Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I have tonne of blusher collection, somehow I am kinda addicted to blusher especially into light pink and peachy color. 

NARS Orgasm is one of my favorite blusher as it has peachy pink natural blush color suits with my complexion. Even after having one favorite blusher my addiction into blusher still continuing and I keep collecting more blushers time to time. 

Makeup Revolution came out with pretty packaging blusher which is a dupe/ inspired by Too Faced. Too Faced has love blusher design too but the price just double from Makeup revolution. 
At first Too Faced love flush blusher was in my bucket list yet after getting this pretty heart blusher from Makeup Revolution for half of the price, I feel there is no need for me spending double of the money for it. Saving up for more new products in the future. 

Candy Queen of the hearts has beautiful peachy pink color . 

Texture of the blush is buttery, not chalky- baked finishes. 
Smooth- but for some reason I found that the color doesn't apply evenly on the skin, it's a bit patchy on the skin. It has sheen that would makes the face looks glow and healthy. 

I really wanted to try other colors too but slowly getting them all as money doesn't grow on the tree, we need to earn it. Will pick it up one day. 

Have you tried of Makeup Revolution Heart collection?
I will rate my satisfaction towards this product 4/5 :)

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post! 

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Goddess Of Love highlighter review

Highlighter is one of my favorite makeup products. The product that could live up dull skin and highlight the cheek bones to make the face looks alive as well as glow. 

Honestly , the main reason why I picked this product is because of the packaging. Who would deny it? Please! That is the main reason why I spent my RM 49 to a drugstore makeup brand. 

This Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love highlighter has been highly raved among beauty bloggers & vloggers around the world and has been comparing with Too Faced love-shape blusher in way of packaging as well as the quality of the product.  Literally speaking everyone is keeping talking about the shape of the product. 
The LOVE shape is main attraction for the product which I couldn't agree more. The price of RM 49 is pretty amazing as we can enjoy the same quality of the product as Too Faced includes pretty packaging. 

Makeup Revolution is a UK makeup brand and has setup their own website in Malaysia. The products are available to be purchased just with one click.

Swatch of the highlighter. 

It has pink undertone and  can be described as champagne color . Personally I love the sheen given without any chunky glitters on the face. As most of budget highlighter would not give this high quality outcome as most of them have tone of glitters, chunk glitters, chalky, lack of sheen, dull color and lack of pigmentation.

Some highlighter would makes your pores look obvoiues and visible but not with this highlighter. It doesn't make your pores look visible.

Texture: Glides smoothly onto the skin . The texture is so buttery and not chalky at all. Quality wise is more into high-end quality.

Recommended brush to be used with the product: Fan brush / tapered brush.

Overall,  the design is the statement of the product. 
It is worth to be owned by everyone. 
I wish Makeup Revolution would bring more shades in the future such as yellow undertone sheen, golden sheen as well as the marvelous nylon color. Wish they would bring more highlighters in the future. Most importantly the highlighter must be complement with Asian , Malaysian complexion.  

Hope this review helps you. 
Would you buy this product?
what do you think?
If you have one, do share your opinions with me, I would like to know your views.

Thank you for reading :)

Now I am back on track. Will keep posted frequently. 
To those who missed my Makeup collection video, click here to watch it.
See you! Muah! 

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Number 76 Salon Hair Treatment and Service review-Malaysia

Speaking of hair, every lady dreams of healthy, silky, long black hair. Well, except for blond or trendy colored hair, depending on the trend. Traditionally, Asian hair is originally black and by looking at the hair color, and condition, we know the level of healthiness of the hair. 
Glossy, shiny black hair indicate the healthiness of individual hair. Most of the hair product advertisements showcase pretty girls with long glossy hair, black, straight and most importantly, running smoothly and silk-ly between the fingers. Oh! One more thing, healthy scalp too! Free from dandruff and strong roots.
Do you want all these?
Are these in your dream?
Me? ( wondering if you are asking me)
MESTILAH! Gile tak mau? haha. 
Yes, I want it!
I nak la rambut like Fauziah Gaus, Cleopetra , Rapunzel  and sape2 je lah u think they have pretty hair. hehe

That morning I woke up late and skipped my morning wash. I did sprayed some dry shampoo , yet my hair still flat and look greasy. excuse my ugly hair style. ;( 
On that particular period, I was so busy till skipped pampering my hair and it turns dry, frizzy and ...... senang cite, rosak :P hahaha

[ February visit ]

I know this is kinda late post, very late post but I need to take some time to write this post up since the service is extremely good and the treatment is really helpful.

