Saturday, 27 June 2015

L'OREAL Butterfly Mascara Review

I am pretty sure you would agree with me when I say mascara is very crucial in makeup routine. Without mascara our eyes would look tired and dull. That is what I feel when I didn't apply mascara for the day. 
Mascara would lift up our lashes and at the same time makes our face look fresh, eyes look shine, and energetic. I wish I could say hank you to the person who invented mascara. Totally a savor especially when we had not enough sleep or maybe too tired with works. 


If you have been following me for quite sometime, you would know that I was addicted to Maybelline Rocket mascara and have been using it for more than a year! Really loving it! But recently I found this great mascara and decided to give it a try. 

My instinct was right, It is a good pick! I invested RM 50 for this mascara (which is not cheap ya?) and I really love it, worth every ringgit I spent and definitely will re-purchase it once it dries up. 

Bristle Shape
It has unique brush shape that would lengthening the outer part of lashes & curl up . Great brush comb design, it separate every lashes very well too. Just like what I prefer in a mascara. 

The printing wipe-off easily. It's normal but for RM 50, I wish the printing part stays permanently. But overall, easy to hold and not too bulky . Unique block edge-y shape design too. 
p/s: It would be nice if the packaging is in gold color instead of silver. 

Result  & Formula
Curled up, stay all the day, lengthening, voluminous and smudge-proof too! Love it when I can see the effect on my lashes cause my lashes are pretty SHORT AND STUBBORN! Asian lashes babe. 
Besides that, it doesn't clump my lashes and well separated. 
Waterproof or not?
Of course it is a waterproof mascara, non-smudge product, and stay all day long , kept my stubborn short lashes curved up and lengthening it too! an awesome product. Really recommended and it has been featured on my blog, in 2015 TOP BEAUTY Product
Honestly, the price is not a friendly-drugstore price but better than high end mascara which is double from the price. Nevertheless, the result given changed our mind and it makes me feel satisfied for spending RM 50 for a short life spam product. Satisfaction comes when we know it is worth.
Therefore, do not cry cause you know your mascara is expensive and you just don't want to ruin and waste it :) 
5 words to describe this mascara.
Where to get it? : Watsons/ Guardian/ any pharmacies. 
Price: RM 50 ++ (without discount)
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