Saturday, 14 July 2012


Beautiful bright colors from the top are hot pink and yellow ; they are the only eye-catchy eyeshadow colors and the rest are blushers! weeee~~ 
someone please buy the for me! really want them all..
cantik kan?? kan? kan? 
I suka blushers sangat sangat.
cocoa blusher can be use as bronzer or hightlight on nose to make the nose looks longer and sharp.
Other colors are just amazing! bright , colorful , adorable  and gorgeous!! 
p/s: to make your blush stay on your cheeks and long lasting , apply your blusher before you put any powder face.   
Meaning after applied foundation, put on your blusher and then face powder. It is the right way to wear blusher and make it stay on your cheeks longer than usual; told by a beauty assistant from.I just knew it and I was surprise because I used to wear it on the top of face powder. Makeup has no rules as long you like it, and turns you beautiful. Make your own rules babe! try it! Its work!

The best blusher is the cream texture blush! I tried this NYX cream blusher in petal rose color and for me it's work well! It stay on my face for more than 6 hours and I do think its great! :) 

I love the colors combination and I have no idea why do I post this picture?  maybe just because I like them? and I do think it is necessary to post it up in my blog in purpose to inform to all of my admires, stalkers, future husband, bf(s) so that they can buy for me these blushers in order to impress me; instead of giving me flowers or chocolates..I prefer accessories or cosmetic ya boys? ..

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