Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Philips Easy Natural Curler Review (with Demo video)

Styling took time especially when we are rushing to work, it becomes the most annoying part of the day. 

Philips Easy Natural Curler has transformed my dull days to existing days! It excites me to go to work , making easy hair style and groom myself daily which is eventually motivates me to go to work. 

With the new unique design tool, it helps to shorten my daily hair styling time, decreasing the frizzy hair look and makes my hair looks manageable , tamed by keeping the natural hair style. 

Heat Temperature.
The heat is bearable, not too hot and not too low. It has ceramic surface so that it won't damage the hair with a bonus giving a shiny healthy hair look. 

Tulip Shape
This unique design would help to create natural effortless curl easily without taking so much time.Total time taken to do natural curls : 20 minutes. 
Cons: It is pretty hard to be used on shorter hair
Pros: Create beautiful natural curl hair on long hair. Easy to be used.  

Hair Style
You can do two way/ two styles of hair styling

STYLE A: Curl/ Tight Curl (if you have longer hair length then you can do tight classic curl/ tong)

STYLE B: Natural curl in hair style, great for short hair / bob-cut hair. 


Compact- travel friendly. Easy to roll into the luggage, pack, ready to travel!
Light button: to notify that the power is on. 

Overall for the design, I am impressed with the unique design for this hair tool but I wish there would be variety of sizes so that I can choose the smallest size for my short hair to get tight curl. Since the roll is big, therefore we need to use finishes product to set the hair up. 

The space to clip is too narrow, can't put so much hair, only few strands/ few parts of the hair.
The weight of the tool is just nice, not too heavy and not too light . It has it's class and exclusive weight. Some of the hair tools are too light which not so comfortable to be used (Malaysian says TAK SYOK LA) , and some are too heavy til our hands/arms will hurt/ lenguh. 

Watch my gedik video to know more about it + demo. Serious u ols, I recorded a special demo on it. Hope you liked it, and see u next time! muah!

Price: RM 169
You can get it at departmental stores/ Harvey Norman &etc. 

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