Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Busy Week

A busy week. Start from 30th June until 6th July 2012.

This Monday I need to submit MARKETING SLIDES - summarize and discussion on a PR articles. ya, need to submit it before 1 pm and present it on Tuesday. Consider okay, just normal class presentation.

HOWEVER! I need to do FRENCH slides and present it on Tuesday! Hello~ I do not know how to talk in french especially passe compose(past tense) . HUrgh. wish me luck. 30% marks on the total course. If I do not grab this marks as much I can, I will fail in this subject and see me again in next term! French french. :( 

Next on Friday, need to prepare a slide on my BUSINESS PLAN and present it in front of 3 juries (external juries and they all from events industry. Might be my future boss. need to perform well la. If not my future boss, be my husband la. haha. p/s: if he is handsome XP
My part in business plan are operation plan and financial part. Ya Allah,I feel down. I do not how to manipulate and explain the financial. My budget was pop out there and here. I do not know how to do a proper financial budget. Just simply do it. hurgh!

Next is the biggest assignments and the hardest one!
hey, can i do dissertation proposal in a week? hahaha. I need miracle. Oui, I can do it. Wish me luck because I need to make sure I get  "pass" status in this subject. My last assignment , mid term, I was proudly Failed. 23 /50. haha. Lost  a lot of marks on reference as "we" (one class) never know how to write a proper reference list/ bibliography. k, I learnt from my mistake and need to work harder. I do not want to fail in this. Don't want to repeat. please.
Save 5 to 10 articles regarding to my topic, "Road Signage" and read them all. Highlights the important ideas.
Start do it. Start with introduction.. hmm. wait! i need to start with Literature reviews. Then after finish it up, now I know what is the objective, research questions and problem statement (Qualitative method).
Then on Monday meet up with tutor and ask her opinion. edit and update on the following day. Okay. my weekend will be fully spend for this assignment! Start do it Wiida!!! click button Start.  

Besides that, on that day I need to submit my PORTFOLIO based on my experience on this subject, dissertation. The rquirements on the portfolio/ the questions are f*cking HARD! Ya Allah, Tolong la hambamu ini. please help me Ya Allah. Give me "smart brain" so that I can do this smoothly and give me the best level of health so that I would not sick on this week. Thank you Ya Allah.

Kisses and hug;

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