Friday, 31 October 2014

DAISO Eyebrow Pencil Review | BROWN

Are you seeking for a cheaper, beginner alternative eyebrow pencil?
Lets dig into this affordable eye brow pencil!
Daiso is a Japanese concept store, selling all items at the priced of RM 5 each. I was walking into the store just to get a pack of makeup sponge and stumbled into this cute eyebrow pencil in a pack. The packaging reminds me of Etude House "discontinued" eyebrow pencil. okay, Why not I'm giving this RM 5 eyebrow pencil a try? The packaging is cute, it's only RM 5, okay lah kan? 
The shape of the pencil tip is in triangle shape which makes it easy to draw , fill in  the brows. The product comes out by turning round the pencil (retractable pencil) , and doesn't need to be sharpen. 
It comes together with a  brush / spollie attached, therefore not worries of losing it. 

Texture & Pigmentation: Semi-creamy. In my opinions,  it's not creamy and glides smoothly like " Cyber colors" eyebrow pencil , nevertheless, it is not that hard to work with it. The pigmentation of this eyebrow pencil is in medium range, not too pigmented and not too dry. It still has color and build-able. The product is almost similar to most of branded Korean makeup. 

Longevity: Up to 4 hours for light application (blended and light brows shape application) and more than 6 hours for heavy , bold application.  Advise: To set the product with eyeshadow/ powder brow kit. 

The  experiment has been done on 
"light application" + "without setting brow powder",    : 3 hours
 "heavy application" + "without setting brow powder",   . : 3 hours
"light application" + "set with brow powder" :  4 hours
"heavy application" + "set with brow powder", 5-6 hours 
 "normal Malaysia weather & temperature" : 3 hours 
  "in air conditional room". : up to 6 hours

Two shades available in the market; brown and dark brown.  

My overall comment:
I would recommend you guys to try this eye pencil especially to beginners because the texture and pigmentation is great for beginners to practice and draw your eyebrow. It wouldn't make your eyebrow as bold as "Shin Chan" but bold in a good way. Trust me, if you want to do bold eyebrow, get this pencil , it would helps you to achieve bold Korean brows without making it over-drawn. remember , it is very important to use the brush head as it helps to blend the product well and avoid any weird drawn lines. 

Practice makes perfect, good luck!  Thank you for reading! Muah! 

You can get the item at all Daiso outlets
Price: RM 5

Contact lens:  Freshlook Turquoise

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! 
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Introduction to Philips Visa Pure

Philips brings in the latest innovation beauty device into Malaysia based on  the current market and needs. Malaysians need facial device to cleanse their face due to the our environment, dust , makeup and many more. Cleansing face using hands is not enough! I would attached some pictures and demo to show you the "truth" . I know as long you didn't see it by yourself, for sure, you won't believe it! 
Keep on reading to reveal the truth. 

The event was held in KL and it was a fantastic calm place with great warm hospitality. I was welcome with the friendly Masseur and normally if  I would feel awkward and uncomfortable if I go to an event without bringing any friend with me but with them, I feel like talking to my friends.

Here you go, a selfie picture of me and a group of Masseur they are the ones I was talking about.  I feel like going there back and get my 2nd massage. 15 minutes of head and shoulder massage is not enough, I need one hour message! Enak sungguh!  Thanks Philips for throwing the event at the great choice! 


I was given an opportunity to try the device by myself and see the amazing-ness of this Philips Visa Pure! I applied two identical lines of a pencil liner.

Both spots were applied facial foam. Same amount applied. 

As you can see, the effectiveness removing makeup is 10 times better than using hands. Therefore, cleansing using hands are not effective and makeup is not fully removed even after using makeup removal. Even me, I would normally wash my face twice if I do full heavy makeup look. 

Taking orange as an example for cleansing face pores. Foundation was applied underneath the facial foam.

Visa Pure deeply cleanse the pores and remove the foundation effectively after 5 second. That is amazing. The brush head is soft and gentle to the skin. 

I have been using this device for more than a month, I would write a review about it soon! :)
You can get it at Harvey Norman outlets. 

Thank you for reading! 
See you in the next post! 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween party Makeup Zombie |Malaysia

Makeup booking: 017-8785210
Price: RM 250 / pax (2014)
more than three pax will get more discount.  
Upper body, hands, and feet makeup. Spray some blood on tops. messy hair. 
Price excluding transportation fee. 
Booked date and time:
 31 October & 1 November: 2 pm- 8pm
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Smokey Brown Makeup Tutorial | Wiida Ribbon

Want to learn how to do smokey eye? and get bigger eyes? 
Just watch this video and learn how to do big smokey eyes by yourself! 

In several years back, people keep doing smokey eyelook with silver and black. The trend has changed. People nowadays are more creative and creating smokey look with thousand of colors . As for me, I love brown smokey eyes because it gives natural and warm eyes without over powering them. Not too dark, just nice, warm and smoked. 

