Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I have tonne of blusher collection, somehow I am kinda addicted to blusher especially into light pink and peachy color. 

NARS Orgasm is one of my favorite blusher as it has peachy pink natural blush color suits with my complexion. Even after having one favorite blusher my addiction into blusher still continuing and I keep collecting more blushers time to time. 

Makeup Revolution came out with pretty packaging blusher which is a dupe/ inspired by Too Faced. Too Faced has love blusher design too but the price just double from Makeup revolution. 
At first Too Faced love flush blusher was in my bucket list yet after getting this pretty heart blusher from Makeup Revolution for half of the price, I feel there is no need for me spending double of the money for it. Saving up for more new products in the future. 

Candy Queen of the hearts has beautiful peachy pink color . 

Texture of the blush is buttery, not chalky- baked finishes. 
Smooth- but for some reason I found that the color doesn't apply evenly on the skin, it's a bit patchy on the skin. It has sheen that would makes the face looks glow and healthy. 

I really wanted to try other colors too but slowly getting them all as money doesn't grow on the tree, we need to earn it. Will pick it up one day. 

Have you tried of Makeup Revolution Heart collection?
I will rate my satisfaction towards this product 4/5 :)

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post! 

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