Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Saturday short updates

Last night, I was blogwalking for couple of hours and saw an interesting blog to share with you girls. woohoo. I'm one of Marilyn Monroe fans and any vintage classic style that might pull my interests in following this era style. Ala, style ala-ala vintage classic/ madam 1940's gitu~~

This is the blog that I was talking about, Miss Amethyst. 

I admire her face, makeup and hair style. wooo and turned my mood to vintage world/ feel like I'm from that era. Because of HER, I do some changes on my hair style. Curl it with my own way babes! haha. before this, I'm tooooo lazy to heat up the curler/ iron to make any hair style. Normally I just blow naturally my hair and for me, its done when the hair is already dry. finish. That's all. BUT, Today, I got inspiration, a fantastic mood to do something on my hair and this girl makes me feel so" girlish",  "vintage", and "retro" at the same time.. Thank you. thank you.
She did some hair tutorials and share with all the readers. :) Lets go visit to her blog!!

See these two pictures taken from my webcam (blur, sorry).

Curled and toink toink hair! will go to saloon next time to get professional touch instead of my own. haha. (Cin cai cin cai)- Just realized that I have no talent in hair stylist. hahah

Girls, should I cut my front hair? make a bang or you prefer current hair style? Short or long?
Vintage(1940's) vs Gadis Melayu (Malay lady)
Dilemma babes~
Since I was 14, my front hair was in bang style, and it just recently (from last year), I never cut my front hair and try to keep it until same length as the back hair.

Wish to be like them...


They are gorgeous right?? huhhh..
Now, again,I'm in dilemma.

The eyebrows are not thick enough. Will touch up it next time, and put red lipsticks instead of orange.
Don't worry, I have time to do vintage style again next time :)

p/s: Miss Amethyst is damn hot, pretty , gorgeous and absolutely beautiful~ admire her face. Please expect that I'm jealous with her. That's the truth. :P She's pretty. :)

Miss Amethyst (pic taken from her blog)

Thank you. Please visit her blog and you'll agree with me. 
Mwah, Mwah ;


  1. Ahem ahem. Look who's all vintage-y! :P Hahah nice post.

    1. Ops! lets go to salon together. we do temporary curly tong tong hair style @ Farrah's condo. ^_^ curly2..

    2. okay let's go! :D:D i'm bored this holiday anyway.

  2. Beautiful hair :) I'm following you now :)

  3. aww you're sooo cute :) like your blog

    you have a new follower.
    hope you can follow me back

  4. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?


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