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My Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Collection | Peony, Coral, Violet

Melted Lipstick from Too Faced is like a phenomena lips color product in high end line especially in Malaysia. I still remembered by the time it entered Sephora Malaysia, the availability just lasts for a couple of weeks. WOW! Sold out very fast! Even me I just can grab one left-over vibrant color which is Violet. I got it for my first Melted Lipstick, then fall in love with the texture, cosistency color and packaging (let's be honest, the packaging is attractive!) and now, I have added another two in my collection ,Peony and Coral; I immediately grabbed it once Sephora restock it.  

I owned three out of 6 colors. The other three that not in my collection are Ruby ( vibrant Red) , Fuchsia ( Hot pink ) and Nude ( a basic nude color, almost similar to NYX Stockhalm, at least that  is what I can think of for now). I believe there's total of 10 colors in Sephora oversea, US but Sephora Malaysia only brings in 6 permanent colors but still, I am thankful for getting a chance trying this lipstick. 

It comes in a squeeze tube with angled velvet applicator for precise application and the liquid is highly pigmented which drives women crazy. The pigmentation of this lipstick is beyond of human imagination. Normally, lip product that comes in a tube is either a lip gloss or a semi lipstick gloss. This stuff is different. It has high pigmentation which means the color is highly intense (not sheer) but, for some reason,  some of the light colors doesn't pick up on darker lips. I have tried it on darker lips and found out that some of colors turn patchy. I'm still wondering whether it's my technique mistakes or the product itself doesn't turn well on darker lips? 

The light color that I was talking about is, Coral. This is the only color that I loved the most especially for my skin tone however, this color cannot be applied on darker lips. Have anyone experienced this? Please tell me if there's any technique to be applied on darker lips. I need it! 

All three of them last pretty long on me, up to 4 to 6 hours +eating,  depending on your habit. haha. If you bad habit of licking your own lips, I don't think it would last on you that long. haha. Based on my experience of wearing them for couple of months, they would leave some stain on your lips after several hours, especially the bold and vibrant color; violet. 

Through out my own observation, after an hour plus wearing this lipstick, it turns to matte finish and it is a bit dry on the lips. Therefore you need to apply lipbalm before applying this on. Although this lipstick formula is a bit drying after an hour plus , yet the texture is light-weight, creamy, smooth and comfortable to wear! 

Melted Coral, the only color that I found difficult to work with darker lips. I love the color and how intense and rich the color are . Coral has slightly gloss finish or some people say it is "satin" finish. This color is great for daily lips color instead of nude and pink. (well, we don't have 4-season in Malaysia, that is the reason why coral is an all year-round color)  

This baby is the hardest color I could find in Sephora. The first sold out color in Sephora. Everyone loves this color and it suits on all skin tone. It has warm undertoned that match nicely on all Malaysians skin tone. It is a perfect daily light medium pink for everyone! Almost similar to MAC please me. The color is opaque and I have no problem with the texture and consistency. Perfect! Now I know why everyone went mad with this color.  

The most daring, bold and unique lip color in the collection. If you ask for my color description, well.... I am telling you in "guys view" ; It's pinky purple. Hahaha. I don't know how to describe it. Some people would telling you " Orchid violet color" or purple violet with pink yellow undertoned and bla bla bla. In my own words, babes, it looks fuchsia purple. :) Don't worry, it is a wearable color. Gorgeous! Violet stays pretty long on my lips, plus stains after long hours. Thumbs up if you like unique and bold color. Brave enough if you can rock this color in public. 

Would I purchase more? nay, not at the moment because I have crossed all the colors in my wishlist. How about you?

Price: RM 69
You can get it at Sephora Malaysia

Thank you for reading my silly blog. What do you think? Have you tried Melted? Are you gonna buy it? 

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  1. I haven't own one as at yet, but I do hope to owned one soon. Have been hearing so much good reviews on it. In Shaa Allah nnt bila pergi Sephora nak swatch and test. Most of the time klu masuk Sephora, blur x tahu nak try apa, nak beli apa.. Hehe.

    1. haha. apa lagi, bertambah lah wishlist!! hehehe

  2. mine is in Melted Ruby and the colour is super duper opaque! however i'm a tad disappointed because Ruby is not a true red shade like i thought XD it turned out a bit pinkish on my lips. I want red-red not pinkish/fuschia-ish red. tapi takpelah still gorgeous and cannot put on too much, setitik je dah terang giler.

    1. Oh dear, you should try MAC Ruby Woo. Best babe! the perfect red ever!

    2. after seeing the colours, I think I like Russian Red over Ruby Woo. ahahaha i need to go and try but with MAC staffs attitude here, no thank you. besides, I'm not in KL -_-

  3. Now I know what to buy at Sephora eventhough the price lil bit pricey to me. Hope I can get one for own too! Haha.

    I have darker tone so when I applied nude lipstick, it doesnt come out that well. Macam pucat je. That's why I prefer bold red lips. haha. Or any other colors that are bold and pigmented.

    1. You should try MAC Kinda sexy or MAC Pander me (limited edition, while stock lasts). they are great nudes for darker skin tone, Have warm undertoned. Kalau light pink, go for MAC Nouvelle Vogue (limited edition, skrg still jual) and Please Me. OH MY GOD! I am recommending MAC lipsticks here. MAC should gve me commission! hahah.

      Kalau this Melted lipstick pink peony, maybe okay, but need to pakai layer by layer. pakai satu layer, then ketap dengan tissue, then apply another layer to get opaque and high coverage.

    2. *they are great nudes for darker skin tone, bukan darker skin tone, but dark lips. pigmented dark lips. mcm my lips too.


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