Monday, 16 July 2012

Sale on Stage and Elianto products!

I'm kinda mad on sale~ Allergic with the word of "SALE" .
Well,Stage is having promotion on selected items..wuhuuu~!!
2 Wonderlust and Wonderluxe lipsticks for only RM 20!
As well as the mono eyeshadow. 2 @ RM 20. 
So,I decided to grab 2 pieces of eyeshadow (crazy mood on eyeshadows~ hunting for colorful bright colors)
All items of Stage products are 10 % off! Grab them all! nice quality products at low price.

OMG, Ya Allah! they are gorgeous!!


 I stopped by  Elianto booth to check out their promotion. I can't believe that they are having 10 to 70% off!
*Heart attacked! fuhh...
I just bought Naked palette, and I don't think I need to buy eyeshadow anymore. But this sale is really attracts me!!!  I bought 2 eyeshadows in orange color and coral pink color. Both only @ RM 4 after 70% off. Nice combination with these two colors.. Glad to have them, at least I got orange colors (I'm normally don't wear eyeshadow regularly- only when I have time and mood to apply them.). At first,  I'm planning to buy yellow eyeshadow but the color are not really pigmented. looks yellow but when I apply on my skin it turns pastel yellow. Hello?? I want bright yellow please!!! oh ya, I forgot to buy an empty palette case. Will stop by at their booth again :P hahaha

Thank you for reading, have a blast day!
mwah, mwah 
Wiida ribbon


  1. Beautiful products you got there! I've never heard of the brand, but they look of good quality!
    How's the pigmentation? :)



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