Tuesday 28 October 2014

Smokey Brown Makeup Tutorial | Wiida Ribbon

Want to learn how to do smokey eye? and get bigger eyes? 
Just watch this video and learn how to do big smokey eyes by yourself! 

In several years back, people keep doing smokey eyelook with silver and black. The trend has changed. People nowadays are more creative and creating smokey look with thousand of colors . As for me, I love brown smokey eyes because it gives natural and warm eyes without over powering them. Not too dark, just nice, warm and smoked. 

It is risk to do smokey eyelook for a beginner,however many people would love to try and learn smokey eye makeup.  This is because the makeup would makes the eyes pop up and bigger, sexy and dramatic as well as highlighting the eyes as the main feature on the face. 

Everyone can do smokey eye look! 

REMEMBER, Practise makes perfect! 

Never give up half way in creating smokey eye look! you would see the result when you have done the whole steps! 

In this smokey eye look, I did triangle smokey eye look. Learnt it from Marliy Kama. 
Anyhow, I did it with my own way by blending the dark color with neutral skin tone , and pull it upwards, in triangle shape. For more details, you can watch the tutorial in my video. Make sure you do smooth, blended smokey look to get natural smokey eye makeup. If you don't blend it properly, your smokey eye makeup would look hard, one round black spot and definitely creating panda eyes. 

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