Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My First GUESS Purchase!


Hi, it has been awhile I didn't update my blog.Here you go, a mini haul from me.  Well, it's actually a sponsored shopping by Blu Inc and Guess Malaysia. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Here are the items I picked when I was at Guess store. There are plenty of items in my list but I only get RM 500 voucher to spend (Alhamdullilah) and I decided to get something that I can share with my sister. hehe. We love to share our things together, shirts, makeup, traditional clothes , tudung , pants and many more. 

Honestly speaking, I'd never buy any from Guess except for having a shirt, birthday present from my classmate friend, Faris, years ago. Thank to him I got chance to have a Guess shirt. Dapat gak merasa. 

Most of the clothes in Guess boutique are dress, skirt, V cut top and jackets. My sister and I have the same taste, we looked into this top and ya, decided to get this in hands. We love the lace details on this top and the thickness of this blouse so called jacket is bearable for Malaysian weather.

Surprisingly the price of this top is RM 399. Weyh! tak pernah aku beli baju mahal2.makeup takpe.  haha. well, thanks to Guess and Blu Inc. :)

I've extra an hundred and decided to get this simple Guess t shirt in order to use all the voucher within a day. Hope you enjoyed reading my mini haul and see you in the next post! Muahh!

Thank you to: Guess and Blu Inc for the sponsored shopping.

*This is not a sponsored post. 

Thank you for reading my blog guys! What a surprise when I see my statistic dramatically increased! Wow! Alhamdullilah.  Thank you guys for your support! 

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  1. Cantik tapi mahal. Kalau saya, hanya mampu tengok jaklah sebab saya belum kerja lagi. Heheh.

    1. ala, keje dh pun, ntah la mampu beli ke tak.. kena kumpul duit baru leh beli. ;(

  2. cantik !
    kalau teringin boleh la nak beli selai 2 buat koleksi :)

    1. tu la, bila guess wat sale, best la shopping!

  3. That's a good match Wiida! Btw, I miss shopping so much! :(

  4. hi wiida, saw you name on the list when i went to pick up my vouchers too! great choice, love the jacket!!! pop over to the blog kalau nak tgk i beli apa! ehehe

  5. wahhhh dpt jugakkkk angpow guess ghupeenyerr hahahha same lah kt klu x x mampu nk ada guess dlm lemari okeyhh! hahaha nice pick btw :D


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