Monday, 16 July 2012

Played with makeup and click click!!

Last Saturday I was so happy and got GOOD mood to play with my makeup collection....


 I did some makeup and asked my sister to take picture of me. 
Hahah. so the photographer was: Nur Ain , my sista.
Do I look cute? hahah. I don't know how to pose sexy and hot,and have no idea~~ so I just do a "silly face". hahah

with my Tommy. hehe.. he's turning to 8 years old this year.. I love him so much and practically he's my BF :P he's old but he's my BF and BFF

Hi~~ Do I need to wear lens to make my eyes look bigger?hmmm. in the picture above I didn't wear any lens. My original eyes okay? without any photoshop on eyes, but I did edit on my face; I don't want to show my pores, especially when I camhoc.  


  1. oh my! you are super gorgeous!
    send my hugs to Tommy! My cat Tubbie say hi to him!
    Love your blog! Followed! <3

    1. Thank you dear. Tommy replied hello to Tubbie. :P
      Anyway, I love your blog too and I'm following you to catch your updates.

  2. comeyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  3. You are goooorgeous mashallah!! Such a beautiful girl!!
    Your almond shaped eyes are truly beautiful! You don't need any lenses at all :)


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