Sunday, 28 June 2015

JUNE 2015 Beauty Haul (WATSONS and BATH & BODY WORKS)

I didn't buy much makeup or beauty products in this month yet, due to special sale held by Bath and Body works, I decided to share the haul with my readers. 



1) Good Virtues Co. Helpful & Delightful (shampoo)
 They are on sale 30% off PWP with RM 20 product onwards. 
Price: RM 8++
It smells amazing and packaging cantik. So, there's no reason for not buying it.

2) Good virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly (Conditioner)
 Hair wash routine would not complete without a conditioner :)
Price: RM 8++ after discounted. 

3) In2it highlighter     (NEW Shade!)
Look at the pan! 
It seems pretty scary.
Come on, ask yourself, would you buy this shade for your cheeks?

Seriously, I wasn't attracted to the shade at first then after few minutes, I realized that, why not I try this shade out since it is made for cheek highlighting. SURPRISINGLY, the shade turns pretty pleasant and suits my complexion. It is almost similar to The Balm Mary-lou Manizer but subtle. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer has intense sheen but for this product it's kinda subtle but enough visible on my skin. 

Will post a  review on this highlighter in this week.

4) Maybelline Hypersharp liner
My favorite eyeliner is on sale, RM 16++ only, that is the reason why I grabbed this as a stock,


Bath and body works just hit Malaysia in year 2014 and surprisingly they threw a sale in this month, June. The sale is still going on but the items are very limited. Outlet in The Curve still have various and wide options for the sale items. 

Original price was RM 105 , after 75% off, it is now RM 26.xx only for selected items. THAT IS REALLY CHEAP!!! It's around 6 USD each!! WOW! 
I picked up these 3 scents since they have my own preference scents; sweet , sweet and sweet. Except for the green jar ,the scent is pretty strong but I believe once it lights up, it would smells amazing. Haven't tried it but the other two I had. 

I wish they would be having more and frequent sale in the future. I really wanted to try other scents too. 

Wallflower refill scented liquid. 
I purchased 4 of them since they are on sale, RM 8 each instead of RM 24 , the original price for each of them. On top of it, if we Buy 6 items, we entitle to get 10% off, buy 8 items, entitle to get 15% off. See! How could I save my money if the promotion is so tempting?! 

From Left Watermelon Lemonade, Islands Water, Lilac Blossom and Beach Cabana.

To conclude the BBW haul, I woul recommend few things that worth to be purchased from BBW line. 

1) Body Mist
2) Body lotion and shower gel ( smells amazing and last pretty long. stay on the body)
3) Wallflower (can be purchased by anyone, ladies and guys,) The scent could cover one whole house! 
3) Candle (It is a therapy you need when you are in stress. ) The fragrance is quite strong and last pretty long even after 3-4 hours.
Please light it up in 3-4 hours only.  

Bath and Body works outlets in Malaysia:
Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor
Nu Sentral , KL
Midvalley Mall
The Curve, Damansara
Gurney Paragon , Penang
Komtar JBCC , Johor Bahru
Imago Shopping Mall, KK Times Square
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  1. Any price reductions on the Body Mist?

  2. After finishing up my part-time job as a assistant promoter, I fall in love with the Good Virtues Co brand! Although the toner seems to break me out and clogs my pore but their cleanser is so nice!

  3. Wiida, Shampoo Good Virtues Co. tu ok tak? Packaging cantik terasa nak beli tapi asyik cancel sbb takut tak sesuai. BBW sale mmg awsome! Saya beli di Mid Valley tapi tak banyak pilihan dah. BBW ada je di Sabah tapi takut tiada sale dan kebetulan mmg di KL, maka 'terbeli'. Hehe.


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