Wednesday, 24 June 2015

MARC JACOB Beauty InstaMarc Light Filtering MIRAGE FILTER (Light) REVIEW & SWATCHES

Something that you never expected to have it into your collection huh?

Recently most of the make up brands come out with their own bronzing contouring kits and the item that catch my attention the most was MARC JACOB Beauty Instamarc Light Filtering Kit. 

There are three available shades from this collection; Light, medium and deep. I chose Light kit due to few reasons. Will expose it later along the journey. In each kit, there's duo pans/ functional; highlight and bronzer. 

To those who wondering what is the Function of Contouring kit / How does the contouring works/ What is Contouring kit?
To help sculpt, define, contour and highlight the face in order to get 3D face in photograph as well in highlighting the feature. 

Do you need Contouring Kit?
To get flattering look, YES YOU DO. 

Really depends on your skill. For me, if you have the brush, powder is much easier. Yet, if you are interested into KIM K contouring technique, go ahead with cream kit. 

#Instamarc just comes out with powder filtering kit. 
The name "filter" itself is fascinating! It shows  that the kit create the natural 3D filtered face in photographs. YUHUUU!

GIGANTIC size of bronzing kit with huge high standard mirror inclusive elegant exclusive signature packaging. Sleek and it looks luxurious. 
The size of each pan is 9g of powder, the compact size is really really really (extremely) HUGE! Really worth it. 

Define as Light gold but in reality it looks yellow. The reason why I picked up this shade is because the highlight doesn't look too dark and great for under-eye setting plus natural contouring. 

I would prefer to say Muted brown/ cool tone taupe brown. It is quite pigmented and visible on the skin and manageable as well! You can apply as much product as you want onto the skin, and it blends very well without left any harsh lines/edges. Blend-able, buildable and Controllable
p/s: this shade is great for nose contouring on light-fair medium skin :) 

Silky buttery contouring powder. 
Blends flawlessly into the skin without cakey or chalky powdery texture. Not messy, easy to handle and blend. 
Yet, the pan could be pretty messy due to chalky powder for each swipe. Need to clean up the pan frequently. However, it doesn't looks chalky on the face. 

Where to get? : Sephora
Price: RM 145
Rate for satisfaction: 5/5

Thank you for your time. 

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  1. So tempting but kinda pricey, as expected from Marc Jacobs rite! <3

  2. Fuhhh wida kalau bab make up, memang kakak angkat tangan! salute :) tapi akak tak pandai nak contour2 bagai ni. salah pakai kang, entah apa-apa jadinya... tp lama gak mengidam Marc Jacob ni

  3. I think i will get this for my girlfriend as a gift. Thanks for the great review!


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