I appreciate the service given, friendly and humble services. 

Upon arrival, the stylist served me a cup of ginger tea and a piece of biscuit. What a wonderful and Warm welcome & hospitality. 

For your information, this is my first-time visit on NUMBER 76 SALON and it is the most expensive salon I had ever been. Normally I just go for my economical salon or home-made hair treatment done by myself. I can't compare Number76 salon with other international well branding salon yet I feel satisfied with their services. 

There's also a handbag cover as prevention / precaution, preventing from getting spoiled by chemicals in the salon. AFraid any chemicals spilled onto the bag. Double like for this dust bag. 

I was suggested to try their Signature Ultra Sonic Iron. It vibrates with no heat. The iron vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating protein, water and oil particles in treatments to ensure deepest penetration for enhanced results. Highly recommended for dry, messy and damaged hair due to frequent coloring and/or perms.

I highly recommending this service for very dry hair/ frizzy hair. 

After the treatment my hair is getting better and darker. Actually I feel my hair is healthier than before, light and has it's right weight, not greasy and not too light as I had before the treatment. I have no idea how did the technology works on it but it really helps. 

There is also a set of hair mask given to be used weekly for a month. The price for this treatment is RM 268 and it is really worth the money. If you are lucky you would get discount if there's promotion on that month. So guys, go visit their website to keep posted on their latest promotion.

My hair taken for outdoor condition/hair look.
Not to forget, A photo of me and the stylist. 

Rate for this salon: 

Recommend the service to friends? 
YES absolutely YES , local and foreigner friends. 

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Philips Easy Natural Curler Review (with Demo video)

Styling took time especially when we are rushing to work, it becomes the most annoying part of the day. 

Philips Easy Natural Curler has transformed my dull days to existing days! It excites me to go to work , making easy hair style and groom myself daily which is eventually motivates me to go to work. 

With the new unique design tool, it helps to shorten my daily hair styling time, decreasing the frizzy hair look and makes my hair looks manageable , tamed by keeping the natural hair style. 

Heat Temperature.
The heat is bearable, not too hot and not too low. It has ceramic surface so that it won't damage the hair with a bonus giving a shiny healthy hair look. 

Tulip Shape
This unique design would help to create natural effortless curl easily without taking so much time.Total time taken to do natural curls : 20 minutes. 
Cons: It is pretty hard to be used on shorter hair
Pros: Create beautiful natural curl hair on long hair. Easy to be used.  

Hair Style
You can do two way/ two styles of hair styling

STYLE A: Curl/ Tight Curl (if you have longer hair length then you can do tight classic curl/ tong)

STYLE B: Natural curl in hair style, great for short hair / bob-cut hair. 


Compact- travel friendly. Easy to roll into the luggage, pack, ready to travel!
Light button: to notify that the power is on. 

Overall for the design, I am impressed with the unique design for this hair tool but I wish there would be variety of sizes so that I can choose the smallest size for my short hair to get tight curl. Since the roll is big, therefore we need to use finishes product to set the hair up. 

The space to clip is too narrow, can't put so much hair, only few strands/ few parts of the hair.
The weight of the tool is just nice, not too heavy and not too light . It has it's class and exclusive weight. Some of the hair tools are too light which not so comfortable to be used (Malaysian says TAK SYOK LA) , and some are too heavy til our hands/arms will hurt/ lenguh. 

Watch my gedik video to know more about it + demo. Serious u ols, I recorded a special demo on it. Hope you liked it, and see u next time! muah!

Price: RM 169
You can get it at departmental stores/ Harvey Norman &etc. 

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