Make up

I was busy in couple of weeks entertaining my final exams. But one day, I was too tired facing the notes and STUDY (not revise because I never focus in class) then I decided to procrastination.
At first I just went through youtube and update on all the videos that I've subscribed.
Then suddenly my sister knocked my door and asked a favor. she asked me to makeup her.

When someone asks me to makeup her, of course I love to, especially when I have "mood" to do experiment on her.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thinking of you

I hate this feeling!! when I saw something and I wanted it badly! I cannot sleep, and keep thinking of it.
 You don't understand what's going on?
Okay. here! have a look on this

Friday, 20 July 2012

Current obsession

Last few days, I was obsessed with eyeshadows straight away after I bought naked palette.yehoo~~
The reason I was into the eyeshadow because before this I never know how to put on eyeshadow (honest reason) and after bought naked palette I found out it is really amazing as I can apply any color I want straightly and still look natural - not over makeup/look half done makeup?; some eyeshadows are not blend perfectly... I did bought few natural eyeshadow palettes but there are not user friendly as Urban Decay Naked palette. Now I know why is it pricey... Worth to have in hand. 12 beautiful shades & cost about RM 179. Trust me, it worth to have. 

However, past two days I was into lip balms and skin care!!!

Ya, I need to take care of my lips (wish I can swap my lips with Megan fox lips. haha.. I don't why I do not choose Angelina Jolie.. maybe because too common to mention her? lalala.)

First aiming lip balm is

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tommy with new pink motorbike scarf collar


I got him a new pink motorbike collar. <3 how lovely he is in pink scarf. hahah..
For some reason when I think about Tommy, he suit with pink color.
Tommy pink. 
Pink  Tommy.
 His collar before was in pink and more girlish with glitter on it. hahaha. **Ala2 princess gitu~**
 but this time I choose scarf style for him so that he could feel "warm" and "not naked". hahaha. At least he wearing something to cover his body. lalalala..(real reason was his fur is too thick, and I need something bigger/attractive and suit with his fluffy fur, or else we will not know whether he's wearing collar or not).
Is he cute? I do think he's cute with pink collar. I feel like living in Barbie world.. white cat with pink collar. hehehe. If you have white dog or cat, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT PINK COLLAR ON THEM!!  :D


Olala~ someone gave me this novel :)
well, this is week going to be my study week and I do have few exam in this week, so, I don't think I can read this novel in this week.. Plus I have several exams on next week and following weeks.

I'm gonna read this novel after exam ..
Title: Sepupuku Suamiku  (My husband is my cousin)

Embedded image permalink

okay, thats all for today's update. tomorrow I have an exam on Delphi software system. I need enough sleep and energy to face the "complicated" software.Argghhh! I really meant it! I learnt nothing, just simply click any buttons.. luckily theres no coding system; encode/decode. If not......I need to say goodbye to Tommy :(
OKAY, enough!
Goodnight babes~

mwah mwah;


Monday, 16 July 2012

Played with makeup and click click!!

Last Saturday I was so happy and got GOOD mood to play with my makeup collection....


 I did some makeup and asked my sister to take picture of me. 
Hahah. so the photographer was: Nur Ain , my sista.
Do I look cute? hahah. I don't know how to pose sexy and hot,and have no idea~~ so I just do a "silly face". hahah

with my Tommy. hehe.. he's turning to 8 years old this year.. I love him so much and practically he's my BF :P he's old but he's my BF and BFF

Hi~~ Do I need to wear lens to make my eyes look bigger?hmmm. in the picture above I didn't wear any lens. My original eyes okay? without any photoshop on eyes, but I did edit on my face; I don't want to show my pores, especially when I camhoc.  

Sale on Stage and Elianto products!

I'm kinda mad on sale~ Allergic with the word of "SALE" .
Well,Stage is having promotion on selected items..wuhuuu~!!
2 Wonderlust and Wonderluxe lipsticks for only RM 20!
As well as the mono eyeshadow. 2 @ RM 20. 
So,I decided to grab 2 pieces of eyeshadow (crazy mood on eyeshadows~ hunting for colorful bright colors)
All items of Stage products are 10 % off! Grab them all! nice quality products at low price.