It is risk to do smokey eyelook for a beginner,however many people would love to try and learn smokey eye makeup.  This is because the makeup would makes the eyes pop up and bigger, sexy and dramatic as well as highlighting the eyes as the main feature on the face. 

Everyone can do smokey eye look! 

REMEMBER, Practise makes perfect! 

Never give up half way in creating smokey eye look! you would see the result when you have done the whole steps! 

In this smokey eye look, I did triangle smokey eye look. Learnt it from Marliy Kama. 
Anyhow, I did it with my own way by blending the dark color with neutral skin tone , and pull it upwards, in triangle shape. For more details, you can watch the tutorial in my video. Make sure you do smooth, blended smokey look to get natural smokey eye makeup. If you don't blend it properly, your smokey eye makeup would look hard, one round black spot and definitely creating panda eyes. 

Thank you for watching and reading my blog!
see you in the next post! 
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My First GUESS Purchase!


Hi, it has been awhile I didn't update my blog.Here you go, a mini haul from me.  Well, it's actually a sponsored shopping by Blu Inc and Guess Malaysia. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Here are the items I picked when I was at Guess store. There are plenty of items in my list but I only get RM 500 voucher to spend (Alhamdullilah) and I decided to get something that I can share with my sister. hehe. We love to share our things together, shirts, makeup, traditional clothes , tudung , pants and many more. 

Honestly speaking, I'd never buy any from Guess except for having a shirt, birthday present from my classmate friend, Faris, years ago. Thank to him I got chance to have a Guess shirt. Dapat gak merasa. 

Most of the clothes in Guess boutique are dress, skirt, V cut top and jackets. My sister and I have the same taste, we looked into this top and ya, decided to get this in hands. We love the lace details on this top and the thickness of this blouse so called jacket is bearable for Malaysian weather.

Surprisingly the price of this top is RM 399. Weyh! tak pernah aku beli baju takpe.  haha. well, thanks to Guess and Blu Inc. :)

I've extra an hundred and decided to get this simple Guess t shirt in order to use all the voucher within a day. Hope you enjoyed reading my mini haul and see you in the next post! Muahh!

Thank you to: Guess and Blu Inc for the sponsored shopping.

*This is not a sponsored post. 

Thank you for reading my blog guys! What a surprise when I see my statistic dramatically increased! Wow! Alhamdullilah.  Thank you guys for your support! 

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch + Contest

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch. 
If you are following me on instagram, you may know that I've attended Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch Event at Aloft Hotel, KL Sentral. 

As many of you know, I got my hair cut before Raya and my hair is extremely short (well, not really that short but for me it is ,since this is the shortest hair cut I'd ever done)
The reason why I had my hair cut is because I want to try something new and with this hair length, the simplest and easiest way to manage it is to do a straight hair style.  Straight hair style is the most popular hair style in Malaysia and it does helps to boost self-esteem, make the girls feel comfortable and manageable  whilst curly hair is more into glamorous and elegant look. 

Straight, Smooth hair can make anyone feel beautiful and confident. Never deny it! hehe. Therefore, keeping hair straight needs a lot of efforts and "time". 

Due to trend and demand, Sunsilk proudly launched Sunsilk Perfect Straight that keeps hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries , formulated by the international hair expert, Yuko Yamashita  

Sunsilk teamed up with straight hair expert Yuko Yamashita to bring only the best results for straight hair. In the range, which comprises a shampoo and conditioner,  it has of an advanced formula with Straight Lock TechnologyTM that penetrates deep into the hair fibre, reduces frizz and actively holds every strand perfectly aligned as it dries.  There is  ‘magic moment’ between wet and dry hair when it looks perfectly straight. However, as hair starts to dry, it often becomes frizzy and loses its shape. What Sunsilk Perfect Straight does is to lock in the straightness in each strand, allowing hair to stay straight as it dries. Cool kan? I never thought of this before until Sunsilk came out with this range. So, with Sunsilk Perfect Straight we can now enjoy "wash and go" straight hair without any damage. 

Hannah Tan was the Emcee of the day , I was captivated by her straight beautiful hair. Wow! 

At the launch, Sunsilk introduced Perfect Straight in theatrical fashion with a mini-play to bring to life the proposition in achieving straight hair with just one wash.  

Next, a hair showcase featured girls walking down the runway and flaunting their gorgeous straight locks of varying lengths, perfected only by using Sunsilk and not styling products. It is not only for long straight hair, it is also great for short boy cut hair style, short-medium length and many more. 

On top of that, there was also a demonstration on the stage to show the effectiveness of Sunsilk Perfect Straight.

It was proven in front of my own eyes the amazing-ness of this shampoo to get a beautiful straight hair by only one wash.  A hairstylist also demonstrated the noticeable difference that Sunsilk Perfect Straight makes by washing a model’s hair on stage. The model's hair was split-ed into two sections, left side was applied Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner and another side was applied nothing. The result could be seen pretty obvious . 

