Tuesday 25 June 2013

Cosmobox by Box Culture Party @ Cupcake Chic The Curve + GIVEAWAY!

Hello~ Assalamualaikum :)
How could I express my feeling when I feel happy for joining another new party and meet up new bloggers? It was "awesome" even this time I arrived at the party quite late and feel quite blur after struggling tonne of assignments. What a hectic week! 

However, I'm very excited updating my blog for you guys and this time I want to share with you guys the JUNE edition of Cosmobox by Box Culture.

Honestly speaking, this is my first time received Cosmobox and if you're wondering what I feel towards this box, keep reading! 

Lets open it together!


Pink Carpet Event with K-Palette Beauty Workshop X Vanity Trove (Malaysia)

Hello beauties~

I'm quite excited with this event but I couldn't join since I have another event to attend however to those who  are free on this Saturday, why not you cheer up you weekend by attending this beauty workshop with your girlfriends?!

Seriously, it is worth every penny you spent.

First, I know you need to spend RM 80 per person to book a place at this event, BUT remember you would get these benefits as returned;

 ♥ A goodie bag worth RM 170 (K-Palette products)
♥ Beauty workshop with special makeup artist all the way from JAPAN, Inagaki San who has been in beauty industry for 14 years! 
♥  Makeup Knowledge and when you return home, you would look totally different and kawaii!

Please take picture before and after ya? and please tag me! And want to see the difference and the outcome too!
♥ ♥ ♥ p/s: I heard they have a great long-lasting eyeliner!!! Try it out ok?! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Interested to join?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Pay a visit to their Facebook
 send an email to Valerie@vanitytrove.com
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

A wonderful event for fun girlfriends!

Mwah Mwaaah!

Sunday 23 June 2013

The Horrible Haze in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What a horrible day, I stepped out from house and I saw everything in haze and my eyes-sight only captured in few hundred meters objects, Not even 1 kilometer. Everything were covered by the heavy haze. 
The result , by the end of the day, my head spinned like a ball that get kicked  by the players. Seriously, damn pain! Even the smoke could be smell inside the car and even in shopping mall. What a worst heavy haze! Besides that, I went to all pharmacies in Sunway Pyramid and all face masks were out of stocks and sold out very fast and clean! Pity me, can't breath heavenly in our own planet. :(

BUT! There's a good and also a bad news that I got once I reached home which is;

ATTENTION: Worsening Haze Condition

Due to the worsening haze condition, the government has declared tomorrow, Monday, 24 June 2013, as a holiday for schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. 

As a precautionary measure, classes at Taylor's University shall also be postponed tomorrow. Further announcement will be made on this space as and when necessary. Thank you.

Taylor's University

Okay, I have no class tomorrow but still.... I need to go to university to settle down my things, scan papers, printing out my works and so on. There's no difference whether the classes are on or not because I still have jobs to do since the datelines are really really around the corner! I need to move fast, find internship place, go interview, do assignments, revise my papers and do my jobs! Stop talking, and start thinking! 

Goodluck guys and take care of your health. 
If can, do not go out from house and have a very good rest with family at home. 
Even in shopping mall is not a safe place for us anymore, only home is the best place to chillax.

Take care, Remember to put Face mask ON!

Thank you for Reading my short post



Friday 21 June 2013

VanityTrove x Avène Pink Carpet Beauty Workshop

Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers!

Did you see my big smile?
(Hello I'm smiling here, you need to know that even it's in virtual) 

 Saturday, 15th June 2013
 I was pretty excited to attend an event organised by Vanity Trove and Avene and frankly speaking I was extremely excited about the products too! 
Like seriously, I got few samples from Avene before but honestly I do not know how to use them in sequences and the function and what I know only the Thermal Spring WaterSpray. That is ALL! Like seriously? "Wiida, you don't know Avene products?"  Yes, I just know the Spring Water Spray and other thing that I know is France skin care is dandy! Very good for sensitive skin and gentle works on almost every skin types. 

