Tuesday 7 October 2014

Watsons Haul! + Uniqlo Jacket

Hello girls! I miss you so much! miss posting a haul on my blog and It's been awhile I didn't spend any money on makeup (shopping banned) but last week I went to Watsons Midvalley and found out Color Collection has restocked their products mainly on the famous Lasting Perfection Concealor in 03 warm medium. That's great! It's because I been hunting for it for ages! (please read it in exciting tone, please please!!) 
While playing and swatch-ing all the colors , make up products in Watsons, I told myself that I am only allowed to spend RM 50, not more than that due to economical crisis + *minyak naik, harga semua mesti naik + I had too many untouched makeups + save up for future and business. 
I decided to pick 3 items since Color Collection had Raya Aidiladha Promotion on that time, on every purchase above RM 30, you will get one sample deluxe size of foundation.  
Original price was RM 19.90 each and they were in 10% off and got it at RM 17.91 each. Total: RM 35.80
On that time, they were having Raya promotion and will get a mini size of foundation for three pieces and above. Plus lipsticks in volume sensational line was on sale! 30 % , which means it is RM 18.90 each. 
Therefore, I decided to pick one and try one lipstick from this line as recommended by Shaaanxo ( Australia youtuber). After swatch-ed all the colors, I was attracted to nude and daily kind of shade since it has satin finish.  I prefer matte lipstick for bold and bright colors and in the other hand, nude and neutral in cream / satin finish. 

I forgot to take the swatch photo for this lipstick color. Anyway, just go to Watsons and swatch this on, I know you gonna love it like I do. 

Lastly, I got the free deluxe sample size Bright and Glow BB cream (please excuse the reverse- word on the photo). I'd tried it once last night and it works great for those who loves BB Cream. it feels light, blend pretty well on the skin, not too oily but it glows very pretty on the skin. It reminds me of Bourjois healthy mix foundation but I need to try it more frequent before compare it with my favorite Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. 

Oh! Speaking of "last night" out, I went to E@Curve to watch Annebelle and guess what?
I found out this jacket is very compact and easy to bring in the handbag. 
This is not a sponsored post however, I got the jacket for free in an event. I've used it on last week, watching movie (Dracula Untold) with my bestfriend, Shaza. If you've following my instagram then you know that I've been wearing it in the cinema. 

Here is my "whats in my handbag"  Cinema version. 
I don't normally take many things with me but here are essential items that I keep in my handbag for late night movie.  p/s: I should bring pepper spray with me but I watched movie with my siblings so, I don't bother to take pepper spray with me. (real fact: I forgot)  so, girls if you want to watch movie with your bf or stranger or friends, better bring pepper spray with you for your own safety. 

Surprisingly this jacket is really warm and comfortable. Thin and not bulky, easy to roll and keep in the handbag. Great to be used in air-conditional room and yea, easy to travel so memang ideal to bring it to cinema. my sister, ain was jealous with me cause she needs to carry along her heavy annoying sweater and me, just carrying my handbag. cool kan? berlagak jap! haha 

That's all my story on shopping Haul and Uniqlo Jacket. :) 

Have you watched Annabelle & Dracula Untold movie? Best tak? I hate scary movie, but Annabelle okay la, not bad. Have you watched it? I don't want to be spoiler here, go watch the movie and tell me your opinions .. hehe. I hate big dolls and never love dolls except for barbie. haha

Thank you. 
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  1. Hey, cool betul jaket tu! :D

  2. ok ke concealer tu ? what is your most recommended concealer eh ? been looking for it.

    1. concealor ni best. my top recommendation for concealor: Color Collection lasting perfection / Mac concealor palette / Maybelline mineral concealor / *one brand in sephora, I forgot the name, but the line only has foundation and concealor. the concealor is pretty good!

  3. Replies
    1. aah! stylo kan? i rasa mcm duk oversea jap. hahah

  4. cool gila tengok jaket tuew.. :)

    1. aah! cool! best! kalau ada discount go grab it. senang bawa travel. tak berat luggage.


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