Friday, 20 July 2012

Current obsession

Last few days, I was obsessed with eyeshadows straight away after I bought naked palette.yehoo~~
The reason I was into the eyeshadow because before this I never know how to put on eyeshadow (honest reason) and after bought naked palette I found out it is really amazing as I can apply any color I want straightly and still look natural - not over makeup/look half done makeup?; some eyeshadows are not blend perfectly... I did bought few natural eyeshadow palettes but there are not user friendly as Urban Decay Naked palette. Now I know why is it pricey... Worth to have in hand. 12 beautiful shades & cost about RM 179. Trust me, it worth to have. 

However, past two days I was into lip balms and skin care!!!

Ya, I need to take care of my lips (wish I can swap my lips with Megan fox lips. haha.. I don't why I do not choose Angelina Jolie.. maybe because too common to mention her? lalala.)

First aiming lip balm is

EOS lip balm. Egg-shaped lip balm - rich in antioxidant,  vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil. I heard a lot of positive feedback on this lip balm and I feel like want to collect them all!!! hehehe..*greedy 

See!!! how cute and colorful they are. But before buy them I need to think where should I store them. hahah.. My vanity table is quite full and I don't think I have space for them :( unless I can figure out a new organiser for them.

Different color , different flavour.
 I think I'm going to buy Honeysuckle honey dew, medicated tangerine and summer fruit. Strawberry? I don't like strawberry :( But but but but I do like the color of pink. 

Second is, Lip Smacker lip balm!!

Look at them~~ how gorgeous and colorful they are.. Super cute packaging and I tried Vanilla flavour before and  fall in love with it!! That's why I decided to buy more and collect them in set. 

Third lip balm is  HERSHEY'S the chocolate flavour

Adorable hershey's chocolate lip balm. 
I don't think I will use it as lip balm. p/s might eat it. :P 
yum yum yum.. 

Forth lip balm that I wish to buy soon is Burt's Bees, Beeswax lip balm...

Get naturally soft, healthy lips.

Must try item! If anyone of you have try it before, please please comment and tell me. I need your feedback.

Fifth is My lip stuff lip balm line
There are about 500-600 flavours and the names are interesting...
Got cat pee, monkey fart, sex on the beach and MANY MORE!

credit photo:

I did order online from
They are having promotion! Grab them now while still in stock! hehe.. buy buy buy buy. lai lai lai 
(lai= come)
original price is RM 12 to RM 13 each. 
But I got mine for RM 6 each. half of price babe!

Flavours that I did order are:

  • Gummy bear
  • dulche de leche
  • kitty litter cake
  • monkey fart

Funny names right?yet cute..
 hehe. Gonna review them once I get them in my hand. 
Imagine I will apply "monkey fart" on my lips. haha. sound disgusting but fun & fascinating! 

I think that's all my aiming lip balms. 
(That's all? OMG, 5 different products and wanted them in few flavours. #broke)
Lip balms are fun to be collected but when I think twice, I am not going to use them all frequently because I always use Vaseline before/after apply lipstick and before sleep. 
**Lip balms are only options for me in case I'm bored with Vaseline and want something new/ flavoured. 

It is only RM 4.50 at Watson and with this reasonable price, my lips getting better , smooth, and  moist. 

Skin care obessesion? will talk and list them up later. not now cause I need to continue study for upcoming final exam on this Monday. :( Night2.

mwah mwah;


  1. i want eos lip balm so bad! so cute rite? 1 of my wishlist. i really wanna try honeysuckle honeydew, passionfruit & medicate tangerine. do u know any blogshop sells eos with cheap price? the lower price i got is RM20/each or set RM35.

    1. Ya, I found from online RM 14 each.
      Will buy from her . hehe..

    2. thank you for sharing, wiida. i'll check later. :)

  2. I have a lipbalm obsession as well! I'm one of those rare people who actually finishes a lipbalm! I really can't do without!

    I had the fanta lipsmacker for a while, and in the beginning it was delicious! It smelled and tasted like fanta! But that didn't last long. After a while it got gross and I had to threw it away.

    I love your lipbalm wishlist! You got me wishing too! Those egg shaped lipbalms look so cute!



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