Friday 31 October 2014

DAISO Eyebrow Pencil Review | BROWN

Are you seeking for a cheaper, beginner alternative eyebrow pencil?
Lets dig into this affordable eye brow pencil!
Daiso is a Japanese concept store, selling all items at the priced of RM 5 each. I was walking into the store just to get a pack of makeup sponge and stumbled into this cute eyebrow pencil in a pack. The packaging reminds me of Etude House "discontinued" eyebrow pencil. okay, Why not I'm giving this RM 5 eyebrow pencil a try? The packaging is cute, it's only RM 5, okay lah kan? 
The shape of the pencil tip is in triangle shape which makes it easy to draw , fill in  the brows. The product comes out by turning round the pencil (retractable pencil) , and doesn't need to be sharpen. 
It comes together with a  brush / spollie attached, therefore not worries of losing it. 

Texture & Pigmentation: Semi-creamy. In my opinions,  it's not creamy and glides smoothly like " Cyber colors" eyebrow pencil , nevertheless, it is not that hard to work with it. The pigmentation of this eyebrow pencil is in medium range, not too pigmented and not too dry. It still has color and build-able. The product is almost similar to most of branded Korean makeup. 

Longevity: Up to 4 hours for light application (blended and light brows shape application) and more than 6 hours for heavy , bold application.  Advise: To set the product with eyeshadow/ powder brow kit. 

The  experiment has been done on 
"light application" + "without setting brow powder",    : 3 hours
 "heavy application" + "without setting brow powder",   . : 3 hours
"light application" + "set with brow powder" :  4 hours
"heavy application" + "set with brow powder", 5-6 hours 
 "normal Malaysia weather & temperature" : 3 hours 
  "in air conditional room". : up to 6 hours

Two shades available in the market; brown and dark brown.  

My overall comment:
I would recommend you guys to try this eye pencil especially to beginners because the texture and pigmentation is great for beginners to practice and draw your eyebrow. It wouldn't make your eyebrow as bold as "Shin Chan" but bold in a good way. Trust me, if you want to do bold eyebrow, get this pencil , it would helps you to achieve bold Korean brows without making it over-drawn. remember , it is very important to use the brush head as it helps to blend the product well and avoid any weird drawn lines. 

Practice makes perfect, good luck!  Thank you for reading! Muah! 

You can get the item at all Daiso outlets
Price: RM 5

Contact lens:  Freshlook Turquoise

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! 
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