Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

I just can't believe this..  seriously? I am keep asking myself, is this happened for real?
Wiida, betul ke ni? serious ke? kau makan foundation ke? wey wey wey! 

It is a 30 ml bottle foundation, which could last a normal person for a year and for a makeup hardcore up to 3 years cause normally we , makeup addicts love to try new things and would not finish an item, especially a foundation. 

Believe it or not, I just finished up a bottle of Bourjois foundation.To be exact, it's almost finish only left for couple of uses ( less than a cm). Phew~  Answer me, have you ever finished a foundation? I think this is the second bottle that I have finished in this year. First was Naked foundation (well, actually I just realized it few days ago. haha. Maybe I used to love it so much until it left +- 1 cm). Yet, I am still excited to tell you my addiction on this foundation, Bourjois healthy mix foundation.

By given opportunity to grab any high end foundation, my heart still chose this foundation and I still prefer to use it daily even after solat,  on client, on everyone! Well, depending on client's condition too. I really love it and absolutely will recommend it to you guys! Like seriously! even high end foundation can't beat this stuff! crazy mezy! hehe. 

Oh My God! Feel like letting go my high end foundations. haha. okay, without further due , lets gossip into this amazing foundation. 

Why am I loving this foundation so much?

My first answer would be " the finishes".
It gives very natural glow skin , smooth , HD effect, flawless, medium light texture, build-able, healthy skin and looks natural on everyone. Perfect to be used for daily makeup. 

Second is the quality of the foundation itself is great!
 It can lasts up to 8 hours depending on "face makeup regime" or on how did you applied it on skin. The foundation doesn't clog the pores. serious shoot!  . Although the texture is medium light weight, it is still comfortable to be applied on " the virgin makeup people". haha. I do not know what to call this kind of people- those who never / doesn't apply makeup on daily basis. 

Third is of course of $$$$$$ factor. Who doesn't like affordable makeup? 

Forth is , it moisturizes the dry skin and normal skin people. (Real fact: makeup makes skin de-hydrated) .Actually oily skin people can also use this foundation too, however, they are advised to not use it for outdoor activities or any activities that make you sweat! even for normal, combination skin people. 

Fifth, it contains fruit ingredients, safe to use and it's healthy mix, so healthy for the skin too. feed your skin with great high class ingredients makeup. Cheewah! Am I a beauty blogger or a chef? haha.
laparlah, don't ever mention food! :P

What are my concerns?

No dark shades. Why? Why? Why? hmmm. it is pretty sad because I need dark shades to makeup my clients.  I can't find any other reason. Maybe I am blank. or............ been poisoned by this foundation cause I am soooo addicted to it. like really! 

What is the difference between Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Mix foundation serum?

The serum is for VERY DRY SKIN . if you want to travel oversea, you might want to buy this foundation because travelling caused you de-hydration + weather shocked. haha. (does weather shocked exists? it's weather changes)

The healthy mix foundation is suitable for normal, combination skin. :) oily skin? Well, I love to use it on them too, but can't really cover the pimples. depending on how you use it. 

What is the difference between this foundation and Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD foundation?

Consistency, texture. 
MUFE is more concentrate, less glow. 
Healthy mix foundation gives natural healthy glow effects 

In case, if you are wondering. my shade is no 52, second lightest. I am not that fair, really! haha my mom shade is no 51. she's fairer than me. I got tanned because of my dad, his gen in me is more than my mom. so I got the "tanned" skin from my dad. Ayah, kerna ayah, wiida tak dapat nak perasan mat saleh :P. hahaha. 

Wiida are you recommending this foundation to your readers?
Please try it, please do so. if you don't like it, don't blame me. if you loving it, come shout it to me. I wanna hear it from you. I love you, please love me back! ( Ya Allah, tak tau malunye wiida!) haha. 

okay, thanks for reading!

see you in the next post! muah! muah!

hug hug kiss kiss! I am in the lesbian mood. hahaha. don't get me wrong, I am straight. 

Friendly reminder : please remove your makeup/ foundation correctly. please use cleanser milk, makeup remover , cleanser  and toner as well. Make sure, there's no leftover foundation to avoid breakouts. 

price: +- RM 50 
place to get: Watsons | Bourjois kiosk in Sunway Pyramid


this is not a sponsored post . thank you! 

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  1. Dah lama nak cuba Bourjois foundation healthy mix ni tapi jadi keliru bila ada banyak jenis. Tengok review punya review terus tak jadi beli lepas tu susah nak dapat sebab tak ada jual di Malaysia (ni kes masa Bourjois belum masuk Malaysia). Sekarang Bourjois dah ada di Malaysia. Boleh la try nanti. Harap-harap la sesuai dengan kulit saya. Nice review Wiida. :)

    1. aah, try yang ni sebab yang ni sesuai for normal skin. ada matte (for oily skin), and serum (untuk very very dry skin, sesuai kalau travel). so, better give this a try sbb memang bagi natural finish and glow healthy skin. cantik je.

  2. Wiida makan foundation ke??? :P hehe nak try gak!! Btw akak in love gile dgn MUFE hd foundation sekarang, nak tgk ape beza dgn yg ni.

  3. kita pun suka this foundation juga <3 best heheh hari tu sempat beli 1

  4. Assalamualaikum wiida, well at the moment mel tgh guna yg healthy mix serum, tapi kita lain sikit, dah berapa kali guna pun x nampak mcm liquid foundation tu less. But definite a good buy, I wouldn't mind repurchasing it again. Masa first time tengok essiebutton kat youtube guna utk her Drugstore video look, mmg mengidam nak try. Alhamdulillah few months later Bourjois masuk Malaysia. Can't wait to try out their other products. But first duit mesti ada.. Hehehe.

  5. wiida untuk kulit yiying , yiying tak tahu nak amik yang mana T_____________T

  6. I heard so much good reviews pasal foundation ni but have yet to try sebab tengah guna NYX HD Foundation yang juga sangatlah best seperti MUFE. Hehe..

  7. hallo..where else can i find a bourjois kiosk other than sunway pyramid mall? tq :)

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