OMG, Ya Allah! they are gorgeous!!


 I stopped by  Elianto booth to check out their promotion. I can't believe that they are having 10 to 70% off!
*Heart attacked! fuhh...
I just bought Naked palette, and I don't think I need to buy eyeshadow anymore. But this sale is really attracts me!!!  I bought 2 eyeshadows in orange color and coral pink color. Both only @ RM 4 after 70% off. Nice combination with these two colors.. Glad to have them, at least I got orange colors (I'm normally don't wear eyeshadow regularly- only when I have time and mood to apply them.). At first,  I'm planning to buy yellow eyeshadow but the color are not really pigmented. looks yellow but when I apply on my skin it turns pastel yellow. Hello?? I want bright yellow please!!! oh ya, I forgot to buy an empty palette case. Will stop by at their booth again :P hahaha

Thank you for reading, have a blast day!
mwah, mwah 
Wiida ribbon

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday oh Saturday!

Webcam pictures; 

cute lipstick from Etude House
Hows my eyelashes? looks real right? ahaha.. 
yum yum cupcake. u want? haha. buy it yourself! :P sedap~

What do I do during my weekends? Normally I will watch movies(through laptop or cinema) , sleep, eat or go somewhere I wanted for instance shopping mall, spa, relatives house, dating or anything I want as long I am not at home. BUT this weekend I feel like want to snap photos and play with my cosmetics. :)
Ya, most of my cosmetics are not try yet, tested or even touched! some of them are still in the packaging. So, today's activities are; I am gonna try all of them including the new items, and clean up my room!  

I tried all my lipsticks collection! haha.. I never know I have almost all colors of lipsticks and I have more than 24 lipsticks! I cant believe it since I just collected them all at the beginning of this year. 
Before this I am not a fan of makeups, but I don't know why when I turned 21, I'm kinda turn myself into a makeup hardcore fans! wish to have my own makeup room similar look as Sephora or Etude House.  

P/s: the cupcakes  from Wondermilk are really nice!Seriously the taste are awesome and nice, high quality of cupcakes with reasonable price. Sometimes there are cupcakes with this range of price but the taste are "yucks", and have unpleasant smell. double yucks! 
BUT, Wondermilk cupcakes are really nice with "pastry scents" (You know what smell I talking about, the pastry smell) and these cupcakes are fresh baked daily! soft texture and creamy. yum yum. 

The Bunny and Carrot are from mini size cupcakes range. They are selling in different price, 4 pieces for RM 5 :) Vanilla flavour. yum yum. I love their cupcakes because its not too sweet or creamy. Just nice with thin layer of topping.
Price for normal size of cupcake is RM 4.50 each.

The red velvet taste damn nice! you should try them!

Their cafe are situated at ;

(HQ)  Uptown Damansara.
Publika, KL.
 Citta Mall, Subang Jaya(Near by Subang airport).

xoxo mwah mwah ;



Beautiful bright colors from the top are hot pink and yellow ; they are the only eye-catchy eyeshadow colors and the rest are blushers! weeee~~ 
someone please buy the for me! really want them all..
cantik kan?? kan? kan? 
I suka blushers sangat sangat.
cocoa blusher can be use as bronzer or hightlight on nose to make the nose looks longer and sharp.
Other colors are just amazing! bright , colorful , adorable  and gorgeous!! 
p/s: to make your blush stay on your cheeks and long lasting , apply your blusher before you put any powder face.   
Meaning after applied foundation, put on your blusher and then face powder. It is the right way to wear blusher and make it stay on your cheeks longer than usual; told by a beauty assistant from.I just knew it and I was surprise because I used to wear it on the top of face powder. Makeup has no rules as long you like it, and turns you beautiful. Make your own rules babe! try it! Its work!

