Monday, 10 November 2014

NYX Matte eyeshadow review and swatches | Tryst

Speaking of eyebrow products, there are many of eyebrow affordable alternative products. I still remember, few months back, some of my bloggers friends were asking me for "drugstore" a.k.a affordable eyebrow products for their daily makeup and I had no idea! "speechless". 

Not saying all the high end products are good but mainly, they are really good. However, some of the drugstore / Watsons / Guardian products are not reach up to my expectation. Sorry .. but recently, I found tonne of eyebrow products that work incredibly good and affordable. Double lottery! eh! hahah. 

NYX matte eyeshadow in tryst is one of the great and affordable products in the market. It can be found in Sephora at the priced of RM 19 .It's pretty reasonable right? 

The shade is great for darker, thick eyebrow. It is almost similar to MAC Charcoal brown (RM 50) but in cooler and lighter tone. The quality, texture of the product is tip top. It is not too chalky and powdery like most of the drugstore / Watsons / Guardian products. Seriously, I love the color for my brows, this is because the color is not too dark nor too light. parfait! try this out! 

If you are looking for affordable eyebrow powder, try this out! :)  woot! woot! 

Thank you for reading!! 

NYX matte eyeshadow

Where to get it? : at all Sephora or you can order it online

Price: RM 19 Plus minus. 
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  1. huh. that's weird. A friend of mine had recently mentioned to me that I need to get something for my brows and lots of things came up including a browcara and whatnot. I think this is much simpler for me to start with. thanks, beautiful!
    Mira |

    1. Hi Mira, ya, maybe you can try it by using this soft ashy brown color for your brows before using very dark brown because light warm brown color is a safe color for beginners :) Try it out. Or maybe you can try Daiso eyebrow pencil that I had reviewed before. ^^


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