Tuesday, 12 June 2012

E.L.F brushes and eyelid primer in my hand

Yeay! Finally I get my dream brushes~~wohoooo.. Stippling brush and flat powder brush! 
I really wanted these two brushes since last April. These two brushes will be my foundation tools. hehe..(even though I haven't get yet foundation that suitable with my skin color). Will survey foundations soon. Any recommendation? hurm... maybe I will buy the economic foundation; Revlon or straightly go for Benefit flawless foundation since benefit offers 9 shades that might have my skin color.(depends on my budget) Benefit is quite pricey and sometimes I can't afford it. Too expensive for me as a student :(

I bought the brushes from E.L.F Cosmetics Malaysia and also a primer. ^_^

At first I planned to get Urban Decay primer potion.
 However, with limited budget I decided to get this E.L.F eyelid primer which is only cost me RM 12.(Sad face) but I still happy. I heard in US they are selling for 1 dollar only! I really wish I could go there and shopping. 
If I convert 1 dollar to Malaysia Ringgit , it is only RM 3.50. Huhh! when can I visit US?

Why do I need a primer?
Last weekend I went to watsons and grab a small palette of copper brown eyeshadow from Maybelline. So to make sure the eyeshadow stay longer on my eyelid, then I decided to order ELF primer.

Function of eyelid primer:
Preps your eyelid for smoother, long-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow and makes the eyeshadow colors look more vibrant. 

Opinions on the primer: 
Honestly, I haven't try the primer on my eyelid yet, however I found out there's unpleasant smell (like chemical smell) . ewww~ But I did watch some reviews in youtube and they did recommend this eyelid primer for long-lasting eyeshadow effect. So, I believe it is good and works well. 
Must try this tomorrow. ^_^ excited.

Flat powder brush and stipple brush. I really love these two brushes. 
There are also stipple brush model from MAC and Sigma but both are too expensive for me. 

The price for both is RM 50 which is RM 25 for each. (But in US it is only 3 Dollar each) 
I really want to go to US. Please sponsor me air ticket and accommodation ~~ please~

Both can be use in dry and wet way. So I decided to use both of them in wet way (apply foundation). hehe. A good news for muslim, the hair brushes are animal-free! :)
Use them confidently. oh yeah. 

My opinions: 
I really excited and love them so much. The hair is totally soft and easy to apply on my face . The End.

Mwah Mwah; 


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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