 ‘Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Challenge'

17 September 2014   to    28 October 2014     
Sunsilk is calling on girls to take up the ‘Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Challenge’ for a chance to win up to RM10,000 in total prizes.

Easy game!

Sunsilk designed a special game that asks particiapnts to draw as many straight lines as possible within 30 seconds. Sounds easy to you! Go try it yourself. Wiida just able to draw 10 perfect lines in 30 seconds! sedihnya... haha. well, actually I'm giving you a chance, not because I can't draw the lines but I just don't want to win everything. (excuses) hihi. prizes up to RM 10,000, who doesn't want to win? !

How to join the contest?

Draw as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds. I dare you!

Write the most creative slogan about the Sunsilk Perfect Straight


Every week 
10 lucky winners with the top scores and most creative slogans will each receive RM100 cash vouchers and Sunsilk products

Grand Prize
One night’s stay for two at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, RM300 shopping vouchers and Sunsilk products

Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo (340ml, RM12.90) 
Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner (320ml, RM12.90) 

Where to get? :  all leading supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide. 
Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Giant, Tesco, Aeon  & many more.

Sunsilk Malaysia
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Collection | Peony, Coral, Violet

Melted Lipstick from Too Faced is like a phenomena lips color product in high end line especially in Malaysia. I still remembered by the time it entered Sephora Malaysia, the availability just lasts for a couple of weeks. WOW! Sold out very fast! Even me I just can grab one left-over vibrant color which is Violet. I got it for my first Melted Lipstick, then fall in love with the texture, cosistency color and packaging (let's be honest, the packaging is attractive!) and now, I have added another two in my collection ,Peony and Coral; I immediately grabbed it once Sephora restock it.  

I owned three out of 6 colors. The other three that not in my collection are Ruby ( vibrant Red) , Fuchsia ( Hot pink ) and Nude ( a basic nude color, almost similar to NYX Stockhalm, at least that  is what I can think of for now). I believe there's total of 10 colors in Sephora oversea, US but Sephora Malaysia only brings in 6 permanent colors but still, I am thankful for getting a chance trying this lipstick. 

It comes in a squeeze tube with angled velvet applicator for precise application and the liquid is highly pigmented which drives women crazy. The pigmentation of this lipstick is beyond of human imagination. Normally, lip product that comes in a tube is either a lip gloss or a semi lipstick gloss. This stuff is different. It has high pigmentation which means the color is highly intense (not sheer) but, for some reason,  some of the light colors doesn't pick up on darker lips. I have tried it on darker lips and found out that some of colors turn patchy. I'm still wondering whether it's my technique mistakes or the product itself doesn't turn well on darker lips? 

The light color that I was talking about is, Coral. This is the only color that I loved the most especially for my skin tone however, this color cannot be applied on darker lips. Have anyone experienced this? Please tell me if there's any technique to be applied on darker lips. I need it! 

All three of them last pretty long on me, up to 4 to 6 hours +eating,  depending on your habit. haha. If you bad habit of licking your own lips, I don't think it would last on you that long. haha. Based on my experience of wearing them for couple of months, they would leave some stain on your lips after several hours, especially the bold and vibrant color; violet. 

Through out my own observation, after an hour plus wearing this lipstick, it turns to matte finish and it is a bit dry on the lips. Therefore you need to apply lipbalm before applying this on. Although this lipstick formula is a bit drying after an hour plus , yet the texture is light-weight, creamy, smooth and comfortable to wear! 

Melted Coral, the only color that I found difficult to work with darker lips. I love the color and how intense and rich the color are . Coral has slightly gloss finish or some people say it is "satin" finish. This color is great for daily lips color instead of nude and pink. (well, we don't have 4-season in Malaysia, that is the reason why coral is an all year-round color)  

This baby is the hardest color I could find in Sephora. The first sold out color in Sephora. Everyone loves this color and it suits on all skin tone. It has warm undertoned that match nicely on all Malaysians skin tone. It is a perfect daily light medium pink for everyone! Almost similar to MAC please me. The color is opaque and I have no problem with the texture and consistency. Perfect! Now I know why everyone went mad with this color.  

The most daring, bold and unique lip color in the collection. If you ask for my color description, well.... I am telling you in "guys view" ; It's pinky purple. Hahaha. I don't know how to describe it. Some people would telling you " Orchid violet color" or purple violet with pink yellow undertoned and bla bla bla. In my own words, babes, it looks fuchsia purple. :) Don't worry, it is a wearable color. Gorgeous! Violet stays pretty long on my lips, plus stains after long hours. Thumbs up if you like unique and bold color. Brave enough if you can rock this color in public. 

Would I purchase more? nay, not at the moment because I have crossed all the colors in my wishlist. How about you?

Price: RM 69
You can get it at Sephora Malaysia

Thank you for reading my silly blog. What do you think? Have you tried Melted? Are you gonna buy it? 

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