Monday, 1 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Malibu The One Blush Stick Review and Swatches

Contouring has been a popular subject nowadays. Everyone is trying to learn and testing out varies of contouring techniques. Mainly in cream form bronzer./ contouring stick as mostly they are following Kim K contouring method makeup. 

Based on the video shown/ photo shown it seems easy but in reality, cream based products are quite complex to work with especially as we need to blend it properly and ensure there is no patchy spot, 
Anyhow, the formula of this Blush stick is pretty amazing. Keep on reading will tell you my personal views and opinions on it later on. 

The Makeup Revolution One Blush has 8 beautiful shades and I only seen this Malibu color on Malaysia website, not too sure for other colors. Basically, they have 4 shimmery and 4 matte shades. They are great to be used on varies-way, and places such as highlighter, colored cream, base and etc, depending on the shade. 
To get natural color, blend it properly until getting the desire color & pretty natural blush. 

The color is a bit orange-y but great as cheek contouring but looks so-so / fine on the nose contouring too. Depending on the skin complexion too. My skin complexion is fair-yellow asian complexion.

Formula: Creamy , soft and super pigmented!
Glides smoothly onto the skin, once swipe, but the best tool to blend it evenly is by using our fingers / damp sponge or even dense foundation brush .
The product lasts pretty long on the skin especially in air-conditional room, up to 6 hours but depending on the skin type too.

Heavy Swatches.

It blends evenly and smoothly without giving any harsh line/ deep color. The color is not too strong and looks natural.  You would not need to feel worry if you accidentally apply it too much as it can be blended until it looks natural on the skin. 

Although in the tube it looks medium-brown with golden shimmer, but when we apply it onto the skin, the shimmer is not visible and it looks amazing on the skin, by giving natural glow. I wish there would be Matte Malibu in the Malaysia Website so that I can try it and compare it with the normal Malibu.

One thing that I need to mention on the packaging, the bottom of the tube, it doesn't state/ label the name of the shade underneath it which is quite difficult for us to remember the name of the shade. Hopefully
What do you think?
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