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Elianto CC Cream Bloggers Event

Continuing from the  previous blog post, Lumino White skin care range, Elianto expanding their skin care and makeup product by adding one of the newest item which is CC Cream ( Correction Complete Cream).
I know many of you wondering what is CC cream? last time you heard about BB cream and now CC cream is into the picture. 
CC cream is getting popular due to korean skincare and makeup market and what can I see is, most of the korean products nowadays have CC cream 
CC cream is almost similar with BB cream however the texture is ultra-smooth and offers better coverage on the facial area. 

Most interesting part is, it is a "Skin care and Makeup enhancer" that even out skin tone and promotes skin complexion while covering skin spots and impurities. Both together is the perfect combination to finish your day look at one step. 

The Elianto CC cream comes with 2 types ; 

Amazing White (White silvery box) 
Perfect solution for those who wish to have fairer and brighter skin complexion.
It is for the ultimate solution for dull-looking skin and great for those who wish to brighten 
skin complexion and to unleash that inner glow. Amazing White CC Cream promotes 
brighter complexion with its whitening formula, in which it also contains SPF40 that 
shields from UV rays that could cause negative effects on your skin.
(This type of cc cream is generally for everyone and youth group)

Infinity Youth (Golden box)
It helps to firm, lift and regenerate skin cells for a youthful, supple and smoother skin. 
It contains skin regeneration  formula  that  promotes  skin  cell  renewal  while  moisturising  and  lifting
from within. SPF30 prevents  the  penetration of UV rays onto skin that could cause 
skin to age prematurely. 
(This CC cream is more to mature skin age range 26 and above)


♥ long lasting makeup
♥ Instant radiance
♥ 24 hour moisturiser
♥ Smoothen wrinkles
♥ Extremely nourishing
♥ Ultra-light texture
♥ High SPF protection against UVA &UVB rays
♥ Conceals impurities
♥ Fresh & Flawless complexion
♥ Effectively correct uneven skin tone

Time to apply CC cream after used the Lumino White Skin Care products.

Tadaaa~ My look after using the CC cream, I did apply some concealer to cover up my imperfections and this picture was edited with my new application on iphone. hahahha. 

Look at the pretty Chenelle, she was the model in the event (Demo was done on her)

This is her final look with CC cream and Lumino White products. She's pretty isn't it? hehehe

What can I say about CC Cream is;

It is very light and gives minimal amount of coverage. It's also very nourishing and suit to very dry skin or people that work in air-conditioner. The best part is, it has SPF 30 or 40 which is very high and suit with our Malaysia weather. 

Thank you for you support and time of reading!
I really appreciated it.

Thank you to Michelle from MIVVA for inviting me to this awesome event!

Mwah Mwah!

Elianto Lumino White Bloggers Event

Before I went to France I did attended an event organised by Elianto collaborated with MIVVA Beauty Box and it was held at Delicious, Dua Residency Jalan Tun Razak.

The products that been introduced to me is LUMINO WHITE and CC CREAM which are the newest products from Elianto. 

Lumino White Products in beautiful deep blue packaging

Elianto custom develops the most innovative formulas to suit tropical skin types (our skin) and it is the first cosmetic brand to apply this revolutionary discovery to its latest and most advance whitening skincare range and this result the new skincare range from Elianto, The LUMINO WHITE.

The two key main ingredients in this product are



Vitamin PP is also known as Vitamin B3 which helps to protect the skin by 
strengthening the skin barrierand increasing its resistance to barrier damage. 
This multipurpose vitamin also clears and controls skin blemishes,
  reduces the signs of aging and keeps skin perfectly hydrated. 

These are the benefits of Lumino White

The product does not contains any harmful chemical, no preservative ingredients and the cleanser itself doesn't have any foam to it. Ya I know Malaysians love foam so much because we feel foam could clean up our face better and feel veryyy clean but the real fact is, foam could makes your skin dry. :(
I have this kind of habit too, but slowly change it from habit and psychology thinking. 

p/s: It is suitable to all Skin Types.


