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Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush by Sabrina Tajudin.

Something special need to be discussed and review for you girls. It is a local product designed with love by Malaysian beauty blogger, Sabrina Tajudin

CONGRATULATIONS TO SABRINA TAJUDIN for come out this awesome high quality premium brush! 

To know the REAL AND HONEST review on this brush from my words based on experience comparing this brush with my Sigma Beauty Brush and other international Brushes, just keep on reading. 

Bristle Quality

My first impression touching and hold the bristle of this brush can be described with one word "IMPRESSIVE". The softness of the brush and the quality could be compare it with the popular expensive SIGMA BEAUTY brush. It is very soft and fluffy. Never thought that the local design brush could be this great! Feel like want to keep playing with brush. 

Highly designed in Malaysia, by the owner herself, Sabrina Tajudin. I am proud of her as the brush is looking good can be imported to Asian countries. 

Ferrule Color and quality

After using it and washed for few times, the ferrule is still stick into the wooden handle and the shine of rose gold ferrule is still remain and nothing moved. 

Who is ROSE GOLD fans?
I am one of them. :) 

Wooden handle size

It is a short-handle brush, with chubby stick design. Some people would find it BULKY, so it's annoying, some people like it chubby so that it is easy for us to hold and control the amount of the product. 
For me, honestly, nothing is wrong with it but it takes up a lot of space. Anyhow,  the brush can stand by its own, no need to put into your makeup brush container and it is REACHABLE. I tend to grab the brush and use it frequently as I have put it beside the translucent loose powder.


The design of the box is totally highly appreciated! She put a lot of commitment, work and ideas into it. The design is elegant, lady-like, and exclusive. 
When you received this packaging, you will get a special dedication /wish card in it with exclusive words by Sabrina Tajudin. Personal Touch that makes me feel nearer to her. Miss her so much. 

See how dense the bristle is and I like it so much as I can use it for so many things and way. Bestnye this brush, really love the softness of the bristle. 


A very frequent questions. 
here I am sharing with you few techniques / ways to use this brush. 

1) Liquid/ Mousse Foundation
- You can blend the liquid foundation using this brush. Tip tip! Give you airbrush finish. 

2) Powder Foundation
- Since the bristle is quite dense , it could picks up a lot of product and giving you better coverage in applying powder foundation. AWESOME too!

3) Loose / Mineral/ Translucent Powder
- This is what I love the most. I use the brush to set my makeup and apply the translucent loose powder onto my face. it works THE BOMB DOT COM! 

4) Blusher (Powder/ Cream) 
- A good alternative brush to apply blusher to your apple of the cheeks but I prefer angled brush or tapered brush. Yet, there is nothing wrong , you still can use it according to your preference. 

5) Bronzing (Powder) 
O M G!
This is my favorite brush for bronzing. PERFECT! Great to bronze my face and I just need few secondsto apply the bronze all over the face and DONE! PARFAIT! Love it! 

6) Contouring / Bronzing in cream
- I haven't tried it yet but I believe It works good with any kind of products as well you know how to control the amount of product onto your face.

I hope this review is helpful. Please let me know what kind of items do you want me to review in the next post. Keep me posted!
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You can get the brush at their website :
at RM 39  (Original Price: RM 45) 
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