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Sembonia Spring / Summer 2015 THE LIBERAL ART OF GEOMETRY(Malaysia)

Are you a handbag FREAK?!

You may skip this post if you are a shopaholic :P Or else, please keep reading.. 
p/s: Do you like the handbag in the photo above? If yes, keep on reading ya?!

Summer is approaching us, or should I say, It's already here?! 
hahah. yet in Malaysia, we are enjoying Summer all year round. 

What is the interesting offer for this Liberal Art of Geometry collection in conjunction of the launch?

1) Take a selfie and tag #OOTD , #sembonia_style and @sembonia .
2) 6 lucky winners will be picked and get one set of THE LIBERAL ART OF GEOMETRY collection. ONE SET! I repeat ONE SET! That means, handbag and the purse! wow! that is cool! Sembonia please choose me as your winner!!!
3) As easy as that! APA LAGI, LETS JOIN! haha. ( Just play my role as impulsive buyer) 

just being myself #ratuselfie


Synthetic Leather with high quality material. Kinda heavy but it looks elegant when you match it with your formal/casual outift.

The design is made from Italy, therefore the price is a little pricey, matches with the quality :)

Sembonia bag is originally from Singapore. There are few range of handbags, made in different countries.
Lets take an example of the price RM 399 onwards (without sale), normally this kind of designs are designed and made from ITALY. In meanwhile for the lower range of RM 109 to RM 299 / 50% discounted items, they are mostly made from China or Vietnam.
Italian design is much expensive than China/ Vietnam manufacture items . ( Oh dear, dah macam emas) 

The pink color is so springy! feminine , sweet and ladies like. 

I really love this design. FRESH, SIMPLE and ELEGANT with a bit touch of FUN.

Price Range: RM 200- RM 700
Now they are having sale! go grab them! cepat2! lai2! fast2! haha.

Same design but in different color. Of Course it brings different personality criteria too! 

Slang bag, the current high demanded type! 

Most of the ladies for sure would fall in love with this lovely design. Stone-love design with comfortable , wearable handbag design.

photo taken from the official facebook.  The recent Roadshow at Pavillion.

Dengan ini, I will close my write up with a photo of me , pose with the chosen handbag from Sembonia. Sekian Terima kasih :) 

Special thank you to Norfa Nil for the invitation. 
Appreciate it so much!


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