Okay, I know I know, there's a lot of bottles and you need guideline which one comes first, which one use later... Ok, Let me help you.  <3 ( Fairy Godmother voice)

4 Easy Steps to follow on Day Time.
But for night, we no need any Sun protection so we could replace it with Night Cream which could helps to renew our skin during the night time treatment..

Clear enough with my gyiyomi guideline? hehehe. (I tried my best to act cute infront of camera since my morning face is quite horror to be faced) 

After applying the sunscreen/ sun protection/ sun block, whatever you called it, you may apply your makeup either foundation, mineral powder, bb cream or cc cream.

While talking about cc cream, Elianto also comeout a new product of CC cream range.  
I will post it up in a different post since this post is specially made for Lumino White Skin Care only. Special tau! <3

Sorry for the ugly pictures, my mistake for taking pictures opposite the light. :(

Thank you for your precious time.

Have Fun! Stay pretty with your wonderful Smile. :)

Thank you to Michelle from MIVVA for inviting me to this awesome powsome event!

To those who don't know, this event was a collaboration event between Elianto and MIVVA.

Mwah Mwah!

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Hello! It's my May Beauty Favourites

Assalamualaikum , HI!!!

I'm BACK! :) 
Big smile with Big Heart
I still jetlag due to changes of two different continents timing but I really miss my blog sooooo much!!!!
Even today is 11th June, I really wanted to to post up my May beauty favourites since I have few awesome stuffs to share with you girls.

Sorry for the low quality pictures, I just took the pictures and straightly upload, no filtered pictures. 

These are the items that I love the most in month of May.


Oh My GOD! this is my favourite blusher colour! It gives me natural cheeks colour , sweet blushing effects and really worth to own one!
The colour is almost similar to Nars Orgasm/ coralista but more into a bit pink and pigmented(just need small amount of it, need to tap off the excess powder before applying on cheeks).
It's perfectly match for those people that love natural peachy tone cheeks and fair to medium skin tone.
Try out this colour at the counter and experience it yourself. It could last up to 6 hours.


Hope you can see the natural peachy pink blusher colour on my arm. 

This Eyepencil acts similar to the Sephora Jumbo eyepencil and works really good same result as the Jumbos!
Thumbs up and I will slowly collecting them all!

Price: RM 29 each. RM 26



Since under eyes are the most important and sensitive part on our face, so I decided to give them a try something special, a bit pricey but worth. 
 The white colour product (outskirt circle ring) is known as  hydrating ring which locks moisture in to the skin and the centre product is the concealer to give colour and neutralise the eyes dark circle. The moisturiser (white ring) contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract to help hydrate the skin and avoiding your sensitive area from drying so do wrinkles. 
It glides on smoothly and stays put all day, without looking heavy or cakey. It manages to smooth over the lines and leave you with a nice natural base. Just apply it lightly for not making the lines visible.


Since I was quite busy in the month of May, I personally prefer to apply something that moist, light and could protect me from the madness heat of ultraviolet! So, this small sample of Laneige BB soothing cushion is the best for me!
One because of the texture- liquidity and it does gives me cooling effect and the sponge helps me a lot in order to apply the BB liquid evenly, looks flawless and smoothly. It's kinda absorb to my skin. 
Second because of the SPF 50++. All Malaysians need this!
Third because I'm toooo lazy to apply moisturizer on that particular of period (guilt smile), it's like three in one product = sunscreen + moisturiser + foundation



This is the best glossy lip butter ever! It really makes your lips naturally pink due to the peppermint ingredient, smooth-en your cracked lips and the smell of chocolate made me feel  can not stop from using it! Normally I will apply this before sleep and it does helps me repair my cracked chapped lips. 


That's all for my top 5 beauty favourites of the month...
I'll updating you guys with more exciting posts! hehe.
Events, June Haul, New skin care products, France trip, Beauty reviews and many more.
Stay Tuned girls~


Lots of Love
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