Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tommy with new pink motorbike scarf collar


I got him a new pink motorbike collar. <3 how lovely he is in pink scarf. hahah..
For some reason when I think about Tommy, he suit with pink color.
Tommy pink. 
Pink  Tommy.
 His collar before was in pink and more girlish with glitter on it. hahaha. **Ala2 princess gitu~**
 but this time I choose scarf style for him so that he could feel "warm" and "not naked". hahaha. At least he wearing something to cover his body. lalalala..(real reason was his fur is too thick, and I need something bigger/attractive and suit with his fluffy fur, or else we will not know whether he's wearing collar or not).
Is he cute? I do think he's cute with pink collar. I feel like living in Barbie world.. white cat with pink collar. hehehe. If you have white dog or cat, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT PINK COLLAR ON THEM!!  :D


Olala~ someone gave me this novel :)
well, this is week going to be my study week and I do have few exam in this week, so, I don't think I can read this novel in this week.. Plus I have several exams on next week and following weeks.

I'm gonna read this novel after exam ..
Title: Sepupuku Suamiku  (My husband is my cousin)

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okay, thats all for today's update. tomorrow I have an exam on Delphi software system. I need enough sleep and energy to face the "complicated" software.Argghhh! I really meant it! I learnt nothing, just simply click any buttons.. luckily theres no coding system; encode/decode. If not......I need to say goodbye to Tommy :(
OKAY, enough!
Goodnight babes~

mwah mwah;


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