Thursday, 16 October 2014

Glam Gem Glitz Makeup Tutorial | using Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

Hello, sorry for lacking review posts, I am currently in the mood of doing Makeup tutorial and playing with my makeup collection. 
In this video, I will be showing you my simple Glam makeup by using makeup Geek eyeshadows and pigments. I am addicted with the magical touch of pigments from Makeup geek. In this video, you would see how incredibly pretty is the pigment and how it wins the look with only tiny simple touch.What I know right is, you just need a pigment and you are ready to go , rock the night with the beautiful pigment. Hope you enjoyed watching my video and see you in the next post! I feel like doing a review + swatches on my Too Faced Melted Lipstick collection. What do you think? jeng jeng jeng! XOXO! 

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1) Make up geek eyeshadow Frappe RM 30 @makeup_crime
2) Make up geek eyeshadow  Latte RM 30 @makeup_crime
3) Make up geek eyeshadow  cream & beaches
4) Make up geek eyeshadow bada bing @ RM 30 @makeup_crime
5) Make up geek pigment  Birthday Wish RM 40 @makeup_crime
6) Make up geek eyeshadow shima shima RM 30 @makeup_crime
7) MAC Fix +
8)  Maybelline gel liner RM 36.90++ from Watsons
9) Benefit Rockateur blusher RM 110 from Sephora
10) Too Faced Chocolate Soleil RM 130 ++ (RM 100 above)
11) The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer RM 72 from Sasa
12) Love Bite Attack! Lipscrub from @makeup_crime RM 6
13) Revlon matte lipstick Wine-Not RM 30+ from Watsons
14) MAC Pro Long Wear Lipstick in exteded play RM 100
15) Maybelline Lip Polish Red RM 24 from Watsons

* The reason why I state all the price list is because I wanted to declare that all the products used are original and you can find all the items at the respective places.

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  1. memang glammm habisss! inspired rasaaaa!

    1. hehe, apa lagi! jom main makeup!!!! hehehe.

  2. tudia lawa bak hang! ngorat sikit boleh. hehehe

    1. kak Innanie, sabar sabar. ingat kita masih straight :P hahahahahah! hug kak innanie! he he he he

  3. Replies
    1. jawapan retis : *flip hair, biasalah, no comment. hahahhaha

  4. Nk bli love bite attack.. cantiknya adik wiida ni..

    1. miss kena beli! then miss kena promote kat students miss! heheeeee

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