Friday, 3 August 2012

Paint your things with your desire colours

Weekend activities.
Well, besides cleaning my rooms and study for exams, I have done a simple DIY to change a wooden dish holder to white color holder.
I bought this holder at Daiso for RM 5 and the reason why I bought it because want to put my palette. Planning to buy bigger palette next time. InsyaAllah (Targeting on Coastal Palette as I get a lot of positive reviews from my gilfriends).

Ya, it's easy to take the palette when you organize them properly.

So, the weekend begins with a white gloss spray, old newspaper, and sunglasses. haha. What for? ya la, u gonna spray the item in middle of afternoon and its gonna be damn hot and bright! you need a pair sunglasses!Trust me. at first I spray it without wearing sunglasses then when I entered home, I went blind. can't see anything!! Helpless..:(  -TOO BRIGHT ESPECIALLY IN MALAYSIA WEATHER.


Let's go! join the DIY adventure (just a simple DIY )  =P

The spray that I used. White and Gloss

The original basic wooden color.

First layer applied.You still can see the original wooden color

Better than the first one.

Tadaaa~~~ final finish after 3 to 4layers applied. :) 
want coastal palette badly :( 
Btw, lobe naked palette so much! one word to describe it; WEARABLE.

To spray an item, please shake the paint well before spray. Then, make sure the distance between the espray and item are not too close; approxiametly 15 to 20 cm.
Don't spray it heavily at one time. you need to spray it by layers. Thats why I recommend you to do it in afternoon (bright, high temperature and sunny day) so that it going to dry faster.

I did several layers, around 3 to 4 layers.

After that, I spray my mirror frame. hehe. touch up the old one which is quite dull.

Final look, and for the excess spray that accidentally stick on the mirror, we can remove it with nail remover. :)

Try yourself!

p/s: Share a personal picture with you guys taken with my bff's iphone; Farrah

Thanks for reading and do share if you have any tips. Sharing is caring especially in knowledge. Want to learn while I can.

Mwah, mwah!


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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