Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fun Glam Make up

I was busy in couple of weeks entertaining my final exams. But one day, I was too tired facing the notes and STUDY (not revise because I never focus in class) then I decided to procrastination.
At first I just went through youtube and update on all the videos that I've subscribed.
Then suddenly my sister knocked my door and asked a favor. she asked me to makeup her.

When someone asks me to makeup her, of course I love to, especially when I have "mood" to do experiment on her.

Okay, lets have a look what did I have done with her face. 

Just a simple eye makeup. Can be wear in day because its light(no heavy shade).
That eyelashes I bought to be wear on special occassion/ raya/ photoshoot. haha.
The real story why did I bought this glittery eyelashes was;
I'm trying to compete with my cousin(can't reveal her name) , she's beautiful even though she had married for 10 years and has 3 kids. Guess what? she's 30+ but looks like my age! (boys love to tackle her when we walk together)- smell jealousy? haha
Last year, she wore glittery eyelashes on the first day of Raya and I was very adore with it. Right after that, I immediately search for that kind of eyelashes. Found at Daiso for only RM 5.
Funny right? That's called Girls.
p/s: I wish I could be like her, stay young, slim and pretty even though the number of age is increasing. 

Here are the products that I used on her face;

Foundation from Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW in Petal color
Concealer from Urban Decay in FBI color. Use this to cover her pimples, scars, and her under eyes. 

Most interesting part is on her eyes. I did simple smoky look on her eyes using Maybelline hyper diamonds eyeshadow. All colors are applied on her eyes. ^_^ Blink blink woo~~
Then, by using Matte black eyeshadow, I put it under on waterline to make it looks bigger and smoky, not spooky okay? hehehe..

I love this palette so much because easy to the blend,  colors are pigmented for a glitter eyeshadow, easy to do smoky eyes and the sparkles are not too glittery. Some glitters products when you apply on skin it gonna be "everywhere, anywhere". It just can't stay there, but this palette is awesome and the glitters aren't spreading to other places.

Oh ya, I like the glue, bought from Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue area. There is a shop just selling fake eyelashes and glues. The glue makes eyelash sticks perfectly without hurting the skin and eyes. 
If I'm not mistaken the glue only costs Rm 10 per bottle and there are a lot of pretty fake eyelashes selling there too! Jom Jom shopping! hehe. 

Gel eyeliner: Essence. price:
Fake eyelashes: Daiso model E, got sparkles/glitters on it.
Silver pencil: Silkygirl 
Eyebrow: Silkygirl in dark brown
Mascara: Maybelline hyper curl cat eyes
Matte black eyeshadow: Elianto

To make her look glam I decided to put this dazzle jewels blink under her eyes area(I don't know how to describe it, just refer to the picture ya?)... 
*originally it is for handphone and stuff. but I found out the original glue can be remove and I can use another glue to stick it on skin.
To make it stick on her eyes properly, I applied eyelashes glue. No worries, can remove it easily. 

On her lips, I applied Orange Soda evenly on her lips. Ya, it does look pale but, red lipstick was applied in the middle on her lips to make it outstanding and vibrant but not forget as we want to focus on her eyes more than her lips.

Lipsticks: NYX Orange Soda and Revlon Ravish Me Red
Lipbalm: My Lip Stuff in Dulche De Leche flavour. give glossy effects and makes lips smooth.

This is just for FUN! 
 She requested smoky eyes, which I'm not that PRO to apply really dark smoky eyes cause normally if I apply dark heavy shades, the eyes would look like panda! haha.  I applied jewels blink and glittery eyelashes to create dramatic,goers, party-looks, and glam eyes..wink wink! 

p/s: for me, in reality, she looks like a doll.
Thank you for your time!



  1. nice eyelashes! nak cari la kat Daiso nanti. hehehe..

    1. haha. buy it. reasonable price sebab 2 pairs for RM 5. I'm not a fan of fake eyelashes but klu for fun, apa salah nye kan? hahaha.. that's why i'm not dare to buy expensive eyelashes.

    2. psst..nak gtau rahsia nih. saya x pernah pakai fake eyelashes apatah lagi beli coz x pandai pakai. bwahahaha.. malu seh. dulu2 fake eyelashes ni x senatural sekarang. tp saya akan beli juga nnti cuma xda masa je nak pegi Daiso. w/pun ada glitter but still nmpk natural & murah lagi. ^___^

  2. Beautiful use of make up! I love your blog

  3. wow i love the make up! she does look like a doll! so pretty.

  4. Lovely! Her face looks flawless :)
    Love the products you used. xxx


  5. Hi dear, cantik mekap. Sgt comels awak & ur sis :)

  6. Omg! So pretty!! Love your makeup skills! Super adore the eye makeup!


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