The best blusher is the cream texture blush! I tried this NYX cream blusher in petal rose color and for me it's work well! It stay on my face for more than 6 hours and I do think its great! :) 

I love the colors combination and I have no idea why do I post this picture?  maybe just because I like them? and I do think it is necessary to post it up in my blog in purpose to inform to all of my admires, stalkers, future husband, bf(s) so that they can buy for me these blushers in order to impress me; instead of giving me flowers or chocolates..I prefer accessories or cosmetic ya boys? ..

wiida ribbon

Monday, 9 July 2012

Make up Make up Make up shopping

Finally Naked palette is in my hand! hehehe. 

On the next couple of days, I bought Hello flawless foundation in petal color as the beauty adviser said my color skin is in petal. At first I thought my color is in champagne, but later on she said champagne is too dark for me, but still can be wear. okay, just follow her advise & take petal color.
In the packaging there was a free sample of porefessional. It is actually really works and fun! can hide all your pores, uneven skin structure and even wrinkles.(tested on my hand n it successfully covered wrinkles on my hand. 

Anyway, I did redeemed Sephora email birthday present and get a luxury 'body lotion'. hehe.  I was lucky and happy!! 

The most unexpected thing is Stage cosmetic products having sale and I bought a lipstick from them. Their promo is 2 items for RM 20 only! high quality products and I'm not lying ok? Only on selected products such as lipsticks and single eyeshadow. I will buy more next time :) 

Short updates;
mwah mwah

Snaps during Dissertation week

Aji, Kiki, me, Riph is at the back there, and half face Farrah.

Yup! Thats me with book. Do I look a  nerd? spent % hours in library every day

with all the girls. do "WE" look sexy? ahaks!

Riph was too hungry and she pose with her favourite choosen "fork" , Me? STRESS face!
 Aji with "controlled" face. farrah and kiki comel~

ByeBye woefulness! Welcome happiness!

woot woot! Happy Sunday!

All my worries, problems, tense, and anxiety are gone! My God. Alhamdullilah! Ended with in a week. What a busy week I had last week. French presentation on Tuesday, Business plan presentation on Friday, Dissertation proposal and portfoliio on Friday. Oh ya, Marketing presentation on Tuesday! wow! high traffic ya? hehehe

the dissertation proposal. here! nah! take la my proposal! give PASS ya? 
 finally. fuhhh.

mwah mwah;

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy day with Korea Cosmetics

Hi Girls~
What a wonderful day.
Last 2 weeks I ordered some cosmetics from Beautiyagie Facebook Page.
This online shop do a special service for their customers.
They import the cosmetics directly from Korea for you guys! Oh ya! 

p/s: Their price are much much much more cheaper than the retail prices in Malaysia outlets. 

These are the things that I get from my purchase

OR 204 lipstick

OR 204 lipstick. this is the real color of OR 204. pink +  hint of nude orange.
I love the design that appears on the lippy.

Thank you card from them. so cute. thanks. I feel like a princess right now.

I bought these three things;
Cake eyebrow from Tony Moly, blackbrown color
2 blooming lips talk: BE 101 and OR 204
I love natural colors.
Retail price in Malaysia outlet: lipstick RM 48.++
Their price: RM 35 (I get additional 10% discount because I bought it in promotion perios)
even when Malaysia Etude house do sale, the lowest price it can be is RM 38. 

I get this for FREE! they said I'm one of their lucky customers. this shirt is in limited pieces!! 
I guess I'm a lucky girl :)

Free mask and samples! 
seriously I love to try new things in small amount first. Then if it's good, I will buy it in normal size/bigger size. 

Yum yum. Chocolate bar. Already ate half :P

Pink mirror and cute teddybear. They gave me these two as gifts too!
How lovely are they... Thank you guys!
I will support you guys all the time~ go go go!!

Will buy more products from them in the future. seriously!! I need BB cream, masks, pore kits and many more. :) 

mwah mwah;
Wiida sangat Happy!

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