Friday, 26 June 2015

June 2015 Beauty Favourites

Waiting for my monthly beauty favorites write up?

haha. Apologise for not blogging on this topic for quite sometime.

The reason why I didn't update on my favorite beauty stuffs is because most of the items used are the same, and they are my favorites for several months!

Please refer to the photos above. I have hit some of the pans and IT IS ACTUALLY something need to be proud and celebrated for a beauty addict. 


1) NARS Blush in Orgasm
My daily natural blusher that could enhance my skintone, brigthen my face and at the same time given beautiful glow sheen onto the skin. It makes my face skin looks healthier. 
2) Colourpop lippie Stix in Fancy
A beautiful shade that everyone woman on the earth need to have in their collection. 
Suits to all complexion especially warm medium skin tone. 
Beautiful coral color with great pigmentation, texture as well as the scent. AWESOME FORMULATION. 
3) MAC Concealer Palette (Medium)
My all-time favorite concealor. Whenever I feel bored with any other concealor, I will definetly get back to this concealor. Keep using it til I hit the pan!
I also frequently use it on clients. 
4) Good Virtues Co. Helpful & Delightful Multiple Repair Hair Serum
Something I never knew it exists. To be honest I picked up this item due to it's packaging! Main thing, Eye-catchy packaging! 
My hair doesn't feel too oily or greasy after applying it on. Furthermore the scent is delighted,pleasant and gentle. 
It helps to make my frizzy hair softer and manageable. Always apply 2-3 pumps daily on the end of the hair. It reduces split ends. 
Great thing about this product is , It is not tested on animals :) 
5) Soap And Glory SMOOTHIE STAR body buttercream
Smells like food. Tau fu, sweet, dessert! 
Addicted to it. 
Nourishes my dry skin and soften my cracked feet skin. 
Not greasy or oily. It absorbs onto the skin makes my skin feels healthier and better. No more itchy. 
Can't describe much. LOVING it so much. You should give this a try! 
6) L'oreal Lucent Magique Foundation
Simple and light foundation that gives dewy and glow finish onto the skin.Selling at affordable price and must be owned by everyone. If you are looking for a great dewy natural healthy foundation, TRY THIS OUT! My second favorite drugstore foundation after Bourjois . Mine is in the shade 52. 
7) Dollywink eyeliner
Deep Black, sharp, precise line, smudge-proof, cute pink polkadot packaging. 
My favorite eyeliner after Maybelline Hypersharp. 
8) L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
Something New and interesting item that I really want to share with my readers and friends. 
The coolest mascara on earth! 
Phenomena unique bristle shape that could curls your lashes, voluminous and at the same time lengthening the short lashes to incredible lash. It lasts for one whole day without smudge and of course, it makes your eyes look bigger and round! 
Waterproof formulation.
Price: RM 50+  . Quite pricey for a drugstore mascara, something that can only lasts up to 3 months. But it is WORTH. 
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  1. Replies
    1. AAH! Body butter tu best gile kan?? Addicted!
      Mascara ni mmg best, curl , stay and volumise lashes pretty well.

  2. these all look so yummy :)
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao


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